Learning2gether with Ljubica Damevska talking about her research on Tandem MOOC

Learning2gether Episode 284

Download mp3: https://learning2getherdotnet.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/2015july26ljubica-64k.mp3?

On Sunday July 26 Vance took time off from celebrating the wedding of a son in Penang to moderate a Learning2gether webinar on Tandem MOOC. Sabrina Wilson had arranged for Ljubica Damevska to join us on Learning2gether to talk about her analysis of transactions between English and Spanish native speakers participating in Tandem MOOC.

Ljubica is a CELTA qualified English teacher and Master’s degree student at the University Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona, Spain. Ljubica is interested in online language learning, particularly in the new trend of Language MOOCs. She is currently working on her final project on Tandem MOOC under the tutelage of Dr. Christine Appel, one of the coordinators of the Tandem MOOC project and the director of the eLearn Center at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). Twitter: https://twitter.com/RitaEtMachin

Here’s her bio from the Innovate ELT Conference in Barcelona this past May.

and her Prezi from that conference, which she screen-shared during this event.


Here is the description of her presentation

Tandem MOOC: Description and general results

Ljubica Damevska Ljubica Damevska

Foreign Language Massive Open Online Courses (LMOOCs) are a fairly new educational model emerging from the rich, flexible, collaborative, and social interactive nature of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Tandem MOOC is a free LMOOC developed by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), Universitat de Barcelona (UB) and Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV). The course took place at the beginning of November and lasted six weeks. Students, who took part in Tandem MOOC, could improve their speaking in English or Spanish with native speakers of the language they were learning. The novelty of Tandem MOOC lies in its focus on communicative activities developed by students. In the Tandem MOOC platform students used video chat tools and a system that paired them up automatically with the partner of the foreign language they were learning. Every week, students solved communicative activities in tandem and feedback was provided by their native tandem partners.

Where? Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate) 

Original recording:


Earlier this week

Thu July 16-Mon July 20 30 Goals free eConference



Tue July 21 0100 GMT ELT Live Hangout with Jeff Lebow

Time for the hiatus to come to an end and discuss possibilities for ELT Live Hangouts and other online gatherings with Language Learners and Educators. Tune in and join in at: http://eltlive.com/live
Tuesday, July 21 0100 UTC Global Times: http://bit.ly/1M98Kwn

Hangout on Air event page with YouTube recording


Thu July 23 noon UTC Jeff Lebow hosts Virtual Faculty Lounge discussion #2

The virtual faculty lounge discussions continue…

Google+ Hangout on Air event page: https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/clv916pp6mcn40uiceld71d5dqs

All are welcome to join in and discuss what’s on their ELT plate right now – reflections on past semesters, plans for upcoming courses, possibilities for student learning exchanges, or anything else.

Tune in and join in at: http://eltlive.com/live

Global Times: http://bit.ly/1OkEFbY

Friday July 24 2200 UTC Mau Buchler hosts Teacher Improvement Program TIP Weekly #3 – Social Media Skills

Google+ Hangout on Air event page:


Slide show https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1P-4G3Q0bAdbix_f0sA_spe_hkICs-EJoBrhHFCytUws/edit?usp=sharing

Sundays July 26, and August 1 anyone is welcome to host a L2g event but Vance is not sure where he will be exactly

Learning2gether July 16-20 with the 30 Goals Challenge free online eConference

Learning2gether Episode 283


Learning2gether hitched a ride this weekend with the webcastathon 5-day 30 Goals free online e-conference. The event was smoothly staged with a simple web portal containing a promotional video, a schedule with tabs for each day and links to each presentation URL, a Chatwing text chat, and a Twitter feed display. There has since been added a Padlet for graphic reflections

Each presentation had a page where the speaker was introduced and the topic described. There was a Hangout on Air video embed there which streamed while the presentation was active and archived and played the recording moments after it was done. As with http://webheadsinaction.org/live, there was a Chatwing embed below that where participants could chat during the presentation and carry on the conversation after the event. The conversation pages were quite active for every presentation and can be viewed from the links at the conference portal, and for the convenience of readers of this blog, at the Recording links below.

This was a similar interface to what we use with Learning2gether Hangouts on Air, and it modeled a great interface for attending an online conference. As with L2g events, I recommend to participants that they open the Chatwing text chat in a separate window to the one with the video stream, to be better able to follow both at the same time.  This is what it looked like to me.

This screenshot shows how the chatwing is open in a separate window for viewing the stream and chat at the same time


or you can open the stream in YouTube and follow that in one window, chat in another


The conference started with a kickoff event on Thursday. Friday was officially Day 1 of the conference, which ended Monday on Day 4. Here is the play-by-play with recordiings:

Thu July 16 The Goal-Minded Teacher

Lisa Dabbs & Shelly S. Terrell @TeachwithSoul


Thu July 16 2000 GMT Edupitch Passion Pitch

Opening Remarks by Sarah Thomas

@Edu_Match Share your passion project! 5 Min, 2 slides!


Keynote: Joshua Williams of Joshua’s Heart Foundation Joshua Williams @joshuasheart

Passion Pitch Presentations


Fri July 17 – Day 1 of the 30 Goals free online conference

Reflect Through a Blog Sue Waters  @suewaters

Join us for a workshop to help you reflect through blogging! During this session you’ll learn helpful tips to get you started blogging or to take your blog to the next level. You can check out her personal educators blogging series here:



Edtech Stream and Soul: Give and Grow Sylvia Guinan @ESLBrain

This keynote will be a story of my own experiences and milestones in accomplishing The 30 Goals.


My Students Are My Champions! María J. García San Martín @mjgsm

With the aim of sharing how I accomplished the ‘Be someone’s champion’ and ‘Plant a Seed of Belief’ goals with my students, I’ll be talking about how my students have become my champions and it’s actually them who’ve planted a seed of belief and enthusiasm in me, as they bring the best of me as a teacher when I see them grow, improve and connect.

Recording: http://www.30goals.com/mjgsm.html

Mobile Devices & Productive Classroom Collaboration

Raquel Gonzaga @Rach_Gonzaga

In this keynote, I intend to share with the audience the successful experience of having students(adult and teenagers) enhance their lexical and communicative skills by collaborating in real time using the app Google Docs in their mobile phones.

I will show the evolution of their first drafts and attempts to their current usage and how that has impacted their written and oral production.


Is Talent a Myth? Sylvia Duckworth @sylviaduckworth

Are we born with natural talent or can we develop skills with determination and hard work? Drawing inspiration from the book “Bounce” by Matthew Syed, Sylvia will explore this question while she describes her journey from non-artist to sketchnoting fanatic.


One For All And All For One Tyson Seburn @seburnt

At its core, the 30 Goals Challenge inspires teacher development individually and as a connected group, in either order and for both ends. This same reflexive process beautifully draws students into their own learning—a reminder this talk will explore and exemplify.


The Impact of a Goal & The Vigor to Overcome Obstacles!

Cristina M. Silva @cristimsilva

One of the 1st cycle goals impacted the way my teaching evolved and changed. This keynote unveils this story and illustrates it with practical examples of what transformed in my classroom and motivated me to keep searching for better ways to engage in a 21st century teaching approach, providing the students with 21st century skills. Obstacles? We can handle them, because we are teachers!

Recording: http://www.30goals.com/cristinasilva.html

I Have Critical Moments for Breakfast David Dodgson @DaveDodgson

Critical Moments’ can strike at any moment, often when we least expect them. Recognising and embracing such moments is one of the best ways for teachers to develop. In this talk, David will tell us about four short stories of key critical moments from his career, starting with his breakfast.


Teaching Children With Mascot-Inspired Projects Malu Sciamarelli @malusciamarelli

In this talk, I will explore some basic features of project-based learning and show an example with the fluffy toy Brownie the Bear and its friends. Based on this project, teachers will be able to create and elaborate their own original and creative projects with a mascot of their choice.


Let’s Get Loud! Turn the Music Up! Maria Bossa @mariabossa

Music, one of the greatest motivators in class, has a lot of power when we add movement and action. I will provide activities to do in class with different pop songs.


Have We Closely Mirrored? A Balanced Reflection of Our Teaching Practice

Johannes Rojas @jodaro87

In this keynote, teachers will get a glimpse of a balanced teaching practice reflection based on the reality of the educational contexts involved. Teachers will also get the chance to reflect on their own practice (what they did, do and intend to do soon enough), check out their teaching identity (“I am teacher so what?”), reasons for keeping on teaching (Is there any?) and become aware of the changes they are able to make with just a tiny purpose and teaching passion. Teaching must be anchored to a variety of changes led by the context need, providing the adaptability it demands to make of it a teacher-student successful experience despite the cons it faces; resources, payment, low salaries and many other situations can break down all projects, but teachers need to be reminded that those things will not be embraced differently if they do not start making a difference on themselves.


Impact of social media on students’ communication skills

Rusul Alrubail

Have you ever wondered if texting, tweeting and snapchatting impact our students’ communication skills in the classroom? Well, they certainly do! This session will introduce different social media tools that students use for social communication and will explore the impact they have on their oral and writing communication in the classroom. Effective strategies will be discussed on how to manage this Impact and help students communicate effectively.


Sat July 18 – Day 2 of the 30 Goals free online conference

The Power of a PLN Nikki D Robertson @NikkiDRobertson

Join Nikki to learn how she went from a veteran educator in a rut doing the bare minimum to collect a paycheck to a renewed invigorated educator through connecting with Shelly Terrell’s 30 Goals Boot Camp and building a PLN through Twitter.


NuSkool: Real life learning & science of student engagement Abran Maldonado  @Aronic_MCPhD @NuSkool

Abran will give a keynote on NuSkool’s method of transforming pop culture into a learning experience. NuSkool finds teachable moments in all forms of entertainment, from TV to music and video games, creating lessons schools can use to engage struggling students. This subscription-based online platform allows teachers to create virtual classes, providing access to lessons based on trending topics that matter most in students’ lives. It’s relevant, real life learning.


Unity, Coherence, and Cohesion: The Keys to Better Academic Paragraph and Essay Writing Rosmery Ribera Ferrier @teacherroscba

In this keynote, Rosmery will show you how to teach students the keys to better academic writing- Unity, Coherence, and Cohesion. Participants will walk away with teaching guides and skeletons (writing outlines).


Beyond “We should do something about that”: Actually Doing Something Noah Geisel @senorg

Identifying a problem is a great start. Inspiring yourself and others to care is good too. Taking action to solve the problem is often a missing link and one reason why I embrace the 30 Goals Challenge. We’re not here to get ready, we’re here to get started!


Hear, Share, Ask! Rose Bard @rosemerebard

This presentation aims to share how I’ve achieved the goal of giving students reign by co-constructing our classes. Hear, Share, Ask! introduces three key principles to guide the process of negotiating the Whats, Hows and Whys to learn the language and developing skills.


You can grab the moment or you can let it pass. Ditch the plan.

Debbie Tebovich @datEnglish

How can we take learning to a different level? How can we bring some balance into planning and ditching the plan to bring real life, joy and fresh air into our class? How does trust benefit learning and teaching? We will explore these questions while I will share a story about how an event happening outside the walls of our classroom led us to an unplanned memorable learning moment.


Coaching: 7 Keys to Transforming Practice Chris Rogers @chrisrogers07

This keynote will inspire educators in all roles take positive action to be coaches for others in their schoolwide PLN.


Bouncing back! Resilience and survival as an educator

Jo Hart @JoHart

All the time I see Educators struggling to survive! Some of us do and some of us don’t. We stop teaching – change careers opt out completely OR we just hang in there! Why, and why, and what can we do to help us survive?


Silos and Connectivism: The Finnish Experiment Phil Hart @Philhart

Educational silos have been around for about a century. The damage that this does to students is only now being recognised. This session examines the changes that educators must embrace to eliminate that damage.


Sunday July 19 LEARNING2GETHER with Day 3 of the 30 Goals free online conference

The Human Touch Vicky Loras @vickyloras

There are various types of classrooms all over the world – their variety lies not only in the environment, but the classes, the educators and students. We know this either from seeing them, or hearing and reading about them in blogs, on social media and in our everyday teaching lives. Some have state-of-the-art equipment and everything an educator and students would dream of. Several have a few things that could assist the class in their learning, colourful walls and children’s work displayed on them. Some, however, have nothing at all, apart from dirt floors and bare walls. Why does this occur? How does this affect learning, if it does at all? What is the most important entity in the classroom?

Join me in a journey around the world, where we will be on a quest to search for where the importance lies.

Recording: http://www.30goals.com/vickyloras.html

Sun July 19 1400 Learning2gether with Marijana Smolcec at the 30 Goals free online conference

Marijana Smolcec,  Keep it Simple, Keep on Going


Keep it Simple, but Keep on Going Marijana Smolcec 30goals.com/marijana.html @MSCRO1

Everyone can achieve certain goals set for themselves, whether they are small or big, whether they are difficult or easy, we just need to keep it simple and keep on going. Never give up! In this short presentation we will share some suggestions about how to be a part of the overwhelming, but passionate EDU community. How to share, learn and motivate each other.

This is how we got Theodora to provide the link to Marijana’s slides.(Theodora was displaying the slides from her place in the Hangout.)



Help them SHINE! Playing Games When Teaching 1 to 1 Naomi Ganin – Epstein @naomishema

Students are not fools. They don’t believe the teacher who lets them win a game on purpose or pretends not to know the answer to the question. This talk will examine how we play games when teaching one-on-one, respecting the students but still helping them shine!


Explore.Create.Share- Be a Champion of Digital Citizenship André J. Spang @Tastenspieler

In this keynote, participants will learn how to help their students become great and responsible digital citizens who share and post online safely. Andre Spang will discuss the 4 C’s of 21st century learning and the Maker movement.


C.P.R. for the Drowning Teacher Sarah Thomas @sarahdateechur

PARCC. SLOs. Drowning in the alphabet soup? Learn how to bring new life to your teaching through the one acronym that just may save you, the C.P.R. method. Maximize productivity through COLLABORATION. Bring your PASSION to the classroom. Make your lessons more engaging through REINVENTION. Take a deep breath and dive in.

Teacher Zen


Weaving a fireproof suit to avoid burnout

Cecilia Lemos  @cecielt

Teachers are often known as people who are always willing to help, go the extra mile to plan and teach lessons that will foster the learning and development of students. But many times that takes a toll, and it’s not unusual to hear about burnout teachers – some go as far as abandoning education altogether. In this talk I’ll share my experience, common symptoms and especially things you can “weave” into a protective suit to keep the “fire” away and prevent burnout.


Be Someone’s Hero!

Theodora Papapanagiotou @dorapap72

Most of you would agree that being a teacher, does not only have to do with presenting a subject, but also be a role model and make students aware of situations and other people’s feelings. Could we raise students’ awareness? This is a presentation of a #30Goal that started as a blogpost and turned out to be a wonderful event.

Teacher Hero, Be Someone’s Champion!

Recording: http://www.30goals.com/theodorapap.html

The 30 Goals Challenge: Just When I Needed You Most! Fabiana Casella @FabianaLCasella

In this keynote, I share the reasons why I joined the 30 Goals Challenge, how much I have grown as a teacher since then, how being part of this community motivates me to go on teaching and innovate, as well as considering myself a continuous learner.


Teaching Kids to Stretch Dan Haesler @danhaesler

Too many students believe they don’t need to learn, or that they can’t learn. Professor Carol Dweck contends that this is due to students developing a Fixed Mindset with regard to their capabilities. Dweck argues that learning is stunted and many social issues can arise by having a Fixed Mindset. She says in order to students to flourish, they need a Growth Mindset – a disposition that embraces challenge, seeks out feedback and values effort as the pathway to mastery. Could a Growth Mindset be the key to unlocking our students potential, and how can teachers and schools cultivate a culture of Growth in their classrooms and schools?

In addition to this, research suggests that the teacher’s mindset has a significant impact on the students in their care. How can we address our mindset in order to challenge expectations and improve our ability to recognise potential and learning in every one of our students? In particular we’ll consider the theory behind mindset, as well as strategies for feedback and assessment.


Monday July 20 – Day 4 of the 30 Goals free online conference

Blogging for the 30 Goals: Reflecting on My Teaching & Learning Experiences

Vicky Papageorgiou @vpapage

Blogs are great ways of gaining confidence, practicing writing, and

participating in networks of other teachers or learners. How has my experience of blogging for 30 Goals for Educators helped me learn more about myself, improved my writing and introduced me to dedicated educators from all over the world?


What Matters Most Shawn Storm @sstorm01

This keynote will follow the journey of a middle school teacher in discovering what really matters most in teaching.


Challenging Students – An Ongoing Journey

Christina Chorianopoulou @Kryftina

When we complete challenges and develop as educators, we can see the result of our efforts in ourselves and our classes. But what would happen if we invited our students to take a challenge with us? Inspired by the 30 Goals Challenge for Educators, I asked students to join me in creating our video introductions to share with each other and the world. The idea, the interaction and the discoveries made our learning environment fun, engaging and safe and our journey even more worthwhile. This was our challenge.


Social Media for Student and Teacher Development Ayat Al-Tawel @ayatawel

Social media is not about collecting likes and followers. It’s about connecting to make a difference (Cress, 2013). This session will demonstrate how to make that difference with your students and for your own professional development with social media tools such as; FB, Twitter, Edmodo, Google + and Pinterest.

Recording: http://30goals.com/ayat.html

Focusing on the Learner First Barbara Bray @bbray27

I will share my story of being a creative, engaged learner when I was young and then how I became compliant to “do” school to get through school. I just didn’t fit, but I found my purpose. I will share the importance of finding our voice so we can own and drive our learning.


Learning2gether announcements

Earlier this week

Mon July 13 12:30 GMT LEARNING2GETHER with Chris Fry about Story Recording live from Barcelona


Posted July 13 – Data Collection by Nellie Deutsch from Moodle MOOT 2015

This and other YouTube renditions of presentations from Moodle MOOT 2015


Learning2gether with Chris Fry about Story Recording live from Barcelona

Learning2gether Episode 282

Download mp3: https://learning2getherdotnet.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/learning2gether-with-chris-fry-about-story-recording-live-from-barcelona-imstondagmi.mp3?

On Monday, July 13, Vance and Bobbi appeared at the British Council Amigo Center at 12:30 GMT to hear what Chris Fry had to say about Story Recording. The event was webcast live from Barcelona. Here we are setting up for it:


Chris Fry is a long-time Webhead in Action, part of the original group in 2002. We had never met f2f but he still lives in Barcelona where he and Vance met to discuss with his work with students Story Recording, a project Chris has been working on over the last few years, and posting about it on his blog here: http://onewaytotefl.blogspot.com.es/ . He is planning to present on this topic at an ELT conference at the British Council in Barcelona at the end of September and again to colleagues at the start of October. This unique Learning2gether session previews these later talks and was webcast live from the British Council, Barcelona Amigó Centre.

From: http://vancestevens.com/papers/evonline2002/webheads_evo.htm

Where? Google+ Hangout on Air

Chris’s students recorded themselves in class every day for this course, usually re-telling a story. Some of them also recorded themselves out of class (see for example http://onewaytotefl.blogspot.com.es/2014/07/how-best-can-technology-help-students.html). Here are some sample recordings; i.e.

In this presentation, he compares his research this year with findings from the year before in an attempt to measure the effects of the small changes made based on his analysis of his first year results. which he’ll be putting on his blog http://onewaytotefl.blogspot.com.es/ and on his teachers’ portfolio at work.

Chat Logs

From the Hangout on Air text chat

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Sabrina Wilson 4:36 PM
Hi I’m here & have my mic switched off.

Robert Wachman 4:36 PM
Hi. What’s happening?
Looks like you’re in a classroom, Vance.

Sabrina Wilson 4:38 PM
Is that Bobbi moving around with the tablet?

me 4:38 PM
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Benjamin L. Stewart 4:41 PM
Sound is fine.
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Maria Colussa 4:45 PM
Hi all!

Nellie Deutsch 4:46 PM
Hi everyone

Rita Zeinstejer 4:46 PM
hi, Nellie and Maria
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Maria Colussa 4:46 PM
Hello Rita!
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Nellie Deutsch 4:49 PM
Hi Rita and Maria

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HI everyone
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me 4:52 PM
hi, I’ve got a chat wing going at http://chatwing.com/vancestev for chat with those in the stream

Rita Zeinstejer 4:53 PM
which tools did you use to do the recording, Chris?

Sabrina Wilson 4:53 PM
Hi Rita, I think the sts used their phones

Rita Zeinstejer 4:53 PM
thanks, Sabrina
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Nellie Deutsch 5:07 PM
How would you encourage students to listen to themselves?

Sabrina Wilson 5:08 PM

Nellie Deutsch 5:10 PM
Have you considered using badges?
My students love badges. I use Makewaves: http://makewav.es

Maria Colussa 5:14 PM
badges awarding in Edmodo is very easy

Rita Zeinstejer 5:17 PM
thanks for the link, Nellie, will try Makewaves

Maria Colussa 5:18 PM
I have never heard of makewaves before, thanks Nellie

Nellie Deutsch 5:18 PM
What about peer review? Was it mentioned?

Maria Colussa 5:18 PM
I don´t think so N

Nellie Deutsch 5:18 PM
Make Waves is amazing.

Rita Zeinstejer 5:19 PM
how do you integrate it, Nellie?

Nellie Deutsch 5:19 PM
I try to involve students in peer evaluation.
Rita, Make Waves has a great support system. It’s K-12 now but will be for higher education in September. I suggest you
contact them for further information.

Rita Zeinstejer 5:20 PM
great, Nellie, thanks

Nellie Deutsch 5:21 PM
I can also help, Rita. Contact me and I will walk you through it.

Rita Zeinstejer 5:21 PM
thank you so much, Nellie!

Maria Colussa 5:23 PM
I´d love to explore badges too, I´ve used credly but it requires awardees to register and they are not “portable”, that
is not a good idea, I ´ve found Mozilla very difficult to grasp, my brain has not adjusted to it yet 😉

Rita Zeinstejer 5:23 PM
podcasting is great

Nellie Deutsch 5:24 PM
I used to use Podomatic
Robert Wachman joined group chat.

Rita Zeinstejer 5:25 PM
me too, Nellie, it keeps being great, very user friendly

Nellie Deutsch 5:25 PM
Sorry, https://www.podomatic.com

Rita Zeinstejer 5:25 PM
just a mic needed and stds’ voices are out
and having a blog format, it’s very useful for group work
Robert Wachman left group chat.

Nellie Deutsch 5:28 PM
I like movenotes

Rita Zeinstejer 5:29 PM
is it also a kind of hosting place for recordings?

Nellie Deutsch 5:30 PM
Yes, so true, Rita.
I thought Edmodo was more for kids than adults. Is that true?
I minute is long for many students.

Rita Zeinstejer 5:33 PM
I’ve used Edmodo with advanced stds, I think it’s quite adaptable

Nellie Deutsch 5:33 PM
Does pointing students to mistakes, help them improve?
Comparison might work
“Are you listening me?” is a mistake that I find hard to change in Spanish speakers.

Rita Zeinstejer 5:38 PM
YES!, Nellie, true!

Nellie Deutsch 5:38 PM
I have commented with are you listening to me as a response, but it never works. “(
Journal writing helps because you never criticize.

me 5:39 PM

Nellie Deutsch 5:40 PM
Yes, some people are stingy with compliments.
Learning a foreign language helps teachers understand language learners.

Maria Colussa 5:41 PM
Hey, Rita, are you going to FAAPI?

Nellie Deutsch 5:42 PM
some shy students open up in a foreign language

Rita Zeinstejer 5:42 PM
no, Maria, Im probably going to Dublin in October 😉

Nellie Deutsch 5:43 PM
I was in Dublin last year, Rita

Maria Colussa 5:43 PM
oh, ok enjoy your trip then and I hope to see you again soon!

Rita Zeinstejer 5:43 PM
you going to happy, Maria?
sorry, FAAPI!!!!

Sabrina Wilson 5:43 PM
Thanks Chris, Vance & Bobbie & all the rest of you. Chris see you in September at the BC conference :o)

Rita Zeinstejer 5:43 PM

Nellie Deutsch 5:43 PM
Clap, clap

Rita Zeinstejer 5:43 PM
thank you, Chris and Vance

Nellie Deutsch 5:44 PM
Thank you ,Chris, Vance and Bobbie

Maria Colussa 5:44 PM
thank you!
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Nellie Deutsch 5:45 PM
I copied it, Vance3

Sabrina Wilson 5:45 PM
Bye guys Enjoy the rest of your stay in Barcelona :o)

Rita Zeinstejer 5:45 PM
bye everybody!
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Nellie Deutsch 5:47 PM copied these logs to a Google Doc, here

From the Chatwing text chat

ok, it’s out
21 hours ago
I have to excuse myself for a late dinner. It’s 8:43 p.m. here.
I’ll be back.
21 hours ago
Just realized, I should exit the HOA to make room for more people. So I’ll do that.
21 hours ago
OK I’m here now too :o)
21 hours ago
Ha ha I’ve taught that lesson many times :o)
21 hours ago
But this would have added so much more to the learning experience. Great idea Chris.
21 hours ago
hi all
21 hours ago
Robert I think you can join again. Are you watching from a passive link?
21 hours ago
we can talk with you here
21 hours ago
i cant enter
21 hours ago
Zi, enter where? the hangout?
21 hours ago
21 hours ago
I like the idea of having a repository of students´performances a sort of archive of progress, could be highly motivating
21 hours ago
Yes, I agree with you Maria. I’ve been trying to keep them in a googledrive file but want something for the sts to record and keep themselves. As a backup to what I keep.
21 hours ago
How do you encourage students to listen to themselves or each other?
20 hours ago
Hi everyone. Better late….
20 hours ago
hi and all is recorded
20 hours ago
Of course 🙂
Coghlan :0
20 hours ago
Hi, Michael 😉
20 hours ago
of course i was thinkig BC
20 hours ago
Hi Michael
20 hours ago
20 hours ago
british council
20 hours ago
20 hours ago
Does hangout not provide a chat for those who are not directly in the hangout?
20 hours ago
Nellie it does.. I know .. because I just tried it .. but I don’t think anyone is checking it. Thus I’m now here 🙂
Question – Are there any issues with protecting student privacy.. Do students ever have reservations about posting their recording to the general “public”? Perhaps you use this as a motivator to get them involved … authentic recordings.
20 hours ago
Good question James…private setting would be good. I’ll have a look later.
20 hours ago
20 hours ago
Do the students have control over the recordings? Can they delete them afterwards?
20 hours ago
James, can you add your comment in the google hangout chat?
20 hours ago
Will try again.
20 hours ago
can you com here nellie?
20 hours ago
OK I’ll have a look later. At the moment I’m using google drive to store 15 minute conversations which both student & myself have access to.
20 hours ago
My first EVO session was on Podcasting and there we used Podomatic
20 hours ago
I bring it up because it can be an issue. A student not wanting it to be “public” because of concerns that someone could be judging them on the quality of their learning or development.
.. an employer or colleague
20 hours ago
yes, students are very self conscious about their performances, one of them told me: You can burn it now!
20 hours ago
Sorry I didn’t get here earlier… and my apologies if I ended up bringing up issues that you may have already addressed .
20 hours ago
Yes, we share a lot of stories about our lives & don’t want these public.
20 hours ago
jim we’re going on yr thrad, good one
20 hours ago
Yes, that’s true Chris. Can you add the link to the review you wrote on google play please. I can ‘google’ it but this may be faster. Thanks
20 hours ago
Just think that “public” vs “private” becomes a wonderful authentic teaching / learning moment .. and authentic “discussion” point for students to be motivated to talk to.
20 hours ago
You’ll need to get a PHD student to get involved.
20 hours ago
Just curious.. how would a student know how to prepare and “succeed” in such “speaking exercises”? How to motivate them to attempt.. ?
20 hours ago
.. so should the focus be more on communicating an idea.. rather than on exact pronunciation? The pronunciation is rated according to how much it supports the communication of an idea.
20 hours ago
Like what Rita is saying.
20 hours ago
Great presentation Chris – thank you.
20 hours ago
Best wishes gentlemen.. Many thanks for sharing..
20 hours ago
Thanks to you too Sabrina..
20 hours ago
Thanks Chris, Vance & Bobbie & all the rest of you. Chris see you in September at the British Council conference :o)
20 hours ago
That was funny I was stuck & couldn’t leave. Enjoy Barcelona & see you guys online soon.
20 hours ago
James. That’s what my summer project is about.. recorded conversations via skype but my mini mountain is to create some sort of tasks for sts to listen to the recordings and learn how to evaluate their progress. Not sure where to start but have the summer off work to get this going.
20 hours ago
Nice one Thomas oops I mean Nellie :o)
20 hours ago
Oops, it turned out I left our much of the chat. Sorry… 😦
19 hours ago

Further Notes

Chris did not attend the CALL research conference in Tarragona (the reason Vance is in this part of Spain) although his work was represented in one of the sessions:

Paper session 8, Room 311, William Collins

Story recording and peer feedback in an online fórum improving motivation

MONDAY, 6 July 2015, 15:00


Earlier this week

Sun Jul 5 1400 GMT LEARNING2GETHER with Vance Stevens and Sabrina Wilson about Globally Connected Educators


Mon 6 July 1515 GMT Learning2gether with Vance Stevens about Minecraft as a model for gamification in PD


Learning2gether with Vance Stevens about Minecraft as a model for gamification in teacher professional development

Learning2gether Episode 281

Download mp3 https://learning2getherdotnet.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/2015july6vance_tarragona-64k.mp3?

On Monday 6 July there was a Learning2gether session with Vance Stevens giving a presentation at the XVII CALL Research Conference about Minecraft as a model for gamification in teacher professional development

My talk at the conference was entitled Minecraft as a model for gamification in teacher training

There is a short paper about what I will talk about here


And the slides:

In a nutshell, the presentation is about the gamification of professional development, how learning the game of Minecraft (ultimately while trying to stay alive in Minecraft) can inform educators on how professional development can be structured in a more meaningful sense than that which many of us often encounter.

The problem is that the experience is ineffable, which makes it difficult to explain to others who might be amenable to such an approach or who might be appealed to to provide resources to support it. Such drawbacks are overcome in EVO sessions where the small number of participants who choose to join us are predisposed to this kind of learning. However, if I were to suggest to my colleagues at work that we hold future meetings, or even  just one meeting, in Minecraft … well the suggestion of meeting in any kind of virtual space goes against the grain of those who like to hear themselves talk in meetings (on the other hand, we used to have great success with departmental retreats at the U of Hawaii, which all were required to attend, leading to similar outcomes but in a more tangible environment).

So I’d like to see if I can pin down some of the affordances or components of such an approach with a mind to making recommendations on how they might be replicated in other contexts


My talk was scheduled in the conference preliminary program for Monday 6 July 17:15 to 17:45 in Tarragona

I webcast it via Bb Collaborate / Elluminate, since that is the least problematic way to webcast from a podium. The Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate) room is at

Thanks to an ongoing grant from http://www.learningtimes.com/

Bb Collaborate Recording



Learning2gether with Sabrina Wilson about Globally Connected Educators

Learning2gether Episode 280

Download mp3: https://learning2getherdotnet.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/learning2gether-with-sabrina-wilson-about-globally-connected-educators-drlhgwdoprq.mp3

On Sunday Jul 5 Vance Stevens and Sabrina Wilson met at Sabrina and Gary’s house in Tarragona, Spain, to talk about how their PLNs converged to make them Globally Connected Educators

Vance was in Tarragona for the CALL Research Conf July 6-8

Sabrina Wilson often attends Learning2gether Hangout events, and she mentioned at a recent one that she lived in Altafulla on the coast of Spain between Barcelona and Tarragona. On Sunday July 5 Vance will be in Spain for the XVII International CALL Research Conference in Tarragona and Sabrina invited my wife and me to stop off at Altafulla for a Hangout on Air about how we have met in various online spaces associated with the Webheads in Action and Becoming a Webhead communities of practice before connecting face to face in Spain.

The discussion will be about whatever comes up, but we’ll be reflecting on the meetings of minds virtually online that often result in face-to-face hookups, and of course reviewing what will transpire the next few days at the XVII International CALL Research Conference in Tarragona, Spain, July 6-8,
http://wwwa.fundacio.urv.cat/congressos/call-conference-2015/. All are welcome to join us.

Benjamin Stewart was there and he told us a bit about Microsoft Word Online and how he has been using it with students. He and Vance compared notes on how they have been teaching writing, Vance with voice in Google Docs, and Docs Story Builder for brainstorming.

Where? Google+ Hangout on Air

Sabrina introduced herself in Becoming a Webhead, BAW 2013like this

My name is Sabrina Wilson and I’m an English teacher at an after school academy in Spain. I teach children from 4 years old to teenagers and also adults. I joined the Becoming a Webhead group to learn more about using technology so that I can approach my boss about offering blended learning opportunities to teen and adult students asking for more activities outside of the classroom.

Sabrina, Bobbi, and Vance in Altafulla prepare for the upcoming Hangout

Benjamin Stewart had a unique perspective


Earlier this week

Sun June 28 1230 GMT LEARNING2GETHER about iPadagogy live from ISTE Philadelphia


Tue June 30 Kern Kelly demonstrates Hangout on Air in the Classroom at ISTE 2015


Fri June 26 ISTE Unplugged through July 1

Friday, June 26th – July 1st in Philadelphia, PA 2015 ISTE Unplugged, Each year hundreds of educators interested in social media, technology, teaching, and learning gather to build and participate in “unplugged”-style activities as a part of the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) conference. Go to www.isteunplugged.com and read below for details of this year’s events. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Thanks to our generous friends at ISTE.org, our NINTH annual set of extra-curricular events at the ISTE conference this year will launch on the Friday before ISTE (June 26th) with an all-day open Maker Day–expect lots of table, activities, and fun for all ages, geared toward education. Saturday’s all-day unconference features special guest Audrey Watters again this year, and huge shout-out to this year’s unconference and evening party sponsor, StudyBlue and Shutterfly. Sunday is our fourth annual Global Education Summit, a three-hour event + connecting party you don’t want to miss. The Bloggers’ Cafe will be open Friday – Wednesday, and we’re really hoping to add an education slam poetry event still. Stay tuned for all events at http://www.ISTEunplugged.com, which also has Facebook event links for each activity.