Extending Google+ Hangouts to way beyond 10 participants: Vance Stevens’s presentation at the TESOL Arabia conference in Dubai UAE

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Fri Mar 14 1000 GMT Vance Stevens streams Hangout Happening live from TESOL Arabia Dubai, entitled Extending Google+ Hangouts to way beyond 10 participants

At the conference I intend to set up a Hangout live and invite conference participants to join it. Of course anyone in our online PLN is welcome to join us as well.


The live stream was set up shortly before the presentation and remained reasonably robust throughout the event. This was proposed as a workshop to be held in a computer lab setting, starting at 1000 GMT (2pm in Dubai), but most attendees had mobile devices, so biggest challenge was getting them to mute and use earphones, to keep down echo.

As it turned out, we had one participant from online (thanks to Marijana from Croatia!!, who started in the Etherpad chat and then joined us in the hangout). We also had one participant make it into the Hangout from the live audience. However, although many were able to reach the pages where the event was being streamed, the Etherpad chat was too tiny for some smartphone screens, and YouTube was possibly blocked, as at least one user explained that he received a message denying access.

Still, enough happened that we were able demonstrate the process and I think in the end, people seemed to be understanding how the pieces fit together and why, and another was found exploring my slide show and said it seemed quite clear.  So I am happy with the outcome from my expenditure of effort.


You could set this up by TELLING people

Or you can set up an online space where you provide the above information plus

  • The embed to the live stream

The embed of the Etherpad chat below that

For example,

Once the hangout is in session, the slides will be shown via screen share to the virtual and online audiences.

The slides for this presentation are online at http://slideshare.net/vances

An earlier version of the SLIDES was presented at the 4th annual Global Education Conference, GEC2013 Online, November 19, 2913

A published version of the presentation appears here:


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