Learning2gether with GEC2013: 4th annual Global Education Conference

Learning2gether Episode 188

Nov 18-23 Global Education Conference

The 4th annual GEC conference was held online, around the clock, over the course of five days: November 18 – 23. It was free to attend, and first-time presenters were encouraged to submit proposals

Download mp3:

Tue Nov 19 – Vance Stevens presented at GlobalEd13
Meet online using Google HoA with unlimited participants


Writeup in progress:


SESSION Recordings

Associated Links:

Hangout on Air recordings

During the BbCollaborate/Elluminate chat Vance switched on the Hangout on Air. The recording for the first part of this 35 minute HoA is of Vance speaking into the Elluminate chat.  The responses of participants were recorded as silent spaces which have been edited out of the mp3.  At the end of the Hangout Chris Smith a.k.a. Shamblesguru <http://shambles.net/shamblesguru/> hung around for an informal chat, also recorded here

Download mp3:


Ayat Tawel also presented at GlobalEd 2013

Harry Potter Book Project in Edmodo: A Collaborative Initiative Between Students from Egypt and Canada


BbC/Elluminate, mp3, and mp4 recordings:

and she documented the experience in this conversation

Thursday Nov 21 1200 GMT Maria Colussa at GEC2013

The Connected Educator in Progress, A Beginner´s Journey

BbC/Elluminate, mp3, and mp4 recordings:


Here´s the link to

Jens Kjaer Olsen invited us to a presentation on MachinEVO

More info:

BbC/Elluminate, mp3, and mp4 recordings:

Shamblesguru set up an Twubs aggregation on #globaled13 here http://twubs.com/globaled13

Thursday Nov 14 and Tuesday Nov 19 Sean Dowling – Making the most of e-books for academic skills

Sean Dowling at HCT in Sharjah repeats his webinar entitled “Making the most of e-books for academic skills” on Nov 19 (7pm in UAE). Click here for details.

Earlier this week

Sunday Nov 17
Nina Liakos moderates EVO moderator training week 4 wrapup

In the webheads room http://learningtimesevents.org/webheads/

Here is the link to the recording

Nov 8 to Dec 12 U.S. Dept of State and UC Berkeley – College Writing 2.1x: Principles of Written English

Dear Colleagues,The U.S. Department of State and UC Berkeley are offering a 5-week writing course College Writing 2.1x: Principles of Written English.  This course is an open online course available to both English language learners and teachers interested in academic writing.This course is free and open to any interested participants.The course begins Friday, November 8th and will be 5-weeks long. All coursework is asynchronous (meaning the content can be accessed at anytime during the week and there are no live sessions to attend) and assignments are due at the end of each week. Learn more and register here: https://www.edx.org/course/berkeley/colwri2-1x/college-writing-2-1x-principles/1194.  You can also visit the course Facebook Page.Check with your local U.S. Embassies and American Corners as some are hosting supplemental facilitation sessions to collaborate with students and colleagues during this learning process. Or consider forming your own learning group!

Visit Shaping the Way We Teach English at: http://shapingenglish.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

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