Vance Stevens interviewed at the start of Eduverse Online Festival

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On Friday, Dec 3 (a little late for me, 11 pm my time) Vance Stevens was a part of a panel that kicked off the Eduverse Online Festival

My (Vance’s) contribution

I’d been thinking in terms of a conversation on ‘transversing’ the Eduverse from Web 1.0 to 3.0 and how we were dabbling in the metaverse even last century, until now, coming up on on Feb 8, we have a conference planned in Minecraft, which we think will be a first  on that platform specifically on Language Learning


In “preparation” I created this little recollection of the Eduverse at the turn of the century,

The event took place in the Streamyardverse

The event was staged at



The cast of characters

Fedor Sokolov (Dj Boom Boom), Jason Lavine (Fluencymc), Mark Barnes, Nik Peachey, Vladimir Splvakovsky, and y.t. Vance Stevens

In the text chat, I shared these links

Video links from Discord

The schedule for the day was divided into four “episodes” as shown here


The schedule was shared with us as we settled into the opening conversation.
Beforehand, I had had yet to see a schedule.

Videos for the 4 segments were posted in Discord as follows:

Episode #1 took place from 10-11 a.m. EST, with Mark Barnes, Nik Peachey, Vladimir Splvakovsky, & Vance Stevens, The EduVerse

Episode #2 took place from 11 a.m.-noon EST, with Bree McEwan and David Bozetarnik
The EduVerse: Episode #2

Episode #3 took place from 12-1 p.m. EST, with Shelly Terrel, Jennifer ESL, and Marek Tkaczyk

The image above was posted in the ELK Discord chat

Episode #4 took place from 12-13 p.m. EST, with Raquel Ribeiro and Stacey Roshan
The EduVerse: Episode #4

Promotion and Feedback

Promotion came in bits and drabs right up until the time I was scheduled to join the opening session. Consequently, I wasn’t sure how to announce the event on Learning2gether. However, when it came together, it came together well.


We were told to please share the link with our communities!

I could never find any widgets there that worked well enough to actually send me a ticket, and in the end, Streamyard is a tool that is convened on the fly, so unless you were attuned to this community elsewhere, I don’t know how you would have joined. The following widget was carried at the bottom of the link above:

The was also a widget there inviting participants to join the community via Telegram:

But that widget sent our invitations to the Discord channel:

(As I post this, a week after the event, there is a link at the bottom of the main link that indeed directs you to join the Telegram community)

All a little confusing, but a pleasant and powerful experience in the end.

Earlier Events

Sat 13 Nov – Vance Stevens on Leveraging language learning through the participatory culture surrounding Minecraft at the JALT CALL SIG Forum on games and play

Tue 16 Nov Dave Nunan – Changing Landscapes: The Future of TESOL as a Profession

TESOL International Association’s Teacher Educator Interest Section (TEIS) Webinar Series

Title: Changing Landscapes: The Future of TESOL as a Profession

November 16th , 2021 8pm Eastern/ 5pm Pacific


In 2001, as I was coming to the end of my four-year term in the TESOL presidential line, I published an article entitled “Is language teaching a profession?” Drawing on work carried out by the TESOL Board of Directors at the time, I proposed four criteria for answering the question:

  • the existence of advanced education and training
  • the establishment of standards of practice and certification
  • an agreed theoretical and empirical base, and
  • the work of individuals within the field to act as advocates for the profession.

Twenty years on, I would like to revisit this question. Drawing on work carried out in 2017 by the TESOL Task Force on the Future of the Profession,  I will describe the forces that have had an impact on the profession over the last twenty years, issues that remain to be resolved, and the implications for those of us engaged in teacher education.


David Nunan is Professor Emeritus of Applied Linguistics at the University of Hong Kong, Professor Emeritus and Distinguished Research Professor at Anaheim University, and an Executive Board member of The International Research Foundation for Language Education (TIRF). He has published over 100 books and articles in curriculum development, teacher education, research methods, teaching English to young learners and discourse analysis. He as also written 14 textbook series for learners of all ages. Go For It, a series for young teen is a market leader, with sales of over 4 billion.

This blog is written and maintained by Vance Stevens
You are free to share-alike and with attribution under

The date of this update is December 11, 2021 02:00 UTC

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