Claire and Marc Siskin: LiveCode for Everyone!

Learning2gether Episode 157

Sun Apr 28


LiveCode is powerful but easy-to-use software that can be used to create language learning activities. It can now be used to create apps for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The apps can run on either IOS or Android devices.

The exciting news is that LiveCode is now for everyone! Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, LiveCode is now an open source product:

The presenters will provide some brief background information about LiveCode and demonstrate some of its capabilities. They will explain how crowdfunding works. They will outline the process of going from a LiveCode stack (file) to a mobile app.


Where: Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate) generously provided by 

Resources for LiveCode: 

Shelly Terrell – Bring Your Own Devices

Learning2gether Episode 156

Friday April 26th




Shelly will be highlighting experiences, lesson ideas, tips, and more from her recent BYOD training and classes in Slovenia and Croatia. See how to implement projects with various devices, how to prepare to work with large groups, troubleshooting problems such as no Internet connection and much more.


Where? Webheads Elluminate Webinar room

More info:




Evelyn Izquierdo and Miguel Mendoza on Podcasting, web-based recordings and videocasts: Dynamic and interactive ways to provide feedback

Learning2gether Episode 155

Sun Apr 21, 2013


Presentation deriving from their Electronic Village Online session, which Evelyn and Mike presented at the International TESOL Convention in Dallas, Texas, March, 2013

Elluminate Recording 



During the last decade, the use of podcasts, web-based recordings and videocasts have become very popular in the ELT field, since they are powerful asynchronous tools for ESL/EFL students to learn the target language, develop and/or enhance oral skills, especially listening/speaking. However, these tools are not only excellent resources for students, but for teachers. They can be used to evaluate, provide feedback, or as means to reinforce classroom activities. In this session, Evelyn and Miguel will be sharing their experience in the use of screencasting to provide feedback in an interesting, dynamic and interactive way to ESL/EFL teachers who have taken the Podcasting 2011, 2012, & 2013 EVO sessions.

Handout with references:

During the session, Evelyn shared these links:


Learning2gether with Maria Bossa – Brighten and Lighten your class with Web 2.0

Learning2gether Episode 154

Download here:

We used this link to help us put in the URLs to Maria’s tools:

Maria Bossa presented what she did for Cintia Costa, who reached out to Webheads to stimulate connections between the world at large and her students in Amazonia. In that presentation, Maria explained via Skype what she uses in her classes, including written material and online resources, as shown in the PPT made for that session.

This has been a chance to record that presentation for a wider audience.

Where? Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate)

Bb Collaborate / Elluminate Recording 


Brighten up your class with web 2.0 tools and recycled stuff… “A bit of creativity, tons of online resources and a small quantity of old things can make your class a different one”.

Tools and links mentioned:

Tools mentioned:

Tools to create AVATARS

Tools for digital storytelling



Extra tools – Different uses

Time to celebrate

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Sugata Mitra SOLE self-organized learning environment



Michael Coghlan and Vance Stevens live in Melbourne Talking VTE with Stephan Ridgway, Alexander Hayes, and friends in Hangout

Learning2gether Episode 153


The view from down under:

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Vance is in Melbourne.  Not that I have to fly all this way to connect, but Michael is dropping by on his way back from Tasmania, and while in the neighborhood why not connect with other Australian friends and colleagues.  We’ll talk informally on topics that may or may not range from/to meets Learning2gether

For more information on the session, including topics:



Rita Zeinstejer on Transform and Tailor your Teaching with Twitter

Learning2gether Episode 152


Hangout recording from April 4, 2013

This event was a Hangout with simultaneous stream on 

At the time you could have followed the event by

  1. Joining the stream at 
    1. listen to the simulcast
    2. interact with others in the Etherpad text chat
  2. Coming directly to the hangout


In her presentation, Rita discussed many

Tools complementing Twitter

Alternative URL

More info:

Vance Stevens on Learning2gether streamed live online from Al Ain Men’s College UAE

Learning2gether Episode 151


I might want to edit the start of the mp3, when I get time – Vance

Learning2gether classroots weekly online professional development

This session was one of several being held this week at Al Ain Men’s College (AAMC) as part of an in-house professional development week.

Description of event: 

Learning2gether is a wiki which, since September 2010, has served to organize teachers in meeting online at regular times weekly to conduct free “class-roots” professional development seminars and discuss topics of mutual interest to teachers of ESOL in particular and educators in general. Presenters and participants range from expert to those merely interested in the topics. Participants come from all over the world, but from its inception there has been an effort to involve teaching practitioners in Arab countries through coordination with the TESOL Arabia TAEDTECH-SIG. Sessions are recorded, and a growing archive of recorded resources is accumulating at the associated podcast site. This session will introduce teachers to the endeavor and invite them to become involved.

Hangout recording

Webheads in Action recording archive:

Slides updated especially for this event


This event is being organized live at Al Ain Men’s College (AAMC) in Al Ain, UAE

The plan (assuming robust Internet and that April Fools does not intervene) is to:

Participants will be able to listen to the live stream on

Anyone can interact as well in this live text chat at 



Jim Buckingham and Vance Stevens discuss relevance of “badge” systems for promoting PD amongst teachers both locally and globally

Learning2gether Episode 150


Elluminate Recording URLs

Where? Elluminate

What? Jim’s notes:

Topics include

James’s vision of all of this? “some sort of online community or even course (a la Coursera) where skills are learned by someone .. but vetted by an x number of peers, with the badge earned via successful peer review, and posting of the evidence supporting the application for a badge .. somewhere on the internet .. so others can learn from it.. and perhaps even build upon it.”

Some brainstorming ideas: