Hangout with Filip and Marijana Smolčec on the EU LLP Comenius project and learning through Minecraft

Learning2gether Episode 224

Download mp3:

On Sunday June 29 Learning2gether were in Hangout with Marijana Smolčec and her son Filip on the EU LLP Comenius project and learning through Minecraft

Marijana Smolčec met with us in Hangout to tell us a little about the EU LLP Comenius project she has been working on for the past 2 years, which will be the topic of an upcoming Learning2gether event on August 3. As a special treat today she introduced us to her son Filip, who has been developing a YouTube channel on Minecraft with videos of tutorials and builds. Minecraft has received a lot of attention as a means of gamifying a range of curricula, including language learning.

Where Google+ Hangout on Air

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Earlier this week …

Sat Jun 28 1800 GMT Graham Stanley on TTO MOOC – Engaging Online Learners

Mon Jun 23  Webinar on Flipped Classroom with Russell Stannard

Free #webinar with Russell Stannard – A real example of using the #Flipped Classroom model

Info flyer: 

This is part of a series of webinars offered by Saarland Landesinstitut fur Padagogik und Medien (LPM) in various European languages; schedule and recordings here:   

Wed Jun 25  – Rod Ellis: Task-Based Language Teaching: Sorting Out the Misconceptions – on Virtual Round Table Web Conference

Special Event on short notice: Distinguished guest speaker Rod Ellis from Auckland. (->dictogloss methodology)

  • After the event the group met with Rod Ellis in Second Life and streamed the event through the Adobe event room, with intent to include the interview in SL in the Connect recording,, which is ??? where
Rod Ellis: Task-Based Language Teaching: Sorting Out the Misconceptions Time: June 25, 2014 from 2pm to 7pm
Organized By: Heike Philp

Event Description:
Wed, 25 Juni 2014, 1pm GMT/ 2pm UK / Auckland 1am (Thu) / Tokyo 10pm / New York 9am / LA 6am
For world clock please click HERE
Task based language teaching: Sorting out the Misconceptions
Rod Ellis is visiting the University of Central Lancashire UClan, Preston and Dr. Michael Thomas arranged for Rod to be available in Adobe Connect for a 1h question and answers session. During this 1h webinar there will be an interview with Rod Ellis on TBL in virtual worlds and machinima production (videos filmed in real-time in virtual worlds).
Professor Rod Ellis is a Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of Applied Language Studies and Linguistics in University of Auckland. He holds visiting positions on the MA in TESOL at Anaheim University and is a visiting professor at Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) as part of China’s Chang Jiang Scholars Program. He holds an annual seminar at Showa Women’s University, Tokyo, Japan.
His published works include articles and books on second language acquisition, language teaching and teacher education. His books include Understanding Second Language Acquisition (BAAL Prize 1986) and The Study of Second Language Acquisition (Duke of Edinburgh prize 1995), Task-Based Learning and Teaching early (2003), and Analyzing Learner Language (with Gary Barkhuizen) in (2005). A second edition of The Study of Second Language Acquisition was published in 2008 and Implicit and Explicit Knowledge in Language Learning, Testing and Teaching in 2009. He has also published several English language textbooks, including Impact Grammar (Pearson: Longman) and is currently editor of the journal Language Teaching Research.
In addition to his current position in New Zealand, he has worked in schools in Spain and Zambia and in universities in the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States and has conducted numerous consultancies and seminars throughout the world.

See more details on Virtual Round Table Web Conference:

Sun Jun 29 1800 GMT Marisa Constantinides on TTO MOOC – Essentials for Teachers New to Online Teaching

Presented as a session in the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) called “Teachers Teaching Online” to access this class

Sun Jun 29 1300 GMT Lenandlar Singh on MM4: Exploring Facebook Group for Learning

Courtesy of Integrating Technology 4 Active Lifelong Learning

Mon June 23-Wed June 25 FlipCon14, the 7th annual conference for and by flipped educators is taking place June 23-25 in Mars, PA, Pittsburgh.

Has a virtual component, but not a free event

Mon Jun 23  Nellie Deutsch and Ludmila Smirnnova – MM4: Sharing EdMedia Let’s Moodle Experience

Tue Jun 24  Nellie Deutsch and Ludmila Smirnnova – MM4: Contextual Adaptation in the Dissemination of Online Technologies

More from the Learning Revolution

  • Wednesday, June 25th in Atlanta, GA Flat Connections Workshop: Connect, Collaborate, Go Global, We have the technology, we have the pedagogy, it’s time to join learners to the world! This workshop provides educators and education leaders the skills and resources to connect their learning and take it from local to global – and provides concrete examples and stories of those who are already doing this to inform your approach. It is imperative students receive a global education and have the opportunity to connect and work with others in the world. Embedding global learning and competency is not a plane ticket but a mindset and a curriculum imperative. Where do you start? This workshop will show you how. More information here.
  • Wednesday, June 25th at 8am Education Fast Forward: Live Global Education Debate, Better teaching for better learning: Results of the OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS). Be one of the first to learn from the outcomes of the OECD’s Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) by joining Education Fast Forward’s global live debate on June 25, 2014 at 1pm (BST). No need to register, just click to view. Follow us on Twitter @effdebate and post your questions and comments to #EFF10. More information here.
  • Wednesday, June 25th at 9pm Teachers Teaching Teachers, Weekly conversations hosted by EdTechTalk, a collaborative open webcasting community. For more information, click here.

Thu Jun 26 1400 GMT Justin Hunt on PoodLL language lab for Moodle

E4.121-0334 – PoodLL  the language lab for Moodle
Justin Hunt – PoodLL developer

Thu June 26 at the Learning Revolution 

June 27 ISTE Unplugged

  • ISTE Unplugged – Starting June 27th in Atlanta. If you’re going to ISTE or live in Atlanta, don’t miss ISTE Unplugged, our set of fun activities around the annual ISTE conference. While we highly recommend going to ISTE, you don’t have to be registered for the main conference to attend our all day unconference on Friday, June 27th. We’ve also just added information about the Invent to Learn workshop on Saturday with Gary Stager and Sylvia Martinez.
  • A more recent announcement: Audrey Watters of will be joining us for our all-day Friday, June 27th, unconference. It’s free, it’s at the Georgia World Congress Center, and it’s a great way to spend a day with interesting people holding interesting conversations. The topics for the day are determined by the attendees, and many who come say it’s the best thing they do at ISTE. After the unconference is our now-annual evening social/party, which will feature Kevin Honeycutt and the iPhone band. Saturday is our half-day Global Education gathering, and then there’s the Bloggers’ Cafe Sunday – Tuesday.
  • Check it all out at See you there! … but not onlne …

I’m disappointed that these all seem to be on-site, in-person events. Even the Global Ed event, promises connections with educators from around the globe (who happen to be in Atlanta for the conference). I’m sure there is a consideration here that isn’t being mentioned, but the organizers of these events are experts at connecting online.

However, Sue Waters set up a Flipboard here reporting from ISTE

This is a remarkable Flipboard, page after page, and you are transported to Atlanta and have links to thousands of artifacts recalling the flavor of the conference. One of these is Ms. Staffa’s blog recollections,

Flipboard is well modeled here as a place for curation (in this case on #iste2014), as Sue Waters explains in her blog here: Digital Curation: Putting the Pieces Together | Sue Waters Blog

More from the Learning Revolution

  • Friday, June 27th at 8am in Atlanta, GA Hack Education Unconference + Party, Audrey Watters of Hack Education co-chairs our all-day flagship event this year, our “unconference” on teaching and learning (originally EduBloggerCon). In our eighth year, this event typically draws 200 – 300 participants from around the world. We start by building a session schedule together and then spend the rest of the day in engaged conversations around amazing topics. More information and sign-up here.
  • Friday, June 27th at 3pm PDT in San Francisco, CA Galvanize: gSchool Open House, Want to know more about gSchool’s 24 week developer training program? Here’s your chance to meet the team, get your questions answered, check out the space (psst – it has a rooftop patio) and learn more about what it means to be a gSchooler! RSVP here.
  • Saturday, June 28th at 9am in Atlanta, GA Invent to Learn at ISTE 2014, Join Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager for an energizing day of “hard fun” as we invent, tinker, and learn how to incorporate hands-on project-based learning in the classroom. Participants will engage in a variety of projects using modern tools and technology – the perfect way to get ready for ISTE. More information and registration here.
  • Saturday, June 28th at 2pm in Atlanta, GA Global Ed Day at ISTE 2014, Join Lucy Gray, Steve Hargadon, and many members of the Global Education Conference community on June 28th from 2-5 PM at Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia, USA for a special face-to-face meeting in which you can connect and collaborate with other globally minded educators. More information and RSVP here.
  • Sunday, June 29th at 9pm I Have a Question EdTechWeekly, Weekly attempt to crowdsource answers to education questions from our community of communities,. Tag your questions #eduquestion or post them on our Facebook page or Google+ community. Join in at

For a full calendar of all upcoming events and conferences, click here.

June 27 1800 GMT Jack Askew on TTO MOOC

Getting Students: Short and long-term strategies to get paying clients/customers

You must be enrolled in the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) called “Teachers Teaching Online” to access this class

Fri Jun 27  Shelly Terrell American TESOL webinar – 10+ Activities to do on the School Grounds

The following screen with its many links live can be found at which redirects to

The schedule to the right of this image is updated weekly and available at

Learning2gether with Malu Sciamarelli about Creative Writing and Language Learning

Learning2gether Episode 223

Download mp3:

On Sunday June 22 Learning2gether were fortunate to have Malu Sciamarelli talk to us about Creative Writing with Language Learners



WhereBlackboard Collaborate (Elluminate) 

What? Creative Writing and Language Learning

Malu told us about her workshops she gave at TESOL Arabia and BrazTESOL this year, and about a project she is working on with Alan Maley

Posted by Malu on June 11, 2014




Earlier this week

Sun Jun 15 1400-1600 GMT – Jason Levine – Opening events for Teachers Teaching Online – TTO MOOC


TTO, To The Ocean –

Schedule of events:

Starting 15th June, 2014, and through to 12th July 2014 Jason R. Levine a.k.a. Fluency MC, Ambassador and Knowledge Entertainer at WizIQ, will team up with expert and popular online educators to bring you a brand-new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) called “Teachers Teaching Online” where teachers can learn how to succeed as an online educator.

Enroll for Free here

In the Teachers Teaching Online MOOC experienced online educators will show you how to:

  • Create courses based on live classes and pre-recorded videos
  • Improve marketing efforts for your courses
  • Use blended learning and flipped classrooms
  • Use the Virtual Classroom tools, such as the whiteboard, and media player
  • Use the Virtual Classroom features, such as screen sharing, text chat, and audio-video communication.
  • Teach small groups, large groups, and individual learners effectively

Then at 1500 GMT – Shelly Terrell:  Virtual Makeover: 15+ Ideas to Get Students Actively Learning Online

Turn your virtual learning spaces into active student communities. Join Shelly Terrell as she shares 15+ ideas to get your students actively learning, creating, publishing, reflecting, writing, reading, curating, and researching with blogs, Edmodo, Facebook groups, Moodle, Google Communities, and other virtual learning environments (VLEs). These activities are based on sound pedagogy and promote digital literacy and citizenship.

Sun Jun 15 2330 GMT I have a question – Jeff Lebow, Dave Cormier, John Schinker, Jennifer Maddrell

Find the event at the Google+ Community page

or join the stream live

IHAQ #10 on Lower Skillset Learners –

This hangout utilizes the Comment  Tracker, check it out

Mon Jun 16 1800 GMT Nik Peachey on TTO MOOC

It’s on the Schedule of events:

To join the session, join the MOOC

Starting 15th June, 2014, and through to 12th July 2014 Jason R. Levine a.k.a. Fluency MC, Ambassador and Knowledge Entertainer at WizIQ, will team up with expert and popular online educators to bring you a brand-new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) called “Teachers Teaching Online” where teachers can learn how to succeed as an online educator.

Tue Jun 17 1400 GMT Vicki Hollet – MM4: Making Videos for the Blended and Flipped Classroom

Class Date: Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Class Time: 6:00 PM ((GMT+04:00) Abu Dhabi, Muscat) 
Click here to access the recording

And it’s on YouTube:

Wed Jun 18 0700 GMT Jeff Lebow on being ABLE to teach online

Jeff Lebow

Jeff’s audience:

You are invited to join in the collaborative chaos of my upcoming virtual presentation for the Innovation and Learning Seminar at the Central University of Technology, Free State on June 18 at 07:00 UTC
(9am in South Africa, 4pm in Korea, middle of the night in the Americas – global times: )

The presentation will focus on tools and strategies that can help teachers  integrate online components into their teaching. It will be streamed live at and I aim to include as much interaction as possible via twitter, text chat, Google Doc, and a Hangout on Air.

There are pre-presentation questions at: which are part of a Google Doc that will also be used to generate tool lists and group notes.

The Twitter hashtag is #onlineable
There’s a text chat at and I’ll be integrating a transwarp holographic teleportation hub if I can get the bugs fixed in time 🙂

For those unable to tune in live, I will post recordings and chat logs afterward (unless it’s a total disaster) and would welcome post-presentation thoughts as well.

Wed Jun 18 1000 GMT Jeff Lebow’s ENG317 Hangout Center live

Time where you are:

At 10 a.m. GMT, Jeff Lebow is back on the air with Part2 of his BUFS ENG317 student talk show.

All are welcome to tune in at:

Fri Jun 20 2000 GMT Edunation Language Community event in Second Life, Wynshel and Jens, Machinima workshop

The EdLC is the new name for an active group of language educators who meet twice a month to exchange best practise in language education. The meetings take place on EduNation every 1st Sunday of the month and every 3rd Friday of the month

at 8pm GMT/ 1pm SLT / 9pm UK time / 8am NZ time


EduNation next to the Sandbox, bonfire in front of Irish Pub


– to learn from each other through practical sessions on building, scripting, machinima (‘workshops’)

– to exchange ideas on how to deal with students, methodology etc. (‘fireside chats’)

– invite guest speakers (‘coffee with…’)

For more information, visit and join the NING at

Fri Jun 20 at 2000 GMT Shelly Terrell American TESOL webinar – Teaching with Badges! Tools & Tips

The following screen with its many links live can be found at which redirects to

The schedule to the right of this image is updated weekly and available at  

Sat Jun 21 3pm BST IATEFL Webinar with Lindsay Clandfield on What’s hot and what’s not in coursebooks

IATEFL webinar with Lindsay Clandfield on Saturday 21 June 2014 at 3pm BST. Lindsay will be talking about ‘What’s hot and what’s not in coursebooks’.

This webinar will focus on coursebooks as the indicator of what is popular at the moment in English language teaching. Lindsay will talk about what’s hot in the latest generation of international coursebooks and what things are losing popularity. He will also take a look at several recent “flagship” courses from the major publishers and share some of the behind-the-scenes decisions made when a new coursebook series is launched. The webinar will wrap up with a look into the future and the question of whether or not we will be able to call these publications courseBOOKS.

Go to for more information on Lindsay’s presentation and log in details.

Learning2gether about Gaming and Gamification

Learning2gether Episode 222

Sat Jun 14 1400 to 2200 GMT TESOL CALL-IS and IATEFL LTSIG

Gaming and Gamification: A Win-Win for Language Learning

On June 14, from 2 pm to 10 pm GMT, the TESOL CALL-IS and IATEFL LTSIG presented a joint online conference on gamification. Organizers are Jack Watson and Heike Philp, location: Adobe Connect

Event Description:

A FREE one-day web conference for language educators brought to you by TESOL CALL-IS  & IATEFL LT SIG.

Gaming, gamification, serious games, game-play and language games – all sounds fun! Yet, how effective is this in enhancing language learning? Invited guest speakers are Elisabeth Hanson-Smith, Deborah Healey, Karenne Sylvester, Jeff Kuhn, Dawn Bikowski, Graham Stanley, Paul Driver, Julie Sykes and others. We will enjoy a welcome address and short report by Nicky Hockly about her visiting the TESOL Convention in Portland, USA and Elisabeth Hanson-Smith’s visit to the UK for IATEFL in Harrogate. There is also a special networking event and a closing plenary.

The following information about presenters and recording links was extracted June 15 from

But I hope to be able to include here YouTube video recordings and downloadable mp3 recordings

Welcome Addresses
Moderators: Vance Stevens and Ellen Dougherty

A welcome address with the web conference organizers and a report about the TESOL Convention in Portland, Oregon, USA by Nicky Hockly and about IATEFL in Harrogate, UK by Elizabeth Hanson-Smith.
RECORDING (55min):

LTSIG  Keynote – Karenne Sylvester, UK
Honey Coated Peas vs Chocolate Covered Broccoli, Part 2
Moderators: Maria Tomeho-Palermino and Jack Watson

In today’s talk, we will be going one more step beyond Karenne Sylvester’s 2014 IATEFL talk in order to take a deeper look at the cognitive and psychological benefits afforded through the use of Gamified Language Educational E-tivities in the classroom.  She will also be talking about her adult students’ reactions to the addition of game elements in their language learning experiences, providing solid examples of their thoughts on the game-like e-tivities available via the web and through publisher produced CDroms.
RECORDING (27min):

Karenne’s IATEFL talk is available at

TESOL CALL-IS Keynote, Jeff Kuhn
The World is Not Enough: The Need for Game Design
Moderators: Ellen Dougherty and Shaun Wilden

As games gain traction in the language classroom, the conversation for teachers is shifting toward a fuller understanding of how games work. In this session, we’ll examine how we can utilize game pacing, possibility space, and intentional design – three key design elements of a good game. We’ll examine how these elements work through the context of a second-language writing class that has leveraged them to create a situated learning context via Minecraft.
RECORDING (29min): and I made this mp3 Download Here

Break with Rick Rosenberg playing Ukelele and a mutiplayer game with Jeff Kuhn and several participants: Browserquest
RECORDING (46min):

TESOL CALL-IS Keynote, Dawn Bikowski
Training Teachers to Think in Games
Moderators: Jack Watson and Rick Rosenberg

As more learners become increasingly excited about the prospect of using games in the language learning classroom, teachers are being called upon to “game-up” their lessons. While for some this challenge allows for increased creativity, for others, a lack of a basic understanding of gaming principles or their application can result in confused and frustrating lessons. In this session, we’ll look at practical examples of how teacher training workshops or courses can incorporate gaming principles, ranging from projects that are small to larger in scope.
RECORDING (32min):

and  I made this mp3 (Download it here)

LTSIG  Keynote, Graham Stanley
Gamification: Magic Bullet or Broken Sword?
Moderators: Rick Rosenberg and Jack Watson

Can gamification be used effectively in language teaching? Or is it just another passing fad? Although at first glance, the ‘adding of game elements to non-game contexts’ using points, badges, and leader-boards, etc. seems to be an attractive proposition for teachers, there is more to gamification than first meets the eye. In this session we’ll look at the meaning of fun and games, examine play and players and explore how different game elements might be used in the classroom and for what purpose.
RECORDING (43min):

Networking Event, Deborah Healey & Heike Philp

Do you know about gaming and gamification in ELT? Join us to share your experience! Everyone is invited to tell us about research or development projects, cool tools or apps, resources and projects. If you can use audio or video, we would welcome this. A short 3-minute presentation is another possibility. This networking event is designed to give the audience a voice.
RECORDING (43min):

LTSIG  Keynote, Paul Driver
“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”: Gaming the System with Mary Poppins and Mr T
Moderators: Robert Martinez and Nicky Hockly

The success of gamification in education may be its own downfall. When, in the digital age, this time-honoured marketing practice gained a name, many early adopters in the ELT industry jumped in feet first. Initially, the rhetoric was filled with breathless, gushing enthusiasm for the miraculous powers of digital behaviourism to easily dupe learners into doing things they didn’t want to do (for their own good of course). Now, as educators become increasingly game-literate, many have begun to turn a more critical eye on the seductive promises of easy crowd control and motivation boosts. In this session we’ll delve into why gamification works, but misses the point, and how we can move forward to learn bigger lessons from games.
RECORDING (38min):

TESOL CALL-IS Keynote, Julie Sykes
Out in the World: Place-based, augmented reality games and language learning
Moderators: Larry Udry and Nina Liakos

Place-based experiences enable the creation of multilingual learning opportunities for language students. This presentation highlights exemplary projects, including a place-based murder mystery, an adventure in sustainability, and a mobile game design experience for advanced learners. Together, they represent the multiple dimensions of the design, implementation, and evaluation of mobile AR experiences. In this session, we will explore lessons learned from these projects to the creation of place-based language learning games for participants’ learning contexts.
RECORDING (34min):

Closing Panel Discussion
Moderators: Deborah Healey and Nina Liakos

During this closing panel discussion we will wrap up a full-day’s program and enjoy an informal chat with some of the presenters and the audience.
RECORDING (22min):

Earlier this week

Sun Jun 8 1400 GMT – Shelly Terrell and MM4: Exploring Current Learning Rituals for Better E-Learning

Shelly’s slides are posted at the tutorial archive: 

Mon Jun 9 0001 GMT I have a question – Lower Skillset Learners

Stalwarts Jeff Lebow, Dave Cormier, John Schinker, and Jennifer Maddrell, graciously include Vance Stevens as comic relief

IHAQ #10 on Lower Skillset Learners –

For more information

Fri Jun 13 at 2000 GMT Shelly Terrell American TESOL webinar – Let’s Go on a Field Trip

Note that times in GMT may vary because the timing is fixed to a local time zone where clocks are moved forward / back periodically

As an example, this is the one for May 16, 2014, 1600 EDT, 2000 GMT

The following screen with its many links live can be found at which redirects to

The schedule to the right of this image is updated weekly and available at

Sat Jun 14 2000 GMClassroom 2.0 LIVE Jeff Bradbury on Evernote in the Classroom

Location: (
Sat Jun 14 9:00am PT/10:00am MT/11:00am CT/12:00pm ET  

Peggy George, Lorie Moffat and Tammy Moore will be hosting another Classroom 2.0 LIVE show. As an extension to the Classroom 2.0 Ning community, Classroom 2.0 “LIVE” shows are opportunities to gather with other educators in real-time events, complete with audio, chat, desktop sharing and closed captioning. A Google calendar of upcoming shows is available at

Join us on Saturday, June 14th, when our special guest will be Jeff Bradbury who will be sharing lots of practical teaching suggestions for using Evernote in the classroom. From taking simple notes, to organizing a multi-level school district, Evernote is the perfect tool for paperless educators. In only 45 minutes we will dive into the vast world of Evernote and show you some pretty amazing tips and tricks to help you maximize your educational potential.

Jeffrey Bradbury, the creator of and TeacherCast University is a speaker, writer, broadcaster, consultant and educational media specialist. In 2012, Jeff was recognized as one of top 50 educators using social media at the first ever Bammy Awards. He was also selected as a Google Certified Teacher. Jeffrey is the Director of Orchestras in the North Brunswick Twp School District where he teaches Music Theory and Music History as well as directs a wonderful high school orchestra. He has presented at ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) as well as other nationally recognized conferences, and was one of the founding organizers of edcampNJ. The TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network has served educational and medical conventions across the country by providing on site live broadcasting to thousands of educators each week. He will also be broadcasting live interviews with educational leaders from ISTE 2014 in Atlanta every morning from 9am-12pm EDT. In his free time, Jeff enjoys teaching, broadcasting, playing violin, conducting, and spending time with his wife Jennifer and their 7-month old triplets. 

See Jeff’s work at a site by teachers for teachers to help them use today’s technologies. @TeacherCast @JeffBradbury on Twitter.

More information and details are at If you’re new to the Classroom 2.0 LIVE! show you might want to spend a few minutes viewing the screencast on the homepage to learn how we use Blackboard Collaborate, and navigate the site. Each show begins at 12pm Eastern (GMT-5) and may be accessed in Blackboard Collaborate directly using the following Classroom 2.0 LIVE link at All webinars are closed captioned.

On the Classroom 2.0 LIVE! site ( you’ll find the recordings and Livebinder from our recent”Earning Your Learning: iPads and Accessibility ” session with our special guest Toni Plourde. Click on theArchives and Resources tab.

When tweeting about Classroom 2.0 LIVE, be sure to use #liveclass20. Special thanks to our sponsors Weebly, The Learning Revolution and Blackboard Collaborate!

Classroom 2.0 LIVE Team:
Peggy George, Lorie Moffat, Tammy Moore, Steve Hargadon

Learning2gether with Moodle MOOC 4

Learning2gether Episode 220 (June 1) and Episode 221 (June 8)

Download mp3 here


Moodle MOOC 4 started on Sunday June 1 with an opening by Dr. Nellie Deutsch and continued through the week with a presentation Sunday June 8 by Shelly Terrell on a wide range of Web 2.0 tools and apps for enabling engaged learning in the classroom, in a presentation entitled: Exploring Current Learning Rituals for Better E-Learning

The sound in the video starts at about 7 minutes

Courtesy of Integrating Technology 4 Active Lifelong Learning

Shelly’s slides are posted at the tutorial archive:

Earlier this week

Sun Jun 1 1600 GMT Nellie Deutsch – Opening Ceremony and Introduction to Moodle MOOC 4

Here is the full program:

And YouTube playlist:

Mon Jun 2 0001 GMT –  IHAQ #9

Sun Jun 1 2000 GMT Edunation Language Community event in Second Life

The EdLC is the new name for an active group of language educators who meet twice a month to exchange best practise in language education. 

WHERE? EduNation next to the Sandbox, bonfire in front of Irish Pub


– to learn from each other through practical sessions on building, scripting, machinima (‘workshops’)

– to exchange ideas on how to deal with students, methodology etc. (‘fireside chats’)

– invite guest speakers (‘coffee with…’)


Randall Sadler, Holodeck workshop I  and afterwards Aneloz’s house warming party

Holodecks–a Users and Builders introduction.  This workshop will introduce to holodecks and take you step-by-step how you create your own scene using the Horizons Holodeck System.  (If you want to package your own builds during the workshop, please buy either the Horizons Multi-Scene Rezzer Home Edition or the Horizons Multi-Scene Rezzer Pro Version before the workshop–both available on Second Life Marketplace

For more information,

Mon Jun 2 0200 GMT – Zaid Ali Alsagoff on MM4: DNA of a 21st Century Educator

Download mp3:


Fri Jun 6 at 2000 GMT Shelly Terrell American TESOL webinar – Digital Adventures with Avatars

Note that times in GMT may vary because the timing is fixed to a local time zone where clocks are moved forward / back periodically

As an example, this is the one for May 16, 2014, 1600 EDT, 2000 GMT

Sat Jun 7 1900 GMT Carl Hammond – MM4: Education in Virtual Worlds and WizIQ