Ilan Tochner on Using Kitely Virtual Worlds on Demand for Immersive Courseware

Learning2gether Episode 62

Ilan Tochner was all set to give us a variation on his presentation from the recent Moodle Moot Virtual Conference:Using Kitely Virtual Worlds on Demand for Immersive Courseware

View the event description and WiZiQ recording from MMVC11 here:

What was this about?

The idea is to enable educators to imagine it and then do it, but not be limited to an existing virtual world.  You do this by creating a file in OAR format which you can save on your computer and load in your browser or share. You pay with Kitely credits.  Sign in with Facebook, and you can make your world accessible to anyone on the Internet or just people who are part of a particular Facebook group.  These members can get into your world via their facebook accounts.  I’m not clear on how payment is made, but you pay for the time you spend in the world, and apparently so does everyone else (not necessarily the creator of the world).  This seems to be an idea to make virtual environments easy and accessible for teachers and their students, and also of a way to monetize such environments.

What happened?

Ilan kindly agreed to give us his presentation Aug 28 at 18:00 GMT.  At the usual time for these talks, 13:00 GMT, half a dozen people had appeared at TappedIn unaware of the late start (it had been announced but not noticed).  Then when Ilan finally came online at 18:00 there were only he and I at Elluminate so we decided to reschedule for the following week at an earlier time. We  rescheduled for 12:30 GMT so as to finish by 13:30 and allow Ilan time to be where he needs to be at 14:00 GMT.

On our second attempt Ilan had an emergency he had to deal with and he was not able to join us on that day. Although we were not able to connect with Ilan via Learning2gether, we have his WiZiQ presentation recording.



Me-Portfolios: Putting the ‘me’ in Me-Learning

MMVC11 Free Online MoodleMoot Conference (August 17-21)

online via WiZiQ

Program at


Sunday August 21 (as part of the MMVC11) 

At 13:00 GMT,  

9:00 AM in Toronto

Me-Portfolios: Putting the ‘me’ in Me-Learning 

AbstractVance Stevens has been teaching a course on multiliteracies and revising it for a number of iterations over the past several years now ( One recent innovation was to set evaluation of the course by means of e-portfolios.  I have started referring to them as “Me-Porfolios” to draw attention to their constructivist/connectivist nature. The presentation describes the multiliteracies course and how it has recently evolved a MOOC approach with berry-bush supermarket presentation rather than prescribed guidance through course components.  MOOC stands for “massivie open online course” but I have suggested scaling the concept where “massive” becomes “miniscule”.

User choice in material to be covered makes it logical to encourage participants to adopt Me-Porfolios in (1) specifying their own course objectives and outcomes as they orient in the course; (2) presenting their individually tailored plan of achieving those objectives, and ; (3) documenting their accomplishments through an online portfolio linking to deliverables prepared in showcasing those outcomes. The presenter has found it wise to model e-portfolios to the participants as well as identify successful examples of e-portfolios. This presentation covers the literature on e-portfolios as presented in the course and shows the portal linking the Me-Portfolios prepared by the participants in the most recent rendition of the course.


Session recording:

Presentation materials:


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Summer Fun on Edunation: Fabulous Felisimo & Friends

Learning2gether Episode 60

Sunday 21 August 2011

6pm GMT, 11am PDT


Fabulous Felisimo & Friends

Come join us for a light-hearted circus and music show on EduNation with the Fabulous Felisimo and his One Boy Extravaganza Show.

Great entertainment featuring Kevvy Felisimo, a timeless Second Life artist with a fast-paced, audience interactive variety show of magic, music, juggling, telepathy and dangerous stunts. Fabulous Kevvy performs with a great sense of humour and superb music arrangements. Virtual virtuosity at its best.

Language learners and all young at heart are welcome.

View on »


Where: EduNation Sandbox,

Time: 6pm GMT, 11am SL Time

Your local time: 

Link to the Adobe ConnectPro room: 
where you can watch and enjoy without the need to get an avatar.

View teaser on YouTube:


There was no recording, but Heike Philp blogged the event here: with numerous photos from Caliburn Susanto’s Photostream

Heike asked me to repost these here, to help recreate the flavor of the event:


Weekly Learning2gether Event in Second Life: Using Builder´s Buddy Scripts with Mary Roussell (Maria Pinto)

Learning2gether Episode 59

Sunday August 14

Trainer: Mary Roussell [Maria Pinto]

Date:  Sunday 08/14/2011

Time: 12:30 p.m. GMT / 5:30 SLT / Vzla 8:00 a.m.

This event was part of the SLExperiments Building Workshop series:



Come and join us to play around with creating a learning setting using Builder´s Buddy Scripts. Workshop materials will be available with already built objects to create your setting. SL skills needed: opening a box, rezzing/moving/linking objects, building a cube, content tab editing, basic script editing, and camera control. PLUS (very important!)  knowledge of working your way around your Inventory.

Menu of the workshop: three settings related to language teaching with the spicy Builder´s buddy scripts on side. Knife and fork will be on your building grid. Be on time to reserve your grid!

Duration 1 hr, then another 15mins for questions and testing (if needed)

This session will be recorded from the Adobe observation deck.


Adobe recording:

The Narrows and the Shallows: A discussion of the book and concepts set out by Nicholas Carr, hosted by Michael Coghlan and Vance Stevens

Learning2gether Episode 58

Sunday August 7 


The Narrows and the Shallows: A discussion of the book and concepts set out by Nicholas Carr


Hosted by