Learning2gether with Vance Stevens – Teaching Writing on iPad and mobile devices using Voice Tools

Learning2gether Episode 276

Download the mp3: https://learning2getherdotnet.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/learning2gether-with-vance-stevens-teaching-writing-on-ipad-and-mobile-devices-using-voice-tools-7qp_hs1jjl8.mp3?
On Sunday June 7 at 1400 GMT  Vance Stevens presented at Learning2gether on Teaching Writing on iPad and Mobile Devices using Voice Tools.. Here, find the YouTube recording of the Google+ Hangout on Air and a downloadable mp3 rendition of the audio. What is this about? Vance Stevens has been exploring techniques for teaching writing on iPads and mobile devices using voice tools for leaving comments in Google Docs, and in speaking what students write on paper into Google Docs for them, so they can revise more easily. He’s also fathomed the trick of importing images into Google Docs on iPad to allow students to incorporate Word Clouds and other images into their documents using iPads.

In this session, Vance will attempt at a distance some of what he will demonstrate at the latter event. Here is a playlist for URLs to be used in this session:

Here is a document I started to practice with this presentation https://docs.google.com/document/d/15slghOdDHtAj1PIqVpvGhFEWPia2g_hkHXwiRUQ2o7k/edit?usp=sharing Do you want to try?

  1. Create a Google Doc
  2. Give it your name and today’s date or event
  3. Get its shareable link and post it at http://chatwing.com/vancestev
  4. If on iPad or mobile device, record a brief introduction
  5. Upload a picture to it. If on iPad or mobile, you can use a photo in camera roll or take one on the fly
  6. Share it for editing with VanceStev@gmail.com (my picture should appear)
  7. I’ll use voice to add comments to your document

Where?  Google Hangout on Air (HoA)



Here is a copy/paste from the Chatwing space for today’s event

Vance Stevens Vance has arrived on June 7 and I’ll be posting the HoA link here shortly. Let me know if you want to join me.  URL playlist here http://tinyurl.com/learning2gether
Find the slides I will use here http://tinyurl.com/vance2015writing
+Vance I liked Your slides.
hello, I’m ready to begin, just waiting for people
I am a poor typist – wishing for voice-to-text way to chat, lol.
hi art
would you like to join the HoA?
I’m waiting for someone to join me so I can begin
or should i just start?
you can voice to text chat on an iPad or mobile if you visit this in a browser
I will begin at 14:15 and speak to ISTE participants
stream has begun
my iPad is having connectivity problems.
Where 2 or more are gathered, lol. we have a quorum
That’s right
I’m downloading Google docs on my ipad now so everything I’ve written was done on my PC
I can hear her
I hear her
Nor fearing failure – learning by trying
I can hear you both
back — sort of. I can hear OK now but speaking is not working on my end
my limping back-up computer has audio problems to begin with
— or maybe mic/headset problems, but I can hear and type, just not speak
the voice at my end is very clear
online is a series of workarounds, one after another…life too
I need to add a microphone to my PC for the next hangout attempt. I always learn/grow within these hangouts.
great art. thanks for joining us
I liked today’s presentation! Thank You!
Thank you.
great presentation — even with all the patches I missed getting set up. I’m going to share this writing instructors who teach online — and hybrid/CAI/flipped etc
thanks, sorry about the sound issues, suspect it might have been at my end
or both — this laptop already had sound issues and I need a new headset too (if only for the comfort of better padding on my ears)
thanks for coming, settling into dinner mode

Earlier this week

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Tue June 2 0400 GMT Shelly Terrell at Edutech 2015

Find the collaborative handout at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MtyJ1XgKoVJISO9pnEGf9ZuFVtnuZZJOqVH-mZ3Qt3w/edit?usp=sharing and the slides here, http://shellyterrell.com/edutech2015

Thu June 4 1800 GMT Jo Gakonga on Vocabulary tools in a digital world

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