Catching our breath: Reflecting on RSCON5, iDTi MOOC, TTO MOOC, and MMVC14

Learning2gether Episode 227

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Sun Jul 20 1400 GMT Learning2gether reflects on summer of RSCON5, TTO MOOC, iTDi, and MMVC14

Many of us are anticipating summer holidays, some like me, Vance, are traveling and can’t connect with all the events happening this summer when they are synchronously online. From a presenter’s or participants point of view, even if you did connect, perhaps you didn’t have time to explore or explain your topic in detail, or perhaps there was too little time to discuss it.

If you can relate to the educators’ dilemma in the paragraph above and would like to take a moment to join us to revisit or reflect on topics of interest to you, whether as a presenter or participant, or most likely both, in either of the events mentioned above, or any other you have enjoyed this summer, please join us at 1400 GMT this Sunday July 20. We are going To The Ocean, to the virtual beach, spread a virtual beach mat, maybe kick a few beach balls around, and share stories, data, whatever.

Hangout or Bb/Collaborate Elluminate?  Any preference? As RSCON5 was held in that environment, should we go there? Why not, anyone can join, and its mat spreads well at the beach. It is summertime, let’s meet there then, shall we?

In Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate)

Dress comfortably, come as you are, all are welcome, hope to see you there

RSCON5 follow-up

We hope you were inspired by the Reform Symposium Free Online Conference (RSCON) events that took place July 10-13th. The online global event featured 50+ presentations11 keynote speakers3 panel discussions, and a tech/app swapalooza. Our plenary, Dean Shareski, began the conference by challenging us to spread joy in our practice. Our keynotes came from 9 countries and our presenters from over 15 countries. Topics included mobile learning, gamification, differentiation, writing web tools, passion based learning, maker education, teaching english language learners, demand high teaching, Chess, puppets, Minecraft, digital portfolios, and much more! Two of our keynotes were students who started their own companies and one of our presenters was a 10 year-old Youtuber who walked us through machinima and Mindcraft.

If you missed any of the sessions, find all the recordings here,

On July 10th, we hosted our first pre-conference Author Spotlight. Find the short video interviews here,

Here is important information:

Thank you for supporting our presenters, keynotes, and plenary who dedicate time to inspiring you! Please share their presentations and resources. Don’t forget to thank them for the inspiration.

Conference Organizers:

Shelly Sanchez Terrell, Peggy George Marcia Lima, Heike Philp, Marijana Smolcec, Amy Brinkley and Steve Hargadon

Visit The Future of Education at:


Participants in the Sunday Learning2gether session:

  • Leo JC [Juiz de Fora]
  • Peggy George [Phoenix AZ]
  • Marijana [Croatia]
  • Marcia Lima [Brazil]
  • Maria Colussa [Santo Tomé Argentina]
  • Claire Bradin Siskin [Pittsburgh]

Links mentioned


2014-07-22_0703likes 2014-07-22_0701marcia


We were followed by Vicki Hollett

Earlier today!

Sun Jul 20 1230 GMT Jason Levine kicks off iTDi Summer School MOOC For English Teachers

Jason Levine started another MOOC in conjunction with iTDI scheduled to run today through August 17, 2014

This MOOC is open in the sense that it is free to sign up for and to enjoy, but not open in the sense that its artifacts are accessible to anyone online without pre-condition, which is that you must enroll in the course in order to attend the live events or see the recordings (fair enough; though Jason has expressed intention to make the recordings available through a YouTube channel, at which point they will become open for access to anyone wishing to view them)

The iTDi Summer School MOOC For English Teachers: Fly High With iTDi! runs July 20th – August 17th

Sun Jul 20 1300 GMT iTDi Keynote by Vicky Loras – The human touch

In WizIQ – For connection details or to view recordings, enroll in the course at

Earlier this week

Wed Jul 16 OBANZ – Open Badges Australia and New Zealand Hangout

Created by OBANZ – Open Badges Australia and New Zealand  –  Invited by Dean Groom

Community call for open badges users in Australia and New Zealand, or those who are interested in learning more about open badges.

If you have an experience you’d like to share, or question you’d like to ask, please get in touch!

Download mp3 here

TTO MOOC participant presentations

Wed Jul 16 Khaled Kamel – Keeping your students engaged

TTO Participant Presentation given by Khaled Kamel in the UAE on ‘Keeping Your Students Engaged

View complete information <– this link is tied to a particular WizIQ login (requiring you to supply password)

To view the presentation or its recording, join TTO MOOC

Thu Jul 17 Youssef Tamer on Google Apps in teaching, links posted in the WizIQ chat

Thu Jul 17 1900 GMT Preparing You and Your Students for the TOEFL IBT
View complete information <– this link is tied to a particular WizIQ login (requiring you to supply password)

To view the presentation or its recording, join TTO MOOC

Fri Jul 18 1400 GMT Julia Amlinskaya on TTO MOOC – Teaching online and managing online schools

Yulia has two online language schools and a blog:

Here are some examples of her webpresence:

In order to join this event in WizIQ or to access its recording afterwards, you need to enroll in TTO MOOC

Enroll for Free here

Fri Jul 18 2000 GMT Holger Gilruth at Edunation Language Community event in Second Life

The EdLC is the new name for an active group of language educators who meet twice a month to exchange best practise in language education. The meetings take place on EduNation every 1st Sunday of the month and every 3rd Friday of the month

at 8pm GMT/ 1pm SLT / 9pm UK time / 8am NZ time – 3 pm in Texas 

WHERE? EduNation next to the Sandbox, bonfire in front of Irish Pub


– to learn from each other through practical sessions on building, scripting, machinima (‘workshops’)

– to exchange ideas on how to deal with students, methodology etc. (‘fireside chats’)

– invite guest speakers (‘coffee with…’)

If you want to volunteer, please contact Heike aka Gwen.

This was the final event in this series

For more information, visit and join the NING at

Fri Jul 18 at 2000 GMT Shelly Terrell American TESOL webinar – Cloud computing and the ELT class

Note that times in GMT may vary because the timing is fixed to a local time zone where clocks are moved forward / back periodically

The following screen with its many links live can be found at which redirects to

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