Alexander Hayes – The Revolution will be Humanized: The Glass Age Approaches

Learning2gether Episode 162


Where: Hangout on Air Webcast Discussion

The conversation will take place using a Google+ Hangout on Air and be streamed along with a text chat at  If you’d like to join the conversation as a participant, please post a comment on our Event Listing at:

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The Revolution will be Humanized: The Glass Age Approaches


Alexander Hayes is completing a PhD on wearable technologies.  He feels, in his words, that “we are on the cusp of a substantial shift in how we consider wearable technologies likely in the next 6 – 24 months … there has been a discernible shift in the “heat” generated from major consortiums now bringing to market technologies that are pervasively poised to radically re-organise what is said, done, remembered and perhaps more importantly re-wired for other parties purposes.

“Google Glass provides us all with a reason to question what it will mean to be interacting with our peers, family and loved ones through the fashion filter of a networked and location aware device. Body worn technologies such as Memoto and Autographer also join the list of data logging devices that we use to monitor and transmit data from our daily activities, either for health awareness, entertainment or myriad of other reasons.”

In this session, members of Webheads in Action, TALO, Worldbridges, and affiliated online communities and thought leaders will discuss the benefits, risks and perhaps harm that may arise with the rollout of second generation intelligent (smart) wearable technologies in our society.

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Google Glass:



Vuzix Smart Glasses:


ISTAS 13:  June 27~29th

…presenters and panellists will address the implications of living in smartworlds – smart grids, smart infrastructure, smart homes, smart cars, smart fridges…smart people. ISTAS’13 will bring together participants sharing research, projects, and ideas about people living in smart environments.

Assorted Resources & Articles

International Design Foundation Encyclopedia of Wearable Computing

Thomas Claburn. “Google Glass: Vision For Future Unclear”, Information Week, 2 Jan. 2013.

Elise Ackerman. Cover Story – “Google Gets in Your Face”, IEEE Spectrum, 1 Jan 2013.

Mark Harris. “Darling, it’s just you, me… and everyone else”, The Sunday Times, 23 Dec. 2012, p.18.

Donald Melanson and Michael Gorman. “Our Augmented Selves: The Promise of Wearable Computing”, engadget, 21 Dec. 2012.

Other links suggested during the live session:

Possible questions to guide the discussion.

  1. To what extent will wearable technology play a greater part in our everyday lives in the next 6 – 24 months?
  2.  What does the onset of Google Glass, Memoto, Autographer etc. mean for our communities and society at large?
  3.  Are there any cultural apprehensions as to what these technologies may imbue and if so is this anxiety substantiated in any way?
  4.  Are there benefits in wearing a camera around all day long that takes random photos irrespective of where you are and who your with?
  5.  Given these are multi-sensor based devices that are connected to social media channels and platforms what are the implications for where the data ends up?
  6.  Given the terms and conditions of the providers who govern the use of the device ….who actually owns the data?
  7.  Is there likely to be a need to shift our current rules around social engagement, conversing with learners, our children, our friends and family if we choose to join this “revolution” in recording?
  8.  To what extent are these technologies going to benefit industries such as augmented reality or in a way that may change our current workplace engagement?
  9.  Is there any inherent considerations here that organisations, particularly educational institutions need to address before it becomes commonplace for learners whether they be virtual or physical to be recording as a cool, hip activity for their own purposes or that of others?
  10.  What is your own personal perspective on this technology mashup and is it likely we are going to see you wearing these devices in the next short while?

Alex is presenting at the IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society, June 27-29, 2013 | Toronto, CANADA. See the following URLs for more information:


Marisa Constantinides: Autonomous professional development begins at home

Learning2gether Episode 161



Elluminate Recording


Here’s Marisa presenting on Curation at VRT on May 19, 2013




May 17-19 Heike Philp hosts 6th Virtual Language Round Table Web Conference

Learning2gether Episode 160

The 6th VRT conference in 4 years took place over the weekend of May 17-19, 2013.  As usual, there was a stellar offering of presentations lasting most of each of three days.  Brainchild of Heike Philp, the conference was completely free and online and based itself at the following URLs:

Twitter #tag: vrtwebcon (and why not tag it #learning2gether as well 🙂

Audio problems in Adobe were countered with an alternate live stream on Facebook:

Learning2gether sat back on Sunday May 19 and enjoyed the show … 

Sunday May 19 1400 GMT VLRT joins LTSIG with Nicky Hockly – Paul Driver on Embodiment, technology, and locative play

Adobe recording:

Sunday May 19 1600 GMT special unconference / barcamp / edcamp program at VLRT hosted by Heike Philp, Vance Stevens, and Arjana Blazic

Adobe recording:
Warning from Heike, this is a 7 hour recording (first 2 hours = unconference, last hour = ELTONS, forgot to switch off). Hopefully we’ll sort it out on the YouTube and mp3 recordings to follow.

This is copy/pasted from the program for Sunday May 19 (add 4 hours for UAE time)

Sun 11am GMT/ UTCclick link for world clock

Sunday, 19 May2013 Room MERLINAsian context

Moderator: Adam Simpson

Room TRISTANVarious Topics

Moderation: Victor Hugo Rojas B., Peru

Room AVALONTeaching with Technology

Moderation: Aydan Acar Yavuz

11am GMT/ UTC Syke Annamma Kumaran (iTDi) (Community of practise)Asli Saglam

Information Superhighway for the Networked Teachers: Online Communities of Practice

Janet BianchiniSpice Up Your Teaching with Apps and Tools from A – Z
11:30am GMT/ UTC Tom Randolph, SeoulGoogle+ for blended learning Nina Jeroncic, SloveniaI speak meme! Merve Oflaz, TurkeyGive your students a second chance
12pm GMT/ UTC (Rap)Jason Levine

From Collocation to Critical Thinking

Natasa Bozic GrojicGive Them Homework They Will Love
12:30pm GMT/ UTC Q&A and round table discussion Jason Levinecontinued… Marisa Constantinides, Greece CELT AthensFrom Curation to Creation
Q&A and round table discussion Q&A and round table discussion
Sun 1pm GMT/ UTC Communication Break
Sun 2pm GMT/ UTC Main Venue ARTHURLT SIG Event

Keynote:Paul Driver, Portugal

Embodiment, Technology and Locative Play

Moderator: Nicky Hockly

Sun 3pm – 5pm GMT/ UTC Main Venue ARTHUR(2h) Unconference / BarCamp / EdCamp

Moderator: Vance Stevens, Heike Philp and Arjana Blazic


Laine Marshall and Maria Colussa – LTMOOC and the Flipped Classroom

Learning2gether Episode 159

Download mp3 file:

In planning today’s session,  I thought the topic would be the flipped classroom, so I invited someone who’s presented on that topic before, Laine Marshall, to join us. Laine is also a participant in LTMOOC. Meanwhile I’m pleased to find that I have been learning about Instreamia in flipped classroom mode, as is any participant in that MOOC engaged in learning from the tutorials. I thought it would also be interesting to discuss how we are learning on a spectrum ranging from purist cMOOC to robo-graded xMOOC, and this was touched on in the discussion.

I also invited Maria Colussa to co-host. She has appeared with us previously in Learning2gether and Electronic Village Online.

LTMOOC is an excellent hour-long intro to Instreamia: 5 starts May 13

Week 6 starts May 20

We were requested to supply here a link with mp3 recordings of the hangouts

Laine Marshall presented on Sunday, June 10, 2012 –  Three reasons to flip your classroom



Here’s an announcement of an uncoming MOOC on Flipped Classrooms from the venerable …

TESL Toronto presents: Aga Palalas – mobile apps for language learning

Learning2gether Episode 158

Audio download link

TESL Toronto presents: My favourite ESL apps

Hosted by Tyson Seburn

Aga Palalas will talk about her most used mobile apps for language learning.

Where: Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate)