Alexander Hayes discusses Minecraft: My Experience and Your Dilemma

Learning2gether episode 382

On Feb 4, 2018 Alexander Hayes met with participants in the Electronic Village Online EVO Minecraft MOOC, combined with Learning2gether episode 382.


The event was streamed as a YouTube Live Hangout on Air (HoA) and the live link was posted in such a way that Mircea Patrascu, Maha Abdelmoneim, Jo Kay, Jane Chien, and Don Carroll were all able to join in the live discussion in the hangout.

Others were able to catch the stream when it happened on Vance’s YouTube channel:

Alex created the following online materials for the presentation

From Alex’s post
EVO, Minecraft, Memory Palace Presentation


As active agents of sociological change children now challenge the researcher stereotype amidst a battleground of virtual, augmented and mixed reality wearable computing. Fractals once closer to philosophical ramblings of the mathematical in the field of chaos theory are now an educative and neurological rearrangement as STEAM gets creative in Minecraft. A dilemma has emerged as participatory netnography reveals the longer term socio-ethical effects of corporations punching through our privacy firewalls, programming our minds and harvesting our creativity.

Recommended Reading / Viewing

EVO Minecraft MOOC co-moderator Jo Kay joined us and we were reminded of her presentation last year

Maha was kind enough to provide a link to the HoA text chat she managed to harvest before shutting down her browser

(Vance is not able to select text in his Chrome browser, Windows 10, in order to copy it, and FF, which does allow me to select and copy text, was refusing yesterday to run HoA until Google fixed an issue with Hangouts).

Who is Alex?

And, recently …

Meanwhile EVO Minecraft MOOC arranged playdates on the server on Feb 6 and 7.
Jane Chien, Mattie Tsai, and Don Carroll produced the following videos.

Mattie and Jane on a Temple Hunt Quest set by Abu Fletcher

This one from Feb 7 I think


Earlier events

Sunday January 28 EVO Minecraft MOOC explore Temples at the Seaside

Learning2gether episode 381


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