Learning2gether all weekend Aug 1-3 with MMVC14 and iTDi

Learning2gether Episode 229

There have been some remarkable events on this summer. July has seen at least one professional development session a day, first with TTO MOOC and RSCON5, and then iTDi
(see https://learning2gether.net/2014/07/20/reflecting-on-rscon5-idti-mooc-tto-mooc-and-mmvc14/).

This post documents the last week in July and then takes us to the top of August with MMCV14, a three day Moodle Moot virtual conference organized by Nellie Deutsch
(see http://www.wiziq.com/teachblog/august-moodle-moot/).

We start the weekend on on Friday, Aug 1, 1300 GMT, with simultaneous events for each iTDi and MMVC14 (had to choose!).  This carries on Saturday, and then through Sunday, traditional Learning2gether day, with the final day of the MMVC14 conference.

Sunday August 3, Learning2gether with final day 3 of MMVC14, Moodle MOOT Virtual Conference


Sessions for Aug 3

  • 1200 GMT Nitin Jain Mass Enrolment is possible on Moodle, on a plugin for bulk loading participants to Moodle courses
  • 1300 GMT Maria Jesús García San Martín In and Out of Moodle
  • Sun Aug 3 1400 GMT MMVC14 presents AgileBill Krebs – SL Flat but Spatial
    Click here for the recording
  • 1500 GMT MMVC14 presents Professor Michael Edelstein Charting the Path to Sustainable Future
    Click here to access the recording
  • 1600 GMT Dr Ebba  Ossiannilsson MOOCs Hope and Hype
  • 1700 GMT Stephan Hughes Teaching the teacher on MMC14
    Click here to access the recording
  • 1800 GMT David W. Deeds Teaching/Training with 3D Virtual Worlds
  • 1900 GMT Rosmery Ribera Ferrier Blended Learning Debate
  • 2000 GMT Ludmila Smirnova, Ph. D Designing and Teaching a Moodle Course Online: How to Do it Right
  • 2100 GMT Nellie Deutsch Closing Ceremony

Sun Aug 3 1400 GMT iTDi MOOC Barbara Sakamoto – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In order to attend the live events or see the recordings you must first enroll in the MOOC

Saturday August 2, second day of MMVC14

iTDi Summer School MOOC For English Teachers: Fly High With iTDi! through Aug 17th

Fri Aug 2 iTDi MOOC Teaching children with special needs – Autism with Priscila Mateini

‘Teaching Children with Special Needs – Autism by Priscila Mateini’. The class will start at 06:00 PM (GMT+04:00) Abu Dhabi, Muscat and is 60 minutes long.

To join the class or view its recording, you must enroll in the iTDi Summer School MOOC For English Teachers: Fly High With iTDi! runs July 20th – August 17th

In order to attend the live events or see the recordings you must first enroll in the MOOC

Fri Aug 1 thru Sun Aug 3 MMVC14 free online conference

Sat Aug 2 Day 2 of MMVC14 free online conference

  • 1200 GMT MMVC14 – Sheeba Ajmal Enhanced Learning Environment – ELE
  • 1300 GMT MMVC14 – Dr. Ramesh Sharma OERs: Emerging Scenarios in India
  • 1400 GMT MMVC14 – Dr. Arkady Zilberman Going Mobile for Acquisition of EFL Skills
  • 1500 GMT MMVC14 – Janvier Nkurunziza Teacher training with Moodle in Africa, action research
  • 1600 GMT MMVC14 – M.A. Halina Ostańkowicz-Bazan Online Education and Netiquette
  • 1700 GMT MMVC14 – Dr. Nancy Zingone Learning by Teaching
  • 1800 GMT MMVC14 – Shelly Sanchez Terrell on MMVC14: Creating Meaningful eLearning with Digital Badges
    Click here for the recording
  • 1900 GMT MMVC14 – Charles Goodger Online Action Song Packs

2000 GMT MMVC14: Guiding Students Online with Leo JC and Danilo Pereira

Time: 4 PM EST(global time given in schedule)

The group FEO – Friends, Helpers & Doers on Facebook allowed FEO e-book 1’s creation.

The constantly updated e-book, built on Google Docs, suggests specific links about vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation for the basic students of English.
Far from intending to be a complete language course, the e-book aims at incentivating students to learn and practise English online, by suggesting links recommended by English teachers.
In 2014, Face English Online , Facebook group and the main blog  , were launched.
Nowadays, the 5 English teachers mentioned below look for more educators to border the online project by not only implementing e-book 1 but also co-building e-book 2.
1. Leo JC
2. Danilo Pereira
3. Ahmed Al-Qadhi
4. Rosana Baraldi
5. Chaouki M’kaddem

Sat Aug 2 1600 GMT CR20 Live on Practical Teaching Strategies for 21st Century Students

Kristen Swanson and Hadley Ferguson, co-authors of “Unleashing Student Superpowers: Practical Teaching Strategies for 21st Century Students”

  • Saturday, August 2nd at 12pm CR20 LIVE Weekly Show, Classroom 2.0 LIVE is an opportunity to gather with other member of the community in regular “live” web meetings. Special thanks for this go to our sponsor, Blackboard Collaborate, for providing the service that allows us to do this! Details to join at http://live.classroom20.com.
  • For a full calendar of more upcoming events and conferences, click here

On the Classroom 2.0 LIVE! site (http://live.classroom20.com) you’ll find the recordings and Livebinder from our recent ”Evernote in the Classroom” session with our special guestJeff Bradbury. Click on the Archives and Resources tab. When tweeting about Classroom 2.0 LIVE, be sure to use #liveclass20. Special thanks to our sponsors Weebly, The Learning Revolution and Blackboard Collaborate!

Fri Aug 1 started at 1300 GMT with simultaneous events

iTDi MOOC event

Using Videos to Improve Reading Comprehension by Naomi Epstein

Obviously Naomi showed a number of videos meant to prompt reading and expression (as in writing, conversation)

In order to view the recording you’ll need to enroll in the iTDi Summer School MOOC For English Teachers: Fly High With iTDi! runs July 20th – August 17th

In order to attend the live events or see the recordings

Fri Aug 1 thru Sun Aug 3

MMVC14 free Moodle Moot virtual conference

From Nellie: “You’re invited to join the 4th annual free 3-day online conference from August 1-3, 2014. Recordings will be available for anyone who is registered. You may also access the content and engage in discussions with the presenters and other participants. Certificates are available for those who reflect on 3 of the live classes or the recordings of the webinars.

Here’s the link to the conference: http://www.wiziq.com/course/30546-moodlemoot-2014-mmvc14

There are 26 webinars. Recordings and MP4 files will be available for download. You can check your timezone by clicking on the time scheduled for each session.”

Aug 1 1300 GMT Dr. Nellie Deutsch Opening Ceremony

Class link: http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/2016340-mmvc14-opening-ceremony-with-dr-nellie-deutsch

Following sessions for Aug 1

  • 1400 GMT Dr. Jukka Holm and Maija Loikkanen ActionTrack – Learning by Experiencing
  • 1500 GMT Brenda Mallinson Offline Solutions for Online Learning
  • 1600 GMT Exploring Use of iPads 4 Engaged Learning by Lindsay Bordonaro
    Lindsay Bordonaro discusses Exploring the Use of iPads for Engaged Learning in the Elementary Classroom: A Survey of Teachers. Research demonstrates that well integrated technology has a positive impact on student learning outcomes. This survey was implemented to examine if and how elementary and middle school teachers use iPads in their classrooms, what iPad applications are used and preferred by students and teachers. This presentation explains the results.
  • Aug 1 1700 GMT Dr. Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D Blended Online Learning with Moodle and WizIQ
    Dr. Nellie Deutsch, Blended Online Learning (Moodle & WizIQ) with Nellie Deutsch
    Click here to access the recording
  • Aug 1 1800 GMT Anna Grabowska Moodle Case Studies since 2003
  • Aug 1 1900 GMT Paul Beaudoin, PhD Beginnings, Middles and Ends
  • Aug 1 2000 GMT Mau Buchler Tripppin on ESL

Also Friday, Aug 1

Fri Aug 1 at 2000 GMT Shelly Terrell American TESOL webinar – Preparing your best year yet

Note that times in GMT may vary because the timing is fixed to a local time zone where clocks are moved forward / back periodically

As an example, this is the one for May 16, 2014, 1600 EDT, 2000 GMT


The following screen with its many links live can be found at http://bit.ly/eltlinks which redirects to


Fri Aug 1 AltEd Virtual Film Festival begins

Alternative Education Virtual Film Festival: http://www.virtualfilmfestival.com/alternative-education.html

The films are available for free or nominal cost viewing during the month of August. Click on the Alt Ed Film Fest Director Interview Schedule to access the films and take this opportunity to view them. You can also find the schedule of interviews with the directors here.

Earlier this week

Wed Jul 23 Learning2gether with Joe Dale about AppSmashing with iPads

Thu Jul 24 Future of Museums free online conference
Future of Museums, this free, online event will give those of you who work in the museum and archives fields an opportunity to share your passion for the future of museum services, spaces, and innovations. Conference strands include Bring Your Own DeviceLocation-Based ServicesCrowdsourcing, and Makerspaces.

  • Twin Events on the Future of Museums: Wednesday + Thursday. This week will kick off twin events about the future of museums – July 23rd & 24th. Both events are focused on four main themes from the NMC Horizon Report > 2013 Museum Edition: Bring Your Own Device, Location-Based Services, Crowdsourcing, and Makerspaces.
    • Wednesday: NMC Virtual Symposium on the Future of Museums is an exclusive symposium for you, the curators, creators, innovators, museum professionals, and educators. In this limited-space event, engage with panels on these topics and help shape the conversation – get your burning questions answered! There are still spaces left, so please see more information at go.nmc.org/future-museums.
    • Thursday: The Future of Museums Conference will be a free, online, collaborative global conversation about technology, museums, and the future. This event will be held from 9:30am – 5pm US-Eastern Time, and will feature keynote speakers Suse Cairns, Lath Carlson, Alex Freeman, Jeffrey Inscho, Barry Joseph, Elizabeth Merritt, and Holly Witchey, and crowdsourced presentations by your peers. Attendees can expect to learn best practices to implement in their museums, and will hear real-world examples of innovative practices in the field. We are looking forward to these fun events, and to your participation.

Are you planning to attend? Don’t forget to print out this flyer to hang on your door, letting your colleagues know what you’re up to and how they can join you!. More promotional materials are available at http://futureofmuseums.com/page/promotion.

Fri Jul 25  iTDi and Ana Maria Menezes and Jennifer Verschoor

Fri Jul 25 Shelly Terrell American TESOL webinar – 10+ ways to get tech into the classroom

The following screen with its many links live can be found at http://bit.ly/eltlinks which redirects to

Sun July 27  Learning2gether with iTDi MOOC and Chuck Sandy

Date & Time


Session Title and Description

July 27th

1 pm GMT

Chuck Sandy  believes that education has the power to change the world: one student, one teacher, one classroom at a time. He’s is a cofounder and director of the International Teacher Development Institute (iTDi). He’s also  a teacher trainer, essayist, and author of several coursebooks such as the just published Passages 3rd Edition series from Cambridge University Press  which he wrote with Jack C.Richards. His most recent book which he coauthored with Dorothy Zemach is English For Scammers, a guide to writing effective business emails.  Read Chuck’s most recent essays about education on the iTDi Blog and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

This Is Just To Tell You … (about poetry, projects, and power) In this session we’ll explore the power of collaborative learning using a few simple poems as our starting point.  We’ll do some activities together, develop some additional possibilities, and then I’ll invite you and your students to participate in a collaborative online project in which we’ll build a database of recorded poetry. To prepare for this session please read my iTDi Blog post Invitation Standing: Bringing Poetry To The Classroom

This MOOC is open in the sense that it is free to sign up for and to enjoy, but not open in the sense that its artifacts are accessible to anyone online without pre-condition, which is that you must enroll in the iTDi Summer School MOOC For English Teachers: Fly High With iTDi! runs July 20th – August 17th  in order to attend the live events or see the recordings

Mon Jul 28 IHAQ #15 The Ethics of Innovation

Mon July 28 2014 More than activities: #FlashmobELT by Ann Loseva & Michael Griffin

Mon Jul 28 1800 GMT Open Badges MOOC webinar on Cities of Learning


  • Nichole Pinkard, Associate Professor at DePaul University and Founder of DYN (Representing CoL overall)
  • Sybil Boyd-Madison, Learning Pathways Program Director at DYN (Representing Chicago)
  • Margaret Black, Director of Operations at Big Thought (Representing Dallas)
  • Luis Mora, Administrator at Beyond the Bell (Representing LA)
  • Megan Cole, The Badge Alliance

Our world is increasingly complex and connected. Today’s youth need learning that is powerful and relevant and that links the academics they study today to the real world they will live and work in tomorrow. This is a challenge that no single institution can solve. Our community must come together to connect our youth to rich learning experiences, both inside and outside of school, to discover and develop their talents and ambitions.

The Cities of Learning http://citiesoflearning.org/ offers just that. As a nationwide movement to leverage community and government resources, the Cities of Learning turns a whole city into a campus, opening doors across neighborhoods to ensure all youth have access to creative and academic opportunities in our libraries, museums, parks and other community institutions, as well as to exciting learning experiences online.

Cities of Learning are designed around the principles of Connected Learning, a new approach that builds on the basics, leveraging technology to make learning relevant to the demands and opportunities of the digital age. In addition, the Cities award digital open badges to showcase the knowledge and skills youth acquire during out-of-school learning.

Chicago launched the Cities of Learning movement in 2013 with a successful summer program that now continues year-round. This summer, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh have kicked off their Cities of Learning, with Columbus and Washington, D.C., joining the lineup this fall. More cities are planning to launch in 2015.

Join us for a live presentation as we dive deeper into the Cities of Learning movement. Megan Cole, Director of Marketing and Operations at the Badge Alliance, will facilitate the discussion between the key partners and open badges experts that are behind building the Cities of Learning infrastructure and badges systems, as well as local city officials that have had a direct hand in implementing the Cities of Learning program to-date.

  • Review the history of the Cities of Learning vision
  • Discuss what it takes to launch a Cities of Learning
  • Get details on the foundational Connected Learning principles used
  • Receive an overview of how badge systems are created within each city
  • Take a look at what will be happening in four major cities this summer
  • Get answers to questions you might have about the Cities of Learning
  • For more information, visit http://citiesoflearning.org.

To join the live sessions, please use the Blackboard Collaborate Web Conference link: http://tinyurl.com/OpenBadgesCollaborate

Looking forward to your ongoing participation in the Open Badges MOOC! You are welcome to continue to use the MOOC resources (badges.coursesites.com) and submit challenge assignments for review by our experts. You’ll also find an extremely useful set of resources on the Reconnect Learning site.

Anne Derryberry, Deb Everhart, and Erin Knight

MOOC leaders

Tue Jul 29 iTDi MOOC Chuck Sandy and Barbara Sakamoto

Tue Jul 29 iTDi MOOC Marijana Smolcec and Marcia Lima

Link shared during the presentation:

(my badge)

This MOOC is open in the sense that it is free to sign up for and to enjoy, but not open in the sense that its artifacts are accessible to anyone online without pre-condition, which is that you must enroll in the iTDi Summer School MOOC For English Teachers: Fly High With iTDi! runs July 20th – August 17th  in order to attend the live events or see the recordings

Tue Jul 29 Appy Hour – SimCity

Tuesday, July 29th Appy Hour: Inspiring Students to Design Great Cities with SimCity, SimCity is an always-online, fast-paced, intuitive, and forgiving city simulator that lets kids build (and destroy) single-player cities in multiplayer regions. Students can learn about what makes a great city, city management by keeping a budget, running a surplus, or issue bonds to keep afloat. Kids can play together in the same region, or as a single player who manages all the cities in it. In this Appy Hour, videogame journalist, critic, and teacher David Thomas will present on how SimCity can be used by teachers.

For a full calendar of more upcoming events and conferences, click here.

Wed Jul 30 Debora Tebovich and Roseli Serra

Wed Jul 30 Teachers Teaching Teachers

  • Wednesday, July 30th at 9pm Teachers Teaching Teachers, Weekly conversations hosted by EdTechTalk, a collaborative open webcasting community. For more information, click here.

Thu Jul 31 Strategies for a Whole-Community Approach to Digital Citizenship 

  • Thursday, July 31st Strategies for a Whole-Community Approach to Digital Citizenship, How has your school built a positive culture around digital citizenship? How have you involved students, faculty, staff, leadership, and parents? In our community’s next webinar, learn about the three elements necessary to take a whole-community approach to digital citizenship at your school or district: educating students, engaging parents, and enriching leadership. See examples from Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy in Melbourne, Florida, which is a Digital Citizenship Certified School by Common Sense Media. Learn how the school a taught students digital citizenship, see examples of how the school has engaged parents, and hear examples of school leadership. Join Susan and Brad on July 31st and walk away with specific ideas and examples of how you can build a positive school culture around digital citizenship, and involve all stakeholders. Register here.
  • Thursday, July 31st Laura Candler: Active Engagement – Simple Strategies for Success, Another exciting webinar by Laura Candler to jump-start your new school year with simple strategies that you can use to make your classroom more engaging and help kids retain what they are learning. During this free webinar, Laura will share strategies for making every lesson more effective with active engagement. Strategies will include cooperative learning methods, team formation tips, how to use dry erase boards effectively, classroom management ideas, and more. You are also invited to share your own strategies via the online chat during the webinar. If you can’t attend the live session, register to receive the link to the recording. Participants who attend the live session will be able to download an attendance certificate that they may be able to use for PD credit. Register here.

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