Vance Stevens presents MOOC and ePortfolio as models for EVO Multiliteracies session

Sunday, January 30, 2011

13:00 GMT in Elluminate – Vance Stevens talks about eportfolios and why they are an excellent way for mature 21st century learners to track and reflect on their learning goals and accomplishments. These affordances make eportfolios ideal tools for mature learners to perform self-assessment, and why shouldn’t they be the norm for institutional assessment for such learners?  Participants in the 2011 EVO session on Multiliteracies will be asked to share their progress on making their eportfolios to track their learning in this session.  For background documents driving this presentation, please see the syllabus for the session at and the sample eportfolios at .

Recording in Elluminate:


Michael Coghlan presenting at BaW (Becoming a Webhead) session at EVO, Electronic Village Online

Learning2gether Episode 26

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Michael Coghlan gives a presentation to the BaW (Becoming a Webhead) session at EVO, Electronic Village Online.  Michael Coghlan has designed and delivered online courses in ESL, eModeration, and Using Online Technologies, and is an online instructor for the Graduate Certificate in eLearning delivered by Adelaide Institute of TAFE. He has written widely on issues to do with elearning, and presented at several international conferences, both physically and as a remote presenter. As a Flexible Learning Leader for the Australian Flexible Learning Framework in 2003 Michael researched the use of online voice technologies. Not surprisingly, he is a passionate believer in the power of online voice communications to inspire and motivate students.

Regarding connecting with this presentation, Dafne, moderator of BaW with EVO suggests: “Michael´s presentation for BaW on Jan 23rd at noon GMT will be at Yahoo Messenger, as it has been in previous years. We like to show participants that Yahoo Messenger can also be used for presentations which is something most of them don´t know.”

More information and link to recording at
Learning2Gether will attend his presentation.

Also it is suggested you visit at the time of the presentation in order to find people there who might help you connect.


Vance Stevens discussing philosophy behind evolution of EVO Multiliteracies session

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vance Stevens discussed the philosophy behind the evolution through many renditions of the EVO Multiliteracies course and community.

  • This session, based at, is unlike other EVO sessions and departs from many online courses in that it does not envisage a stepwise learning plan; rather it presents a ‘berry bush’ of choices.
  • Participants are expected to practice precepts of learner autonomy as they define their learning goals and document steps along the path to achieving them in some form of eportfolio.
  • Course structure borrows from the MOOC precepts cogently articulated by Dave Cormier in a series of YouTube videos embedded in the GoodbyeGutenberg syllabus, and leading to connectivist knowledge.  Join us for the discussion and let’s talk about it.

The session was recorded and you can view it here:

EVO Kickoff hosted by Jeff Lebow and EVO Coordinators

Learning2gether Episode 24

Direct link to recording at

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The annual EVO Online kickoff event took place at noon GMT on Sunday Jan 9, 2011.  It’s an online party where moderators of the sessions planned for January 10 to February 13, 2011 meet to introduce and discuss the sessions they’ve been planning for the past several months. 

Jeff provided this additional information just prior to the event:

Looking forward to the wondrous chaos of another EVO Launchcast in a few hours. In hopes of minimizing chaos and frustration, I’ve created a few guides and options (for slow connections and backup).

Rather than having people people skype me directly, I’m asking that they post a comment with their name and skype ID at: We will then bring them in one or two at a time – will hopefully be easier than having a dozen people skyping in at the same time.

I have also created an entire backup site in case the main site is down (we are on our way off this server and it’s been particularly moody today)

Please repost this wherever appropriate. If you are planning on joining in on the conversation, please post a comment with your Name and ID at:
(no login required).

The event was recorded and is available at

Michael Coghlan, Vance Stevens, and Barbara Dieu – FLNW: Future of Learing in a Networked World, The Horizon Report

Sunday, January 2, 2011

FLNW: Future of Learning in a Networked World, featuring guests Michael Coghlan and Barbara Dieu

13:00 GMT in Elluminate

Bee (aka Barbara), Michael, and Vance met recently in Brazil to travel together to conferences in Sao Paolo and Brasilia continuing on a reduced scale a movement known as FLNW, as indicated at and where Bee updated

Today’s “SpeedGeek” will continue our ongoing conversation. Michael’s website at is a time capsule of ongoing collaboration, starting more or less with EFI in 1997, where Michael, Vance, and Maggi Doty founded Webheads.  It broaches professional development through TAFE, Voice Online (Michael is known as “the voice”), as well as Michael’s consultancies, Articles/Presentations, and of course his music, with great songs such as “Happy Online”.   Bee blogs at and her presentations and projects are linked from

The session was recorded: