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Learning2gether Episode 458

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The other day I came on this Facebook post from Bron Stuckey. It announced a Minecraft meeting May 6th on “Let’s talk successes (big and small) in remote learning with Minecraft.”


“Come have fun?” What’s not to like? Beats sitting at home wishing you weren’t under lockdown (e.g. by sitting home wishing you were in Minecraft?). She didn’t give the time in UTC but Malaysia happens to be in WA time, 1:30 pm for most of us in Asia. Malaysia is also 12 hours out from EST/NYC so it makes it easy to synchronize watches.

When I arrived I found these beautiful people in the Zoom chat


The chat was full of interesting tips, as when Bron pulled up a slide show explaining to someone who’d asked how to set up a multiplayer game in Minecraft.edu, more fully explained in this video, https://youtu.be/cyQOfidGgKo


Knowing I might be the odd one out in this group of Ozzies and not wishing to appear at the table with nothing to add to the feast, I prepared a notepad with a number of links I could throw into the text chat as I discussed each one. When it was my turn to speak I introduced myself as having started EVO Minecraft MOOC 6 years ago because at the time I knew nothing about Minecraft and I thought that way I could trick someone into teaching me. As is now obvious, no one teaches you Minecraft, you learn it, but in the process we would also learn how to use it with students. So my first link was to the EVOMC MOOC site, http://missions4evomc.pbworks.com/

As one example of what we were learning about using Minecraft with students, I cited Rose Bard, Dakota Redstone, and Jane Chien host Building Challenge on EVO Minecraft 1.12.2 server

I mentioned that Jane then researched the discourse between Mattie and Emanuel and produced this article:
Chien, Y. (2019). The language of massively multiplayer online gamers: A study of vocabulary in Minecraft gameplay.TESL-EJ, 23(3), 1-16. http://tesl-ej.org/pdf/ej91/int.pdf. Also available: http://www.tesl-ej.org/wordpress/issues/volume22/ej91/ej91int/
In this article Jane reported that the level of vocabulary used by two young learners when carrying out a task in Minecraft encorporated vocabulary that appeared on General Word Lists well advanced from words they would have been expected to know at their respective grade levels.

I also mentioned that I had been interacting recently with VSTE in their regular Minecraft Monday events, and that the latest one (the day before this chat) had presented us with copies of maps traded for in-game with a cartographer which showed the way to a Woodland Manor, a rare find in Minecraft. I thought this was a great instance of how students could learn many life-skills while orienteering their way in world, not to mention the collaborative problem-solving involved in overcoming the obstacles inside the manor and finding whatever treasure it concealed, reporting on their strategies, narrating their adventures, creating videos or digital stories of the experience, etc.

I added that people could find more our our writings about EVO Minecraft MOOC in a list that appears here.

Finally, I noted that Jane Chien and I would be appearing on behalf of EVOMC MOOC along with some of our colleagues in VSTE on Saturday May 9 at the online Virtual Round Table conference, more information at

Bron’s Zoom chats on remote learning with Minecraft are apparently taking place every Wednesday at about the same time. There have been previous ones, and Bron is working on preparing an archive. Some of the links can be found in the chat logs below. I hope to attend the next one.

I hope also that Bron will allow me to embed the video of this chat in this post, or at least link to whatever excerpts she puts online.

Bron was unable to locate the link to her YouTube channel where earlier links in this series were being files, but she provided these links to help me catch up in the series:


Two days later, she FOUND her YouTube channel!

I have started uploading the recordings of our Minecraft Teacher Meetings and any associated resources. I’m working backwards so there are still videos to come, but you might find what’s building there of some value, https://bit.ly/BronMinecraft

Next week we hope to get the student and teacher perspectives on remote learning with Minecraft.


Selected Zoom Chat Logs

After I presented myself, others started using the text chat much more intensively

From Helen to Everyone: 02:06 PM Is there such a group where educators meet in Minecraft like Sue Gregory does in Second World?
From Me to Everyone: 02:08 PM VSTE Minecraft Mondays is such a place, I’ll get the link
VSTE Discord channel https://discord.gg/cp9tsWz
From Helen to Everyone: 02:09 PM We will go back to school and back to no or very little computer resources! Only 1 computer lab and no BYOD, a disadvantage to working in low socio-economic schools.
From Bron Stuckey to Everyone: 02:09 PM Teacher Advice
https://education.minecraft.net/blog/12-tips-for-getting-started-with-minecraft-education-edition/ Simon Johnson USA
From Vincent Trundle ACMI to Everyone: 02:11 PM My project at ACMI is Game Lessons http://www.acmi.net.au/game-lessons/
From Me to Everyone: 02:12 PM Facebook group for EVO Minecraft MOOC, https://www.facebook.com/groups/evomc/
From Bron Stuckey to Everyone: 02:12 PM https://education.minecraft.net/wp-content/uploads/Remote-Learning-with-Minecraft-Education-Edition_Final.pdf
From Me to Everyone: 02:15 PM People love to learn, they just hate to be taught 🙂
From David Jones to Everyone: 02:17 PM I’ve got a great simple social example of using Minecraft recently done
From Helen to Everyone: 02:17 PM & for kids that don’t have access
From Bron Stuckey to Everyone: 02:20 PM Dragon Realm
From Me to Everyone: 02:21 PM Hide and Seek games in Minecraft
or Dragon Realm as the case may be
From Helen to Everyone: 02:27 PM Lucky you! What is the advantage of using classroom mode?
From Me to Everyone: 02:27 PM are you talking about Minecraft edu? Hunt the Teacher 🙂
From Megan to Everyone: 02:28 PM You can see the top-down map view. And where everyone is on the map.
From Helen to Everyone: 02:28 PM Thanks
From David Jones to Everyone: 02:28 PM you can move students if they are lost too
From Helen to Everyone: 02:28 PM I am very much a learner in Minecraft!
From Megan to Everyone: 02:29 PM You can move students without Classroom Mode. You just have to type in the chat commands
From Megan to Everyone: 02:33 PM Lego 🙂
From Me to Everyone: 02:37 PM Minecraft stuck at home challenge, March 15, 2020, https://flipgrid.com/minecraftcovid19
Being stuck at home for weeks can be dull but designing an awesome house to be stuck in would make it a whole lot better! What would your epic dream home be? A boat? A starship? A castle? A Jawa Sandcrawler? What would be in it? 800″ screen TV? Indoor pool? An IMAX movie theater? Where would it be? On the beach? Underwater? On the moon? Submit a 3 min video of your dream home created in Minecraft and share your link on Twitter! Include the hashtag #MinecraftCOVID19
From Me to Everyone: 02:38 PM Regarding App Smashing, this is where I first heard about the concept:
From Bron Stuckey to Everyone: 02:39 PM https://education.minecraft.net/wp-content/uploads/Remote-Learning-with-Minecraft-Education-Edition_Final.pdf
From Me to Everyone: 02:42 PM When I searched for Bron Stuckey it took me here, blast from the past, https://youtu.be/II-jiGqPJ1w
From Megan to Everyone: 02:44 PM https://education.minecraft.net/lessons/minecraft-hour-of-code/

Twitter handles provided by some in the chat:
@vances, @scienceninjagal, @DJoneseducator, @hihelen18, @bronst

At 2:05 in the chat I asked everyone, What else was I supposed to get? Now I remember. I had promised to provide a link to Library 2.0

This is one of many domains managed by Steve Hargadon, comprising, possibly among others (in alphabetical order)

During time of school closures, they say you can hangout with Librarians 24/7 in text and / or Zoom through this link, https://www.library20.com/page/live

Earlier Events

Mon 4 May 2000 EDT or Tue May 5 midnight UCT – Monthly VSTE Minecraft Monday


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