Vance Stevens at CO16 – EVO MineCraft MOOC and Gamification of Teacher Professional Development

Learning2gether Episode 316

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On Sunday Feb 7 at 1400 UTC Vance staked out his usual time and space at the 2016 rendition of the free online Connecting Online Conference which took place from Friday Feb 5 and ran though Sunday Feb 7

The title of the talk was
Learning2gether with EVO Minecraft MOOC and Gamification of Teacher Professional Development

This presentation relates how #evomc16 co-moderators are using Minecraft to help teachers understand how gamification might work for them in their classrooms by giving all concerned the experience of interacting in the game.

But, Minecraft turns out to be only a vehicle for understanding the wider concept of gamification. By building elements of gamification into EVO Minecraft MOOC, this session becomes a Big G game space where participants can meet other educators to learn how their students can benefit from gamified environments. So participants here (as well as moderators) are developing their understanding of gamification while enjoying playing in the little g game of Minecraft.

Gamification is modeled in the Big G Game space through creation of a Google+ community “gameboard” and having participants figure out from there what they have to do to play the game. Eventually they end up in Minecraft in creative mode. They then graduate to coping with survival in the more challenging game environment, and through that experience learn that gamification is all about teamwork, mutual support, meeting challenges, and achieving goals, whatever they are, and however they themselves define them.

The ‘aha’ moment occurs when the players succeed in both the upper and lowercase games and realize that, if what they were trying to teach were placed in such a context, it would not only become more engaging to the learners, but their students would be taking their own learning into their own hands. This can create a powerful learning environment, but educators need to experience it for themselves in order to understand it.

These slides were repurposed for this presentation:

This follows on this blog post:

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Earlier this week

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Wed Feb 3 1400 UTC Learning2gether Episode 315 Vance Stevens presents Minecraft and Techno-CLIL for the CLIL EVO MOOC

Connecting Online 2016 from Fri Feb 5 thru Sun Feb 7

Here’s the schedule

Here’s the link to enroll in the 7th annul free 3-day event:

Here’s a video about CO16 and how to enroll:





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