Aiden Yeh – Teaching the Art of Poetic Discourse

Learning2gether Episode 208

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Sun Mar 16 Aiden Yeh – Teaching the Art of Poetic Discourse

Aiden says, “I’ll be talking a little bit about the presentation on  poetic discourse that I presented in a conference in Shanghai last  October. I will share a few effective teaching approaches in teaching  English-major students, the basics of writing modern poetry in a fun and  meaningful way. I’ll show a few examples of students’ poems (and mine,  too) produced as part of the creative writing workshop.In Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate)
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Earlier this week

Tue Mar 4  OUP/ELT webinar with Diana Bannister and Shaun Wilden

OUP white paper ‘Tablets and Apps in Your School: best practice for implementation’ supports and guides decision-makers with the who, what, why, where, and how of implementing tablets in schools. Download the white paper ahead of the Hangout:
Join us for a live Google Hangout on Air on Tuesday, 4th March at 12:00 GMT with Diana Bannister, MBE, and Shaun Wilden, authors of the white paper and have your questions answered on:
– how to introduce mobile devices into your school – ideas for best practice in the classroom – how to ensure that 1:1 devices are used effectively’

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Wed-Thu Mar 6-7 Homeschool Conference

Announcing the 2014 Homeschool Conference, Learning Revolution’s second free online Homeschool Conference, which will be March 6th and 7th. Look for updates soon. Traditional educators: there’s a lot to be learned from the homeschooling world about personal education and the pursuit of passionate interests–you might consider attending!

Sun Mar 9 Vance Stevens hosts another session on iPads in language learning

Fri Mar 14 Vance Stevens streams Hangout Happening live from TESOL Arabia Dubai

Archive of the event now posted at:

Fri Mar 14 Current and future practices in the use of worlds in Higher Education Institutions

in Second Life, contact …

Mar 15 Become a Google Tools Expert

Mar 14-16 Spring Blog Festival

Class Title:   SBF: Creating a WebQuest on a Blog  Sunday, March 16, 2014 12:00 AM

and more …

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