Benjamin Stewart on TILL and MOOC content, designs, participation

Learning2gether Episode 167

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Subtitled: Canvas vs. Moodle, and how to learn via Canvas MOOC

Where? Google Hangout


Benjamin Stewart is “always interested in collaborating/cooperating with other educators.  I’m participating in an Online Pedagogy MOOC and plan to participate in the scenarios planning MOOC at Wikieducator.  I’m always curious about discussing with others not only MOOC content but MOOC designs/participation as well.  I’m intrigued how others view distance courses and usually come from this perspective when I conduct online (informal) discussions.  I usually try to ask more questions than I answer. 🙂

Benjamin tends to ask those questions in Hangouts on TILL, Teachers for Interactive Language Learning, a Google+ community

Informal pedagogical discussion for anyone interested in TESOL, general education, and/or ed. technology.

He is giving a WiZiQ talk on TILL on July 3, 2013 at 11:00 EST (10:00 in Mexico, D.F.; 15:00 GMT)


At this twitter search


Fabrizio Bartoli, Lucia Bartolotti organize a discussion of the cMOOC ltis13

Learning2gether Episode 166

Fabrizio Bartoli, Lucia Bartolotti, Claude Almansi, Luisella Mori and others discuss their recent cMOOC ltis13

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Recording in Bb Collaborate / Elluminate


Fabrizio Bartoli, Lucia Bartolotti, Claude Almansi, Luisella Mori, and 480 others recently participated in a MOOC, more specifically a “cMOOC” (as described here )

Lucia writes: “Our ten-week cMOOC has just closed, with the collective decision to go on as a community, with new group initiatives springing out of it.

The creator of the cMOOC is professor Andreas Formiconi, from University of Florence and IUL-Italian University Line, which is a partnership of four Universities offering online courses to teachers.

A few interesting figures about the success of the cMOOC can be read here; those of you who can read some Italian can access some more detail through this poster, which was prepared for a Conference on Universities and Life-long Learning.”

Meantime you can learn the interesting story of how this event transpired by reading the comments at this blog post:



Thank you so much for the great meeting and for having already posted
its recordings on your blog. I’m attaching the saved chat – slightly
edited version (1) in .

(This contains Claude’s running commentary and translation in Italian of what we said during the session)

Re the mapping tools of #ltis13:

– is the OPML
file that can be imported in a aggregator to see updates in our blogs
and their comments

– is the Diigo group where we
share, tag and discuss our bookmarks.

Yesterday, on the basis of the CC-BY-SA license in
<>, I took
the liberty to upload an .ogg version of your .mp3 recording of the
session in <>
so that the recording can be collaboratively “subtitled” in
(direct link to the beginning of English subs:
<>), because
Amara doesn’t process mp3 files any longer.

Amara remains an interesting tool for language learning activities,
though less so than when it was called Universal Subtitles, because
its developers have curtailed some heterodox uses since the change of
name – which coincided with their financing themselves with pro
services: pro customers apparently don’t like to have N subtitle
tracks for the same language :D. And it’s become more bug-prone too.

Nonetheless, I’ve set up small activities with it within 2 of Andreas
Formiconi’s online courses: #ltis13 and the former #linf12, and both
times, the participants involved found it very easy to master, even
though they had no previous subtitling experience. In the #linf12
instance, what triggered the activity was a post by Andreas about the
Cloud with three rather technical video tutorials that several
participants found hard to understand.

Best wishes


Also earlier this week:

Sat June 22 1400 GMT – Nellie Deutsch interviews Bryan Alexander on Moodle MOOC


Thomas Hodgers writes: I was able to see and hear both you and Bryan throughout todays presentation Week 4: MOOCs & Ubiquitous Computing, but the Recording of the session has … no video or voice for Bryans presentation. I hope somebody was able to record everything!


Nellie’s special guest for this session is Dr. Bryan Alexander (according to Nellie, accredited with coining the MOOC). Dr. Alexander will be discussing online learning vs. ubiquitous computing. 
How does learning change as we enter the era of ubiquitous computing? What does the MOOC furor tell us about emerging education? It is possible that we will have to rethink many aspects of schooling, from information architecture to academic labor. Institutional learning may suffer a classic economic disruption, or it may transform into a new, networked entity.In the presentation, Dr. Alexander and the participants will examine drivers of change, along with several possible futures.

Jeff Lebow Hanging out with Korean students on English SOS

Learning2gether Episode 165

Download mp3:

Learning2gether monitored a number of events taking place this weekend from Saturday June 15 to Monday June 17, 2013. Probably the most listenable recording was the one above, from Stephen Downes, being interviewed by Nellie Deutsch for Moodle MOOC on Saturday.

Monday June 17  – Jeff Lebow streams ‘English SOS’ (Speaking Online Show)

Brought to you by Jeff Lebow’s courageous ENG317 students at Busan University of Foreign Studies, Jeff has adapted Hangouts to motivating his students to connect with native speakers and practice English online. In this event, we witnessed a delightful series of presentations by Jeff’s students, who bring a lot of creativity to the hangouts.  In response to announcements (on the Webheads list <> and on Learning2gether) Carol Yeager, Rita Zeinstejer, and Vance joined in the text chat in this session which coincided with time for Learning2gether.

This recording features, among other presentations

  • A perspicacious talk about a Korean reality show where celebrities are shown spending time with their children, which strikes a chord in Korea
  • A delightful Kim Bop cooking lesson

According to Jeff, the students have all consented to having their recordings posted online. Details about all English SOS segments can be found at:

Everyone is welcome to tune in live at or and chime in with comments or questions in the text chat.

Jeff and his students will be streaming live as well at the following time this week, and beyond that Jeff is hoping to expand the concept to include students worldwide.

Learning2gether also alerted followers to these events which took place on Saturday June 15

Learning & Teaching Online with Stephen Downes

The scheduled event for Week 3 of Moodle MOOC, hosted by: Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Sat June 15 IATEFL BESIG online conference

The first IATEFL BESIG online conference is being held on 15 June. You can take part in the sessions conveniently from home. The online conference is free of charge. For details see:

Events take place from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. GMT (9:00 to 17:00 on the schedule, here:

Sat June 15 2000 GMT Classroom 2.0

Date: Sat., June 15, 2013
Time: 9:00am PST/10:00am MST/11:00am CST/12:00pm ESTTime where you are, 20:00 GMT:
Location: ( Caise, Lorna Costantini and Peggy George will be hosting another Classroom 2.0 LIVE show. As an extension to the Classroom 2.0 Ning community, Classroom 2.0 “LIVE” shows are opportunities to gather with other educators in real-time events, complete with audio, chat and desktop sharing. A Google calendar of upcoming shows is available at us Saturday, June 15th, when Christiana Cantrill and Paul Oh of the National Writing Project, Paul Allison of the National Writing Council, and Karen Fasimpaur, will present ”Summer of Making and Connecting”. The team of presenters will discuss the use of writing and technology to make connections and collaborate with other students on global projects including, “Youth Voices” and the “National Writing Project”.More information and details are at If you’re new to the Classroom 2.0 LIVE! show you might want to spend a few minutes viewing the screencast on the homepage to learn how we use Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate), and navigate the site. Each show begins at12pm Eastern (GMT-5) and may be accessed in Blackboard Collaborate directly using the following Classroom 2.0 LIVE! link at the Classroom 2.0 LIVE! site ( you’ll find the recordings of previous sessions.

Ana Cristina Pratas on Voluntary Edtech Training in Developing Countries, and a BaW Tweetmeet

Learning2gether Episode 164

Download mp3:

Sun June 9 – Ana Cristina Pratas – Voluntary Edtech Training in Developing Countries

Ana Cristina Pratas and Vance Stevens discuss Future of Learning in a Networked World in light of Cristina’s recent experiences in Nepal.

Where: Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate)

Thanks to an ongoing grant from 


Cristina shared with us how her involvement in schools in Nepal began and her insights on the risks and demands of doing voluntary edtech training in developing counties.


If you have served as a volunteer in developing countries, or if you are interested in the concept, please join the discussion.

Vance related this to his experiences with FLNW in Thailand in January 2008:

From Maria, Women of Wiki, Cochin City:!


Sun June 9 19:00 GMT – BaW Tweetmeet

Participants in Learning2gether are welcome to join those in BaW in a Tweetmeet to be held June 9 from 19:00 GMT

BaW (Becoming a Webhead; are an ongoing EVO session <> that take on topics from time to time between EVO events each January.

In this scheme, June 2-9 is dedicated to Twitter; e.g.

Jessy Gallagher, Twitter in the Classroom

A Tweetmeet is where users of a common #hashtag communicate synchronously on Twitter.

BaW coordinator Teresa Almeida d’Eca notes that BaW have done this before. The intro to the TweetMeet2 page recaps a recent one: “it all boils down to going to Twitter and start messaging with the (to be announced) hashtag.”

The hashtag for this one is #13baw – As Teresa says “It’s totally free of people at this point”

To go to our Twitter #13baw page, click the following link and start
tweeting away to your hearts delight.  🙂


Mbarak’s video suggestion:


And here’s the TweetMeet archived:

and just the day before …

Sat June 8 14:00 GMT Creating Engaging Activities with Dave Cormier

The scheduled event for Week 2 of Moodle MOOC, hosted by: Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Download mp3:

Recording on WiZiQ

Dave’s teaching philosophy explained in prose and video:

Learning2gether with Nellie Deutsch and Moodle MOOC

Learning2gether Episode 163

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