Learning2gether with Vance Stevens and many others at MMVC15 – Moodle Moot Virtual Conference hosted by Nellie Deutsch

Learning2gether Episode 286

Fri Aug 7 through Sun Aug 9 – Moodle Moot MMVC15

Join MMVC15:

Download mp3: https://learning2getherdotnet.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/2015aug09vance_mmvc15.mp3?

Sun Aug 9 1300 GMT LEARNING2GETHER with Vance Stevens on Teaching Writing with Voice on iPads and Mobile Devices

At the MMVC15 – Moodle Moot Virtual Conference hosted by Nellie Deutsch



This presentation updates earlier ones on how to use the voice affordances of iPads and other mobile devices to make writing as well as teaching writing and giving feedback increasingly easier and more effective when students are using such devices than when voice tools are not appropriately enlisted. The presenter learns more every day about how to use these tools in teaching, and here he conveys what he has learned in hopes it will help other teachers of writing whose students are challenged when trying to write effectively on mobile devices.

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Rated a ‘double-really’ from Marijana 🙂 glad you liked it!

Here are links to all the MMVC15 recordings …

Sun Aug 9  – Moodle Moot MMVC15 final day 3

Sat Aug 8  – Moodle Moot MMVC15 day 2

Fri Aug 7  – Moodle Moot MMVC15 opening day 1

This is all according to the schedule posted online on Aug 10, 2015. Check here for further details:

Earlier this week

Sunday July 26 1400 UTC Learning2gether with Ljubica Damevska and Sabrina Wilson and on Tandem MOOC


Friday July 31 to Mon Aug 10 iTDi Summer Intensive for Teachers


Sat Aug 1 1430 UTC Wes Fryer and Amy – STEAMseeds11: Lesson Ideas with Vanessa Perez

Join Amy and Wes as they interview Vanessa Perez, an amazing, energetic, inspirational and always-sharing teacher at Tomlinson Middle School in Lawton, Oklahoma. Vanessa will share some of the STEAM lessons she’s done with students in the past as well as lessons she’s planning for the upcoming school year. She’ll also discuss her strategies for success writing small grants for classroom supplies and furniture, as well as share about her innovative classroom space designs. Vanessa recently started a #notreadytour Challenge for teachers on http://discover.oklaed.us and will talk about the goals for the project as well as how it’s going. Please join us for an hour of great Saturday professional development on August 1st!

Hangout on Air


Aug 5 first of two SCoPE webinars for Creating Engaging Online Learning Activities

Welcome to Creating Engaging Online Learning Activities! We’ve had a big hiatus from SCoPE seminars, and it’s so exciting to be opening up the conversations again!

About this seminar

There are endless ideas for engaging learners online. However, turning those ideas into activities that can be implemented smoothly is a challenge. There are many details to consider, and potentially overlook!

The idea for this SCoPE seminar developed through reflections on a series of online workshops for educators across the British Columbia post-secondary system. In these workshops we experience the benefits of developing and testing online learning activities in a supportive but critical community of peers. It’s time to open up those opportunities to everyone!

During this 2-week seminar we will explore, discuss, and create engaging online learning activities together.

Week 1:  Exploring Options, Selecting Approaches Week 2:  Building and Testing OLAsThere are two webinars scheduled as part of this 2-week seminar discussion. They will take place in the SCoPE Blackboard Collaborate Room: http://urls.bccampus.ca/scopeevents. As always, the synchronous sessions will be recorded for those who are unable to attend.

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