BrimEng: Carry English in your Pocket! LiveCode app development from Bangladesh

Learning2gether Episode 337

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On Sunday June 26  Learning2gether learned how to Carry English in Your Pocket! Claire Siskin introduced a team of teachers from Bangladesh who presented on how they learned LiveCode and used it to make a smartphone app for language learning.

We met Dr. Bipasha Binte Haque and Shamsi Ara Huda webcasting from Shamsi’s office at Daffodil International University in Dhaka. Sadia Zafrin Lia, another of the team of 4 developers from Bangladesh, had planned to join us but was unable to connect from home in Dhaka.

The Elluminate Publish rendition of the mp4 has only the audio and the slide show from the whiteboard. It looks like if I want to include webcams I’ll need to make a Camtasia version from the Elluminate recording below. For the time being, if you want to see our webcams, you’ll have to view that recording.

Where? Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate)
Thanks to an ongoing grant from


They are creating brimEng, an app for Android smartphones.  BrimEng wil be available free of charge.

They are using the Community (open source) version of LiveCode, a rapid application development (RAD) tool. With LiveCode, you can develop on PCs or Macs or Linux and deploy on those platforms as well as Android and IOS.




Sun 26 Jun 2000 UTC Global Education Day streamed live from ISTE Denver

Time wherever you are:

Below you will find our general announcement about our next event, Global Education Day. If you will be present at the International Society for Technology in Education conference, this may be of particularly interest. We hopefully will be live-streaming this event next Sunday, June 26th, on our YouTube channel as well. Follow all the action on Twitter using the hashtag #globaled16; our twitter handle is @GlobalEdCon.

At Global Education Day, we will be announcing the Great Global Project Challenge, an initiative designed to coincide with an event we host in September called Global Collaboration Day. We are encouraging educators and organizations to design collaborative projects during the next three months and we will promote these on our GCD site and to the GEC community. Visit this web page for more details. On June 26th, we will also be announcing dates for our main Global Education Conference which takes place every November.

In other ISTE related news, GEC leadership team member Julie Lindsay is organizing the Global Collaboration PLN Welcome and the Global Learning Playground at ISTE as well. If you will be attending this conference, make sure to check out these events in order to grow your professional learning network.


The Global Education Conference Network, along with its leadership team and supporters, believes in the power of globally connected teaching and learning to change the world. The GEC Network annually presents engaging face-to-face and virtual opportunities for students, educators and organizations in order to foster professional development, improve educational outcomes, and increase global understanding and collaboration. ln addition to the virtual Global Education Conference which takes place every November, co-chairs Lucy Gray and Steve Hargadon are the creators of Global Collaboration DayGlobal Leadership Week and the upcoming Global Education Day.

The fifth annual Global Education Day event takes place next Sunday, June 26th from 2 PM to 5 PM at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado. Globally minded educators, organizations and companies will convene to share innovative ideas and best practices during this three hour face-to-face meet up. Global Education Day is the perfect opportunity for educators and organizations to create authentic connections and partnerships enabling global action and increased empathy in classrooms throughout the world. There is no cost to attend Global Education Day; those seeking to attend the ISTE conference as well must be paid registrants for official ISTE activities. Travel is the responsibility of participants.

This participatory and interactive Global Education Day will feature inspirational ignite talks by noted educators and organizations, round-table discussions on related topics, and a global resource cool tools showdown in which the best resources for designing powerful global experiences for students will be shared.

Featured ignite speakers include:

  • Nicky Bourgeois, the Wonderment

  • Tia Lendo, Google

  • Niccolina Clements Mangro, Edmodo

  • Michael Furdyck, TakingITGlobal

  • Jennifer Klein and Ross Wehner, World Leadership School

  • Jim Knight, TES

  • Chelsea Waite, Digital Promise Global

  • Cleary Vaughan-Lee, Global Oneness Project

  • David Young, VIF International Education

The full agenda can be viewed here.

Additionally, on Global Education Day, the Global Education Conference Network will  announce  the Great Global Project Challenge. The Challenge will encourage educators to design global projects to be implemented in schools around the world during the 2016-2017 school year. These projects will kick off in September during Global Collaboration Day.

A limited number of seats for Global Education Day are available to those who will be in the Denver area on June 26th. For registration and additional details, visit this Eventbrite page. Additionally, remote participants can follow all the global education action via the GEC’s YouTube channel and on Twitter using the hashtag #globaled16.

Global Education Day is made possible by innovative organizations committed to our mission. Many thanks to EdmodoGoogle for EducationTESVIF International Education, and the Wonderment for supporting this endeavor.

Additional press and sponsorship inquiries should be directed to Steve Hargadon


Visit The Global Education Conference Network at:


Earlier this week

Mon June 20 1000 UTC Learning2gether 336 about Teacher/Practitioner Research from Mark Wyatt, Anne Burns, and Judith Hanks


Discussion of Teacher/Practitioner Research with Mark Wyatt, Anne Burns, and Judith Hanks

Learning2gether Episode 336

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On Monday June 20 1000 UTC Learning2gether hosted a discussion of Teacher/Practitioner Research following up on an article written by Mark Wyatt, Anne Burns, and Judith Hanks

The presenters have just published an article in the On the Internet column of TESL-EJ

Teacher/Practitioner Research: Reflections on an Online Discussion

* * * On the Internet * * *
May 2016 — Volume 20, Number 1

Mark Wyatt 
University of Portsmouth, UK

Anne Burns
University of New South Wales, Australia

Judith Hanks
University of Leeds, UK

The discussion is on the evolution of that topic, its findings, and implications.


There is growing interest in educational research conducted by teachers and other practitioners in learning environments. There is also a growing willingness among educators to discuss such research in environments that are open and online. However, for some of those engaging with such forms of inquiry in such online spaces, puzzles remain. For example,

  • For it to count as ‘research’, does teacher/practitioner ‘research’ have to be shared?
  • Can this happen in non-academic ways, and why is this beneficial?
  • In what ways is teacher/practitioner research valuable in itself as an activity?
  • What forms of such research are open to teachers, how are they similar and how do they differ?
  • What are the defining characteristics of one of these forms, ‘exploratory practice’, and what does it look like in practice?
  • What kinds of support are required so that teacher/practitioner research is a more viable activity for both teachers and their learners?

These were some of the questions raised in a recent online discussion involving teachers and academics from all over the world. It provided dialogic learning opportunities and encouraged a sharing of insights from educators working from different perspectives but united in the common cause of supporting deeply ethical, empowering teacher/practitioner research. This article represents the moderators’ reflective summary of the discussion, produced with a view to disseminating current ideas on this topic and stimulating further debate.

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Earlier this week

Mon June 13 Learning2gether 335 with Peggy George in a Globinar on free PD resources in Livebinders

Recordings and show notes


Wed June 15 Virtually Connecting from NMC16


NMC16 Summer Conference

Peggy George in a Globinar on free PD resources collated in Livebinders

Learning2gether Episode 335

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Jürgen Wagner announced his “globinar” on Mon June 13 as being presented by “two outstanding members of the webheads community”. Learning2gether itself derives from Webheads in Action, so all concerned agreed to conduct the event in parallel with this week’s Learning2gether Episode 335.

The two Webheads in question were Dr. Peggy George, talking about Sources of Free or Low-cost Professional Development on Demand and the designated hostess of the event, Rita Zeinstejer.

Google+ Event page for this event:

YouTube recording:

Links to recordings and show notes are given in this pdf document:

This includes (I cleaned these links up from the pdf above)

Full link:

Globinar schedule of events: 



When you register for and attend Jürgen’s Globinars you get a nice …


Earlier this week

Sun June 5 1400 UTC Learning2gether 334 in Hangout on Air with Jeff Lebow

Mon June 6 2000 EDT VSTE hosts Bented on their Minecraft server

Tonight’s meeting is canceled due to the death of a dear friend of VSTE. Here is the notice Loren posted in Second Life. Feel free to join us.


With sorrow and regret we have learned that pioneering virtual educator Cyrus Hush has passed away unexpectedly.

On behalf of the VSTE family and all educators, I express my great sympathy. He was a valued member of our community, admired and enjoyed for his humor and intelligence.

This evening’s VSTE event in Minecraft is cancelled, and we will gather informally this evening at 8 PM EST in Second Life for those who wish to be together.

Loren ChrononaiaVSTE Chair-Elect , VE PLN Board Liaison

Special Treat June 6 at 8 PM EDT at VSTE Place, our Minecraft Server! “Bented,” one of the kids on East Coast Miners will be our guest and teach us how to make a variety of banners in Minecraft to beautify our builds!

Please come meet Bented and learn this fun skill. You will be inspired.

Once in the VSTE Place server type

/warp we to get to our classroom.

The server is

You must be whitelisted. Email if you need to be whitelisted.

Fri June 10 – webinar with Dr Bart Rienties from the UK Open University

As part of the EU-funded VITAL project on learning analytics and online language learning you are all invited to a free webinar with Dr Bart Rienties from the UK Open University today (10 June) at 11am UK time.

Further information here on the VITAL project website:

Dr Bart Rienties, Reader in Learning Analytics:

The impact of learning design on student behaviour, satisfaction and performance: a cross-institutional comparison across 151 modules”Pedagogically informed designs of learning are increasingly of interest to researchers in blended and online learning, as learning design is shown to have an impact on student behaviour and outcomes. Although learning design is widely studied, often these studies are individual courses or programmes and few empirical studies have connected learning designs of a substantial number of courses with learning behaviour. In this study we linked 151 modules and 111.256 students with students’ behaviour (<400 million minutes of online behaviour), satisfaction and performance at the Open University UK using multiple regression models. Our findings strongly indicate the importance of learning design in predicting and understanding Virtual Learning Environment behaviour and performance of students in blended and online environments. In line with proponents of social learning theories, our primary predictor for academic retention was the time learners spent on communication activities, controlling for various institutional and disciplinary factors. Where possible, appropriate and well designed communication tasks that align with the learning objectives of the course may be a way forward to enhance academic retention.

Informal learning with Jeff Lebow, Jose Rodriguez, and Rhizo16

Learning2gether Episode 334

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On Sunday June 5 Vance Stevens and Jeff Lebow met in Hangout on Air to talk about old times and new projects, all in the spirit of informality that infuses all our online projects past and present. We planned (if that is the correct word 🙂 to discuss these in a context of informal learning.

We invited Dave Cormier to join us and fill us in on the Rhizosphere, which is verging on a Rhizo16 MOOC one of these days. Dave texted that he was surrounded with kids on Sunday morning and if you’re a dad you know what that is like 🙂 The rhizomes will look after themselves.

Meanwhile, Hangouts with Jeff are always F.U.N. and in this one we were joined by special invited guest Jose Rodriguez in California, Peggy George in Phoenix, Elizabeth Anne in Grenoble, Vanessa Vaile in Colorado, Arthur Oglesby from the Rhizosphere, and Dave Cormier in spirit.

Where? Hangout on Air

Rhizo14 … 15 and 16 A Practical View MOOC by Dave Cormier, neverending

Dave declared May to be Rhizo month some time ago, but is stuck on #rhizo15 even though it’s no longer May. So Vance was wondering, is there a #rhizo16? Answer, yes, according to

Dave had announced:

May is Rhizo month this year
#rhizo16 is going to (formally) start up on May 1 and finish on May 31st

The newsletter response was fairly positive around having another rhizo this year… so we’re off. I’m still working on whatever trouble we might get into – posts will follow. I will say that we will continue to use this newsletter and the blog. Creating new ones every year isn’t really all that sustainable. I’ll be using the #rhizo16 hashtag – I’ve long since stopped trying to figure out what you all are going to do 🙂

Meanwhile, back on Prince Edward Island …


Whatever happens, the rules for Rhizo 15 will likely maintain …


Posts and videos:


Rhizo 15 started April 15. When does it end? It doesn’t say (maybe never 🙂

You can vote

Earlier this week

Sun May 29 1400 UTC Learning2gether Episode 333 with Rita Zeinstejer on how to Fuel Engagement with Humour

Mon May 30 Globinar by Dieter Umlauf – How to put BYOD into practice

WEBINAR: How to put a BYOD-concept [Bring Your Own Device] into practice


All of May 2016 Moodle MOOC 8 (MM8)

Moodle Teacher Training on Moodle for Teachers website:

You may find the syllabus for MM8 useful.