Minecraft and the gamification of teacher and student learning: EVOMC16 at the SLMOOC16 annual online conference

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Learning2gether Episode #330

On Sun Apr 24 #EVOMC16 held a SERVER PARTY and presented Minecraft and the gamification of teacher and student learning at the SLMOOC16 annual online conference.

Panelists Jeff Kuhn, Linda Gielen, Mircea Patrascu, Rose Bard, Robert Ogorek, Anna Jedryczko, and Vance Stevens will demonstrate through screenshare in Adobe Connect some of the work they have done on the EVO Minecraft server maintained by Aaron Schwartz at Ohio University. Panelists will also show how they use Minecraft for work with students in their own Minecraft virtual spaces.

All are welcome to join us in Adobe Connect for the server tour / party here:

Server party:

  • If you are whitelisted on our server, join us there in-world 🙂

Join the conversation in Google+

For more information see




Earlier this week

Sun Apr 17 1400 UTC Mircea Patrascu, Rose Bard, and Vance Stevens address IATEFL YLT SIG Bi-Monthly Webinars


Sun Apr 17 The Italian Open SIM at SLMOOC16

April 17


9.30 PM


3:30pm EDT



Letizia Cinganotto

Andrea Benassi

Immersive experiences in Edmondo, the Italian Open Sim

Sign in with as a “guest”, enter your name and you’ll be able to see the Edmondo presentation.

Edmondo, the Italian educational Open Sim will be presented, highlighting the latest training experiences relating to English language and methodological courses carried out with Italian teachers and still ongoing.

The presentation will be given in an Adobe Connect Pro webinar system. Here is the URL:  lancelot.adobeconnect.com/edmondo


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