TESOL 2018 Chicago: Preparing Teachers to Engage Learners with EVO Minecraft MOOC

Learning2gether episode #387

Preparing Teachers to Engage Learners with EVO Minecraft MOOC was given as an on-site and online demonstration at a CALL-IS Electronic Village Technology Fair event on Wed, 28 March, 10am CDT (1500 UTC) at the annual TESOL conference in Chicago, 2018

Vance Stevens and Jane Chien, both live on-site in Chicago
Aaron Schwartz and Jeff Kuhn, supporting online from Ohio University, USA
Heike Philp, streaming from Belgium

Summary of the presentation, in the program book

Join EVO Minecraft MOOC teachers, in their 4th year as a community of practice, live in Chicago or online in Minecraft. Experience EV participants interacting with community members, controlling avatars in Minecraft, and learning how Minecraft enables language learning. Have your questions answered; even join the community if you wish.

Abstract of the presentation

EVO Minecraft MOOC has been a TESOL Electronic Village Online session since its inception in 2015. Having just completed its 4th consecutive year as a viable and expanding EVO community of practice, co-moderators and participants in EVOMC18 will meet physically on-site in Chicago and online in Minecraft to convey an impression of what this community looks and feels like when it assembles virtually in-world. Participants can interact with live and online moderators and participants to learn how Minecraft enables language learning, have their questions answered, control an avatar in Minecraft, or even join the community if they wish.

How to find this in the CALL-IS Electronic Village events program book,

  • Where it says “Click on a session to show the schedule for that particular session”
  • Under Wednesday, March 28, 2018, click on Technology Fair: Self-Access 10:00 AM to 10:50 AM Electronic Village (Exhibition Hall – Booth 491)

And this is what you should see:

Vance prepared a Smore flyer to be used as a handout at the event
replicated here as a series of screenshots


This handout is online at https://www.smore.com/f2z9g
You can download the Pdf of the Smore handout here:

From that I prepared a version in Word for the TESOL 2018 Chicago: http://missions4evomc.pbworks.com/w/file/fetch/125033731/TESOL2018Chicago_MinecraftHANDOUT.pdf
The Word version gave me for more control over formatting, and a pdf of this Word handout was uploaded to our listing in the TESOL 2018 convention app at

The QR code in the handout was meant to take live participants at our session to the Google Docs collaborative space used by the four presenters, which we made public and touted as our “extended” handout:

This blog post is derived from the state of that document on April 1, 2018

Heike Philp streamed us live on Adobe Connect

We are very grateful to Heike Philp for offering to stream our event on Adobe Connect from where she is in Brussels. To do this she entered Minecraft and followed us around in world while we shared our screen from the conference in Chicago. Normally we use Discord when we meet in Minecraft, but for this event we spoke to each other in Adobe Connect.

Heike announced the stream of our event on Twitter



Announcements were also made …
on Facebook

and on Google+ Communities

Quick Links to EVO Minecraft MOOC session documents

Here is an archived view of our dynamic map as it was at one point during EVOMC18


Recordings and photos

Adobe Connect Recording – Heike got this 40 min Adobe Connect recording

Jane took a lot of photos


After the presentation in the Electronic Village, Jane and Vance ran over to the CALL-IS Technology Fair where we presented on EVOMC18 in the Best of EVO session being webcast from there. There’s more information on that here:

And here’s a shot of us doing that at the podium


Publications about EVO Minecraft MOOC

Kuhn, J. and Stevens, V. (2017). Participatory culture as professional development: Preparing teachers to use Minecraft in the classroom. TESOL Journal 8, 4:753–767. https://doi.org/10.1002/tesj.359 and http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/tesj.359/full.

Stevens, V. (2017). Gamifying Teacher Professional Development through Minecraft MOOC. In Zoghbor, W., Coombe, C., Al Alami, S. & Abu-Rmaileh, S. (Eds.). Language Culture Communication: Transformations in Intercultural Contexts. The Proceedings of the 22nd TESOL Arabia Conference. Dubai: TESOL Arabia. Pages 75-92. Available:

Dodgson, D. (2017). Digging deeper: Learning and re-learning with student and teacher Minecraft communities. TESL-EJ, Volume 20, Number 4, Available: http://www.tesl-ej.org/wordpress/issues/volume20/ej80/ej80int/. Also available at: http://www.tesl-ej.org/pdf/ej80/int.pdf; pp. 1-12 in pdf.

Kuhn, J. (2015). Meaningful Play – Making Professional Development Fun. TESL-EJ, Volume 18, Number 4, Available: http://www.tesl-ej.org/wordpress/issues/volume18/ej72/ej72int/. Also available at: http://tesl-ej.org/pdf/ej72/int.pdf; pp. 1-8 in pdf.

Smolčec, M., Smolčec, F. and Stevens, V. (2014). Using Minecraft for Learning English. TESL-EJ 18, 2. Available: http://www.tesl-ej.org/wordpress/issues/volume18/ej70/ej70int/, pp. 1-15 inhttp://www.tesl-ej.org/pdf/ej70/int.pdf.

Presentations on EVO Minecraft MOOC

Presentations made in the course of conducting the Electronic Village Online EVO Minecraft MOOC January 14 through Feb 18, 2018

June 22, 2017 – Vance and Bobbi Stevens, Domagoj and Marijana Smolčec, Dakota Redstone, Maha Abdelmoneim, and Mircea Patrascu present EVO Minecraft MOOC at the Second Life MOOC 2017 online conference https://learning2gether.net/2017/06/22/vance-stevens-domagoj-and-marijana-smolcec-dakota-redstone-and-mircea-petrascu-mine-your-language-on-sl-mooc/

May 5, 2017 – Dave Dodgson, Jeff Kuhn, Vance Stevens, and other moderators of EVO Minecraft MOOC present at the 9th Virtual Round Table Web Conference, hosted by Heike Philp

The following online presentations were made in the course of conducting the Electronic Village Online EVO Minecraft MOOC January 8 through Feb 12, 2017

Apr 24, 2016 Vance presented “Minecraft and the gamification of teacher and student learning” at the SLMOOC16 annual online conference, which served as Learning2gether Episode 330,

Apr 17, 2016 Mircea Patrascu, Rose Bard, and Vance Stevens addressed online one of the IATEFL YLT SIG Bi-Monthly Webinars to discuss EVO Minecraft MOOC, Learning2gether Episode 329,

March 10, 2016 – Gamifying Teacher Professional Development through Minecraft MOOC presented by Vance Stevens at TESOL Arabia 2016 in Dubai,

Feb 21, 2016, “How effective is gamification for learners?” Question answered online by Vance Stevens For EFLtalks Answers 10×10 Sunday; Learning2gether Episode #319 https://learning2gether.net/2016/02/21/vance-stevens-talks-gamification-on-efltalks-answers-10×10/;
Slides, http://www.slideshare.net/vances/how-effective-is-gamification-for-learners

Feb 7, 2016 – Vance Stevens presented at the Connecting Online Conference on “EVO MineCraft MOOC and Gamification of Teacher Professional Development”

Feb 3, 2016 – Vance Stevens presented on “Learning2gether with EVO Minecraft MOOC and Gamification of Teacher Professional Development” online to theTechno-CLIL EVO (Electronic Village Online) session. The presentation used an early rendition of this slide show:

Nov 15, 2015 – Bron Stuckey and Vance Stevens with Filip and Marijana Smolčec presented on Learning2gether meets Moodle MOOC 7, EVO, and gamification in TPD at the 8th annual SLanguages Conference online

July 6, 2015 – Vance Stevens presented a short paper on-site at the XVII CALL Research Conference entitled Minecraft as a model for gamification in teacher training, about what we have learned so far from EVO Minecraft MOOC about the gamification of professional development, how learning the game of Minecraft (ultimately while trying to stay alive in Minecraft) can inform educators on how professional development can be structured in a more meaningful sense than that which many of us often encounter. Here are the links documenting this:


CALL-IS gave out certificates this year


Here is Jane’s:


This was unexpected 🙂


Keep those cards and letters coming, folks 🙂

And there’s s’more fluff from Smore, only 999,968 views away from going viral now 🙂


Hyperlinks to specific areas of our presentation

These links take you to the corresponding spaces in the expanded handout document we presented at the conference:



Smore flyer

More online/social spaces where this event is being tracked and announced

Quick Links to EVO Minecraft MOOC session documents

Recordings and photos

Adobe Connect Recording

Jane’s pictures

Publications about EVO Minecraft MOOC

Presentations on EVO Minecraft MOOC


Earlier events

Tue March 20 1400 UTC PhD candidate Filipo Lubua intereviews Vance Stevens about CALL academic entrepreneurialism


Sat March 23 The Global Leadership Summit – Streaming Live from Boston

We’re in Boston today for the third annual Global Leadership Summit, hosted by ASCD and GlobalEd Events. We invite you to join us for portions of our day through a livestream broadcast on Facedbook at https://www.facebook.com/globaledcon/ (click on “videos” to the left or refresh if you’re not seeing the live video).We will be streaming those parts of the program that are in bold in the agenda below. To see the speaker details, you can go HERE.

Agenda (US – Eastern Daylight Time)

8:00 – Coffee and sign-in
8:30 – Welcome
8:45 – Opening Keynote: Entryways to Global Education: Local Solutions for Going Global 
9:30 – Panel 1: Global Education Advocacy and Implementation Success Stories: Learning from Trailblazing Leaders
10:30 – Break
10:45 – Panel 2: Debating Global Education Barriers and Solutions: Expert Insights from Leaders in the Field
11:45 – Panel Debrief
12:00 – Lunch (provided)
12:30 – Ignite Talks
1:00 – Roundtable Workshops 1
1:45 – Roundtable Workshops 2
2:30 – Closing Discussion: Taking Ideas to Action 
3:30 – End of Event

About the Summit

Looking for innovative and effective ways to lead classroom, school, or district initiatives that prepare all students to thrive in college, careers, and as citizens in our diverse, globally-connected world? The day-long Global Leadership Summit, co-hosted by ASCD and the Global Education Conference Network, will convene classroom teachers, school and district administrators, and thought leaders to provide participants the unique opportunity to:

  • Develop the capacity to lead classrooms and educational systems that teach students empathy, valuing diverse perspectives, cross-cultural communication and collaboration skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving around real-world issues.
  • Network with innovative and inspiring teachers, principals, district leaders, thought leaders, and NGOs committed to educating students for a diverse, global society.
  • Receive resources and generate new ideas that can help you make immediate changes in your educational context.
  • Share best programs and practices in advocating for and implementing global learning initiatives with educators around the country and the world.
  • Find out how you can get involved with and utilize ASCD’s global engagement resources.
This professional learning event includes thought-provoking practitioner and expert panelists, inspiring ignite talks, and hands-on roundtable discussions that will provide practical tools, strategies, and ideas that you can immediately implement in your school, district, or organization. Lunch is included.
The Global Leadership Summit is a pre-conference special event at ASCD’s Empower18: The Conference for Every Educator and part of the Global Education Conference Network’s third annual Global Leadership Week.

Sat Mar 24 12pm EST Paula Fehlinger on Classroom 2.0 – Going Global in the Classroom with your Students

Saturday, March 24, 2018
“March Featured Teacher: Going Global in the Classroom with your Students”
Presented by Paula FehlingerOver the years, we have had presentations by many excellent educators who have shared their strategies and examples of global connection and collaboration with their students. In order to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world, young people need to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to engage in lifelong, cross-cultural learning and collaboration. More than ever, young people need the 21st-century skills for global competency, digital literacy, critical thinking and global collaboration among international peers. According to Anne Mirtschin, “Student’s believe that they can solve the problems of the world. If we help them to develop a global network and teach them how to collaborate then they may well do so!” We are really excited to have Paula Fehlinger as our March Featured Teacher who will be sharing her stories, experiences and teaching tools for helping her students to connect globally.Webinar Description:
Ready to break down the walls of your classroom and go global? Help students make real world connections to expand their world of learning. Learn how to use Twitter and Skype to make contacts and to participate in The Global Read Aloud, The Global Math Task Twitter Challenge and Mystery Skype Challenges on your schedule and at your own pace.Paula Fehlinger has been with the East Penn School District for 19 years and has taught both first and second grades at Wescosville Elementary School. She received her teaching certificate from Moravian College and earned Masters Degrees in Classroom Technology, Instructional Technology and Instructional Media from Wilkes University. Paula is a Keystone Technology Innovator Star 2016. She is currently working on becoming a Google Certified Educator. Paula is the second-grade level district leader at East Penn and serves on several committees within the district to support grading and curriculum initiatives. She also leads and teaches several PD courses in the district. Recently, Paula presented a session about taking her classroom global at the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo & Conference in Hershey, PA. When she is not teaching, Paula enjoys cheering on her two sons, Colin and Carter, at their sporting and middle school events.Remember to follow us on Twitter: #liveclass20More information and session details are at http://live.classroom20.com. If you’re new to the Classroom 2.0 LIVE! show you might want to spend a few minutes viewing the screencast on the homepage to learn how we use Blackboard Collaborate, and navigate the site. Each show begins at 12pm EST (Time Zone Conversion) and may be accessed in Blackboard Collaborate directly using the following Classroom 2.0 LIVE! link at http://tinyurl.com/cr20live. All webinars are closed captioned.On the Classroom 2.0 LIVE! site (http://live.classroom20.com you’ll find the recordings and Livebinder from our recent “CREATE not just CONSUME: ENGAGING Strategies to Demonstrate Learning” session presented by Meredith Akers. Click on the Archives and Resources tab.

Visit Classroom 2.0 at: http://www.classroom20.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network


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