Learning2gether with Joe Dale about AppSmashing with iPads

Learning2gether Episode 228

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Wed Jul 23 – Joe Dale taking the multimedia appsmashing iPad challenge!

On Wednesday of this week I had the great pleasure of being one of the participants at Joe Dale’s remarkable presentation on appsmashing which was put on as one of a series of webinars offered by Saarland Landesinstitut fur Padagogik und Medien (LPM) and organized by Jürgen Wagner.

I first heard of Joe Dale through an interview by Darrel Branson and Tony Richards of the Ed Tech Crew, which was so interesting that I listened to it twice, and I since met him in Istanbul where he gave a plenary talk at a conference at Sabanci University.

This most recent webinar on appsmashing was 1.5 hours long which gave Joe ample time to take the topic out for a long ride. Appsmashing requires skill and experience with the apps utilized, and relies for example on creating products in one app and storing them on the device’s photoroll or in the cloud, and then developing that product through another app to produce a more elaborate product. For example, Joe showed how animated characters could be created in one app, greenscreened in another, and laid onto a background such as a photo of a local scene to create an animated character overlay on that scene. Joe described several such processes in fine detail and demonstrated considerable knowledge of the apps he was talking about.

Joe’s presentation is one that will be worth replaying hands-on with an iPad handy. I won’t have a chance to do that for week or two, so in this post I want to archive as much as I can in order to eventually make that possible. For this reason I have preserved Jürgen’s comments at the end of this post, after my own here:


  • Find further free webinars for teachers of foreign languages at http://v.gd/webinars
  • Joe Dale is an independent languages consultant from the UK who works with a range of organisations such as Network for Languages, ALL, The British Council, the BBC, Skype, Microsoft and The Guardian.
  • He is host of the TES MFL forum, former SSAT Languages Lead Practitioner, a regular conference speaker and recognised expert on technology and language learning.
  • He has spoken at conferences and run training courses in Europe, North America, the Middle East, the Far East and Australia.
  • He was a member of the Ministerial Steering Group on languages for the current UK government and was short-listed for a NAACE Impact Award in 2013 too.
  • Joe was recently described in a Guardian article as an ‘MFL guru’ and ‘the man behind the #mfltwitterati.’
  • His blog http://www.joedale.typepad.com has been nominated for four Edublog Awards.

Here are the links I harvested at this session, all from posts in the text chat

Two more links from Edudemic: http://sco.lt/9JVifR to wit

This pair of posts, starting with this one, explain how appsmashing, or guiding students to create deliverables from a series of precursor operations on iPad, can be set up and implemented. This article leads to a second one showing by example how to create an iMovie product from Tellagami, 30 hands, and Photospeak
http://www.edudemic.com/app-smashing-digital-storytelling-ipad/ (no longer works)

View these tutorials in preparation for fully appreciating Joe Dale’s 1.5 hour presentation on appsmashing https://learning2gether.net/2014/07/23/learning2gether-with-joe-dale-about-appsmashing-with-ipads/

Joe sent  a follow-up email to the Learningtgether list, here

This provides a link to another webinar Joe did subsequently on useful iPad apps to enhance language learning for the LARC Social Media Workshop:

General information

The top half of this writeup is mine (Vance’s) and the other half (below) comes from Juergen’s email which recapped the webinar with some of the same material I had mentioned. I intend to do more work on this webinar deconstructing it so that I can apply some of its lessons in my teaching, more about which when I have time later. I fly home to Abu Dhabi tomorrow.

The lesson here is that you can produce imaginative student projects through use of a succession of applications. This is more obvious on a PC where you have control over where the intermediate files are than on an iPad where your intermediate work is in the camera roll or in the cloud somewhere. Joe’s contribution was in showing exactly how you stitch those disparate parts together, which is the main challenge for teachers to get their minds around when using mobile technologies.

And more recently, I’ve come across this 17 minute video by Joe,
A Recipe for AppSmashing, from 13 Oct, 2015

What follows here is from Jürgen Wagner’s “post-paratory” email following the event. I have reproduced it verbatim here, as it is rich in content, but there will be some duplications from my own notes. In Jürgen’s words …

App-Smashing has developed into a craze in the US and though it can not even be found on Wikipedia blogposts, Pinterest-boards, YouTube- and Vimeo-clips and tweets about the phenomenon are “exploding” and I forecast that it will “arrive” in Europe soon, with Joe being the only European protagonist in Europe so far.

Thanks for contributing these links to the chat which I gladly share



Peggy George: so many of these multimedia projects can consume a lot of memory on an ipad! I’ve recently started using a wireless flash drive to remove things from my ipad and easily transfer to other devices. http://www.sandisk.com/products/wireless/flash-drive/




Peggy George: there are some great Thinglink examples compiled on this Listly by Shelly Terrell. http://list.ly/list/35b-thinglink-edu-examples






Peggy George: Doctopus How To: (great instructions) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1m4Lq6x66Th3O5kCBDlB8KuzN0zMATbqH3fgIPVqIs4U/edit









Jenny Léger: I have read epub books using Aldiko on an Android tablet.
Mary Cooch: yes Jenny http://www.aldiko.com/features.html


https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id730712409?mt=8 (ProCam 2)

Multimedia app smashing at #ettipad Boston
by Joe Dale http://youtu.be/J2xBslydHqE


My App Smash Live Challenge
by Joe Dale https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3UZE7IgpTc

Joe Dale’s YouTube Channel

Yakit Kids: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/yakit-kids/id794546203?mt=8

Yakit Kids tutorial from Sylvia Duckworth: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RETmEvdC8PRU93EK8Sm6LeUj1AOfM-xkEEqtWClLTlw/mobilebasic?pli=1






Peggy George: Livebinder link for Joe: http://www.livebinders.com/play/play/718751?tabid=b0ea0e5d-32bb-f7e8-11c8-3abcc6e55564 – Classroom 2.0 LIVE January 2013



I’ll share some additional links and quotes from my article – to be published towards the end of the year – with you.

I submitted an extensive linklist to the publisher, hoping he will make it accessible along with the article.

What Joe might have stressed a little more is the central tenet of Ed Tech Teachers:
All the Good Apps Fit on One Screen as opposed to “There’s an app for that”.

or, what struck me most:Educators shouldnt think of iPads as repositories of apps but rather as portable media creationdevices.(Ed Tech Teachers Tom Daccord and Justin Reich)

I’ll just share a few here:

In my article you’ll find loads of links to App Smash App Packs, Task Challenges, Idea Cards, etc.

I must admit I am a bit annoyed concerning the recent Tellagami update, which introduced in app purchases and crippled !!! the free version

Here are two blopgposts that reflect my own thinking quite well

Tellagami published http://blog.tellagami.com/2014/06/14/message-to-educators/ but has not yet answered an email I sent them a week ago.

I submitted an article about Tellagami to German portal site http://lehrer-online.de and overnight my draft became worthless. I had to send a new one that is waiting to be published.

Towards the end of August I’ll take part in the Colloque CyberLangues in Rennes (France) with a workshop about Tellagami and had to scrap most of what I had planned. Can I expect participants to download the EDU-version for 5 dollars???

I suppose I can’t, so I’ll work with two iPads, one with the crippled FREE version, the other on with the paid version on it (for demonstration only).

Our calendar of webinars for teachers of foreign languages

I mentioned the iUSBport 2 in the chat as well, which can be used to address privacy issues. My friend and LPM-colleague Patrick Schäfer wrote an excellent article about that, due to be published in the next issue of http://www.lamultimedia.de/ and I’m planning to translate it into English, French and Spanish and have it published in suitable mags there.

Anyone offering there help in proofreading my translation?

Best regards


I suppose there were quite a few particpants who may be presenters in their own right. Please feel free to tell me what subjects you’d like to share with us.

By the way

On the occasion of the publication of my Newsletter 100 for teachers of foreign languages I created 2 padlets for feedback:

http://padlet.com/wagjuer/newsletter / (still open)

http://padlet.com/wagjuer/feedback / (still open)

You can subscribe and consult the newsletter archives here

I’ve only just realised that I’ve passed the 100-mark for webinars without noticing, thus I created a webinar feedback padlet to which I hope you will contribute: http://padlet.com/wagjuer/webinars

Following Joe’s example I started my own Pinterest-Board about App-Smashing

Mit freundlichem Gruß

Jürgen Wagner

Earlier this week

Sun Jul 20 Catching our breath: Reflecting on RSCON5, iDTi MOOC, TTO MOOC, and MMVC14


Mon Jul 21 00:01 GMT IHAQ 14

with Jeff Lebow, Dave Cormier, Jennifer Maddrell, and John Schinker




Mon Jul 21  Roseli Serra on What teenagers want – on iTDi MOOC

Download mp3 for Roseli Serra

In WizIQ – For connection details or to view recordings, enroll in the course at http://bit.ly/iTDiSummerSchoolMOOC

Roseli played some videos during her presentation:

Mon Jul 21  Chrysa Papalazarou and Chuck Sandy – on iTDi MOOC

This MOOC is open in the sense that it is free to sign up for and to enjoy, but not open in the sense that its artifacts are accessible to anyone online without pre-condition, which is that you must enroll in the iTDi Summer School MOOC For English Teachers: Fly High With iTDi! runs July 20th – August 17th  in order to attend the live events or see the recordings

Mon Jul 21 EdWeb.net presents Selecting Mobile Apps for K-5 Learners


Introducing Mobile Devices and Selecting Mobile Apps for Your K-5 Learners

Mon, July 21, 4pm – 5pm (not sure what time zone this is) found this NOTE:  All of our webinar start times are listed in Eastern Time

Created by
Presented by Liz Kolb, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Michigan
Click here  for more information and to pre-register for the live session.
Join the live session at the scheduled time at: www.instantpresenter.com/edwebnet3 .
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This webinar is co-hosted by CoSN, ISTE MLN, and SIIA.

Tue Jul 22 1500 GMT EdWeb.net presents Concrete Ways to Use OER in the Classroom 


Concrete Ways to Use OER in the Classroom

Tue, July 22, 11am – 12pm NOTE:  All of our webinar start times are listed in Eastern Time

There is a time zone conversion tool at the registration link

Created by
Presented by Michelle Comen, 5th Grade Teacher at Orange Grove Elementary Charter School Click here  for more information and to pre-register for the live session. Join the live session at the scheduled time at: www.instantpresenter.com/edwebnet22 . Join the Open Educational Resources (OER) in the K-12 Classroom  community to participate in online discussions with peers, for invitations to upcoming webinars, to view past webinar recordings, to take a quiz and receive a CE certificate for a past webinar, and for access to more resources. This webinar is sponsored by Net Texts, Inc.

A plethora of links in this one:

July 22 iTDi rapping with Jason in Fresh (fresher freshest)

‘Fresh (fresher freshest) * * Thru Rhythm & Rhyme by Jason R. Levine’.

This MOOC is open in the sense that it is free to sign up for and to enjoy, but not open in the sense that its artifacts are accessible to anyone online without pre-condition, which is that you must enroll in the iTDi Summer School MOOC For English Teachers: Fly High With iTDi! runs July 20th – August 17th

In order to attend the live events or see the recordings

Wednesday, July 23rd Teachers Teaching Teachers, Weekly conversations hosted by EdTechTalk, a collaborative open webcasting community.

For more information, click here.

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