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Learning2gether Episode 339

On Saturday July 30 Learning2gether hung out in Hangout in two presentations (where the presenters had sent invitations) which were part of the 24 Hour online edcamp Global July 29th-30th 2016.

Unlike the traditional edcamp, edCamp Global mounted sessions for 24 hours that accommodate any schedule across the globe. In their words, “We are looking forward to educators collaborating with the whole world. Registration will open and the schedule will be available as facilitators volunteer.” For more information:

Learning2gether attended these two sessions:

Sat July 30 Jim Buckingham at edCamp Global 2016 – Digital Badges


I hope you will join me in discussing the following three basic questions in the context of digital badges and professional development. 1 – what exactly are badges? 2 – why might you want to know more about them? …. and …. 3 – if badges are so great, why haven’t we seen greater uptake of them by others?

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The presentation linked to three informative documents

The presenter mentioned a chat and Q & A area but this participant was unable to find these during the presentation (later I found out it was the Q & A utility in Google +).

Other participants were interacting with the presenter in these spaces.

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Sat July 30 1400 UTC Hangout with Jose Rodriguez and EdCampGlobal: Kidcasts

EdCampGlobal: Kidcasts – Podcasts for Kids

New activity on Joe Rodriguez’s event: EdCampGlobal: Kidcasts – Podcasts for Kids

  Joe Rodriguez
Shared publicly on Jul 20, 2016

Join us as we explore the topic of Kidcasts or podcasts for kids. What are kidcasts? How can I use podcasts designed for kids in my classroom? Come and share your ideas. Facilitating Joe Rodriguez 5th Grade teacher at The Ambassador School of Global Education in Los Angeles @edtechjoe and by Lindsey Patterson co-host of the Tumble science podcast for kids,@TumbleCast. Feel free to jump in and join the fun.

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The presentation linked to these resources:

Promotion on YouTube: https://youtu.be/0iHpvGaIUUs


Earlier this week

LEARNING2GETHER Episode 338 Mon July 18 1700 UTC Globinar with Allan Carrington, imagineer of the Padagogy Wheel



Wed July 20 1800 UTC free webinar in WizIQ on How to teach students of all abilities

Free registration,


Sat-Sun July 29-30 Ten in Ten for Terms – Cancelled

And if you visit http://www.efltalks.com/Events.html

you will find

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Globinar with Allan Carrington, imagineer of the Padagogy Wheel

Learning2gether episode 338

On Monday, July 18, Learning2gether helped promote this Globinar with Allan Carrington, imagineer of the Padagogy Wheel

Learning2gether was in holiday hiatus during July of this year. Nevertheless, Jürgen Wagner asked Learning2gether the help promote this Globinar with Allan Carrington – the “imagineer” of the Padagogy Wheel – as Learning2gether episode 338. Learning2gether was honored to have been asked to participate.
We created an event and invited others to join the conversation at

Jürgen posted the relevant materials at the links below:

The PADAGOGY WHEEL in the Flipped Classroom


Invitation to FREE webinar:

  • What’s the Flipping Fuss All About – the Padagogy Wheel in the Flipped Classroom
  • Doing “flipped classrooms” is the flavour of the month for educators. What does it mean? Is it new? What exactly are we to flip? How do we approach the Learning and Teaching design to get the best outcomes?  Is this really worth it for students and can teachers handle the change management load?
  • We will introduce the Padagogy Wheel learning design model, which has gone viral on the Internet with over 150,000 copies downloaded and is in front of  tens of thousands of teachers around the world.
  • This approach to learning and teaching is all about mindsets and filtering everything we do as teachers through different grids.
  • We will show how this “disruptive” approach to curriculum design enables teachers to flip more than their classrooms. We will start at the finish (the excellent graduate) and map everything back from there.

As usual, Jürgen has followed up with what he likes to call the post-paratory materials

Click on THIS LINK to open the PDF document with the follow-up materials relating to the webinar 


The document contains – as usual:

I replicate excerpts from the above here, in case the PDF document becomes unavailable. Contributors of these links were Peggy George, plus one contributed by Nellie Deutsch:

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Earlier this week

Sun June 26 1400 UTC Learning2gether 337 – Carry English in Your Pocket!