Vance Stevens hosts another session on iPads in language learning

Learning2gether Episode 206

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On Sun Mar 9 Vance Stevens hosted another session on iPads in language learning

Here is its Google+ event page:

The event was streamed with a Chatwing text chat available to listeners in real time at
Where participants were able to watch through the streaming / recording embed on YouTube:

What did we talk about?

Following on our conversation last Sunday

This Sunday, we gave iPads a little more thought.  Where I work we’re just now in a position of giving out iPads and having to manage their use into something productive to learning at some point in the very near future.  That is, we’ll give the iPads out, have the students set them up and download a set of apps, and then get them producing something relating to the curriculum (geared to having them succeed in IELTS listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar).

Last week we found that the topic was of interest to several colleagues so this week I tried to bring a little more research to the table than what I had on hand at our last meeting. I prepared by compiling what I have learned about iPads into something practical and useful. I’m blogging what I’m coming up with here, please add your comments:

This post is written from the point of view of an educator preparing to enter the realm of iPads with students for the first time.  This is basically a list of apps we have identified as being useful and a catalog of articles written by educators who have been through the experience.  The amount of such material is exhaustive, so the pearls that can be used when needed in class are difficult to find. Ahmed asked at the end of our chat if we had anything on how the apps we had mentioned could be used in class contexts. He was aware of initiatives in the UAE, both with HCT, under whose umbrella I work and UAE University in Al Ain where I live, where iPads are conceived as replacing use of paper.  In my particular context we have been working just outside these initiatives (our students have had laptops so far) and discovering what Ahmed asked about is exactly the point of our discussions.  In holding them, we are finding others in similar positions. We are hoping to share with others at our stage in using iPads, both to learn from them, and soon to help by opening to them what we learn from our experience.

Here are some show notes gleaned from today’s discussion:

I forget to capture the text chat with its links but Rita was able to recall what she had placed there while it was fresh on her mind:

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