TALIN hosts Dilip Barad – On Conducting Remote Hands-on Workshops

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On Wednesday, May 20, at 1400 UTC – TALIN hostsed Dr. Dilip Barad who had agreed to talk with us on how he had conducted one of his recent remote hands-on workshop.

More about Dr. Dilip Barad

Here is how Dilip Barad characterised his experience of remotely conducting the online hands-on workshop that he would be talking about:

It was quite a unique experiment with a few interesting learning experiences. The workshop was hosted from Bhavnagar, Gujarat (Western India) for the participants 2000 km down south in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We worked on Google Meet platform. All participants were women teachers of Under Grades and above.

I invited Dilip to join us after he shared this post on Facebook:

What this says is …

Day 2:
#ICT is an important part in the toolkit of #skills required to carry out our main work / job / tasks. It is not the core knowledge which is required to professionals who are not directly dealing with software or IT related services.
For teachers #digital is the part of skill set. Their core knowledge is what they #teach.
Well, the only sure way to teach skills is to make people ‘do it’. Without ‘doing’, skills can never be mastered. The more we #practice, the more we master the skills.
Well, to teach skills wherein ‘hands-on’ practicing is very crucial is not an easy taak. Even in ‘face-to-face’ lab or classroom environment it is exhausting. It is so because the learner group is of mixed ability. While a few gallops on quickly to whatever is demonstrated or instructed, there are many who canter around like a snail in the lab / class. The facilitator’s job is tough to keep all along together in the digital skills.
Now, when it is so tough even in f2f environment, imagine how tough it might me to teach it ‘remotely’. In f2f mode, the facilitator in lab gets help of a few fast learners who help the slow ones and the sailing is not that tough.

In this #remote_teaching or say #remote_workshop, all the learners are in their homes, learning as an isolated learner. . . And it is tough beyond imagination to keep the entire class move on shoulder to shoulder, all together.

What worked in meaning this remotely handled hands-on workshop for faculty development?
1. We planned that all participants will work in two devices.
2. The participants shall have a mobile phone as well as a laptop or PC.
3. Needless to say, hi-speed internet and basic ICT skills (or keep a family member around who is good in ICT)
4. #Google_Meet – As we were to work on #Google #Classroom, we used Google #Meet which is hasslefree and does not require new login id or password. No need to remember a few more IDs and passwords.
5. Reliable internet – #BSNL landline Broadband was primarily used to connect multiple devices. It worked very well. #Airtel and #Jio were kept for backup in case one connection fails. (Airtel provided better speed and more reliable connectivity as compared to Jio.)

It worked very well. In two sessions of 3 hours each, we were able to cover-up what ever we expected to.
The faculty members were ready with skills to 1) Digitally share eContent, 2) Video Reaources, 3) Online testing tools and 4) digital platform to run online classes.

[It is less tiring to move around the lab / class and conduct workshop. It is extremely exhausting to remotely conduct workshop. Sitting in one place, one position constantly peeping in the tiny camera and speaking with nobody, no faces to see, no eye contact with learners to get a nod, no body gestures to reply our non-question questions ~ is very very exhausting.]
3 May 2020.

 — at Rupani Circle Bhavnagar.


Meanwhile, Dilip posted this to Facebook, as well as an invitation to a watch party on May 17, 2020


On May 17, Dilip invited his Facebook friends to sit in on this watch party

Watching this event play out online, one could observe Dilip’s students giving presentations, and Dilip scrolling through the apparently dozens, if not hundreds, of attendees. I’m sure that Dilip can tell us more about this.

This event was posted to these Facebook Groups 

And announced here: https://groups.io/g/webheadsinaction/message/32603
and as a calendar event: https://groups.io/g/webheadsinaction/viewevent?eventid=815644&calstart=2020-05-20

On LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/vancestevens_volunteersneeded-activity-6668730241231536128-JYNB

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VanceS/status/1262976949825105920

Here are Dilip’s photos from the webinar and his commentary from Facebook


#TALIN (Teaching and Learning in IsolatioN)
Shared experience “On Conducting Remote Hands-on Workshops”
Thank to Vance Stevens for this #Zoom event.
It was good to see that the teacher-participants of the workshop under discussion were also present to share their experience as learners.
It was nice to have Heike Philp, Claire Bradin Siskin and Graham Stanley on board for discussion.
It was surprise to see that Kalyani Vallath, Madhavi Nikam, Prakash Joshi and Chandra Mouli were also present and some of them even raised interesting concerns.
The Zoom video recording will be available here  (at this post)
7.15 to 8.45 pm – 20 May 2020

 — with Vaidehi HariyaniGraham StanleyVance StevensHeike PhilpRohit Vyas and Claire Bradin Siskin.


Zoom Chat Logs

21:42:42 From Vance Stevens : Welcome, we will be starting the webinar in 15-20 min
21:56:41 From Namrata Gohil : Hello…Good evening…
21:57:54 From Heike Philp : Dear all, please click on ‘Participants’ so that you can see the list of participants. (You might decide to go out of full screen mode) and then you can rename yourself if you appear as ‘Galaxy On7’ for example
22:03:42 From Heike Philp to Vance Stevens(Privately) : do you want to switch off your webcam Vance? (I did as requested, always appreciate reminders like this – Vance 🙂
22:03:55 From Vance Stevens : sure
22:05:25 From Heike Philp to Vance Stevens(Privately) : is it ok to disable the waiting room now?
22:05:28 From Vance Stevens to Heike Philp(Privately) : sure we can switch it off, me or you?
22:05:39 From Heike Philp to Vance Stevens(Privately) : I will switch it off now
22:05:40 From Vance Stevens to Heike Philp(Privately) : I did it
22:05:41 From Heike Philp to Vance Stevens(Privately) : and worry not
22:05:50 From Heike Philp to Vance Stevens(Privately) : its ok
I have this here for a reason. We were protecting the event from Zoom bombers. Things seem under control now.
22:06:11 From Sona : Good evening everyone
22:06:22 From Heike Philp : hi Sona!
22:06:24 From Vance Stevens : welcome
22:06:35 From Claire Siskin : Good evening (morning here in the U.S.)
22:06:44 From Vance Stevens : Hi Claire
22:06:49 From Heike Philp : good afternoon in Germany 🙂
22:06:51 From Sanghamitra Parhi : Good evening everyone
22:07:05 From NahirDesk : Good morning !
22:07:11 From Mouli : Good evening every one
22:07:46 From Chandreyee : Good Morning Claire! Good evening friends.
22:08:00 From Heike Philp to Vance Stevens(Privately) : I unchecked the ‘Allow Participants to Unmute themselves in the settings of the participants list
22:08:05 From Heike Philp to Vance Stevens(Privately) : this is important
22:08:21 From Vance Stevens to Heike Philp(Privately) : thanks Heike it helps to have a mentor
This is another important protection from Zoom bombers. Everyone can learn from Heike’s experience in these matters. Later when we wish to open things up, we can restore the ability for participants to unmute themselves.
22:08:29 From Samiya Kagdi : Hello Everyone!
22:08:38 From Heike Philp to Vance Stevens(Privately) : and now, all I do is switch off people’s webcams – that is all that can happen
22:08:48 From Heike Philp to Vance Stevens(Privately) : and these webcams so not show on the recording
22:08:55 From Heike Philp to Vance Stevens(Privately) : *do not show
22:09:03 From Vance Stevens to Heike Philp(Privately) : excellent22:09:18 From Heike Philp to Vance Stevens(Privately) : when they are muted they only show briefly and I switch them off
22:09:36 From Vance Stevens to Heike Philp(Privately) : great
Heike has now innoculated the proceedings from the last possible unwanted intrusion, except that at some point later, someone wrote a small line across one of Dilip’s slides.
22:09:01 From Titixa Pandya : Good evening everyone…
22:09:11 From Madhavi Nikam : Hello…Good evening every one
22:09:38 From Heike Philp : hi Sejal, do you have a question?
22:10:01 From Heike Philp : do you want to ask the question via text chat?
Sejal’s hand icon was raised
22:10:08 From DG : Good evening one and all
22:10:09 From Claire Siskin : Hi Vance
22:10:25 From Vance Stevens : waves @claire
22:10:46 From Claire Siskin : waves @vance
22:11:43 From Graham Stanley : waves @all
22:11:45 From Heike Philp : may I ask who added a line on the presentation? pls undo this
22:11:53 From Claire Siskin : not me
22:12:15 From jrann : not me
22:12:31 From Vance Stevens : thanks The line has disappeared
22:12:37 From Heike Philp : thank you so much – I was able to delete it
22:12:41 From Heike Philp : thanks everyone
22:13:10 From Graham Stanley : I don’t think participants have access to annotation tools, so it must have been the host or co-host
22:13:25 From Vance Stevens : not me
22:13:51 From Heike Philp : hi Graham, good to know, I thought so too
22:17:29 From NRM : I’m doing
22:18:15 From Heike Philp : @all, if you have questions to Dilip, please add a ‘Q’ at the beginning of your question, if you have a comment, please add a ‘C’
22:19:50 From Vance Stevens : C good suggestion
22:21:34 From Sona : Still you made it very easy for us Sir
22:21:51 From Heike Philp : Q I am interested very much how you cope not to see anyone and how to compensate this
22:27:59 From Chandreyee : It was not tiresome at all Sir. You made it extremely interesting. Indeed a memorable learning experience.
22:29:17 From Sona : Not able to unmute Sir
22:29:41 From Heike Philp : I have enabled all to unmute themselves now
22:29:49 From Heike Philp : please raise your hand if you want to speak
22:32:56 From Vance Stevens : @sona I muted you, are you the next speaker?
22:36:19 From Dr. Mahesh Jivani, SU, Rajkot : good conversation
22:37:57 From Prakash Navgire : Dear sir I have not attended your programme but today I am here to get information from you about your opinion to organise webinar on Zoom or Google meet. which is the best option when the participant are more than two hundred. The most important thing is I want to stream live the programme on YOU TUBE and FACEBOOK. Please guide me sir.
22:38:42 From Prakash Joshi : A very profitable interaction, Prof. Barad.
22:45:17 From Rohit Vyas : click on join device audio
22:45:40 From Sona : Really grateful to our Head of the Department for bringing you Sir as the resource person and you taught us so well
22:45:52 From Sanghamitra Parhi : not able to connect
22:45:59 From jrann : Sorry, but I have to leave, now. Class online. Thanks for your presentation.
22:46:13 From Prakash Navgire : May I ask ?
22:46:14 From Claire Siskin : We can see you, Sanghamitra.
22:46:59 From Vanitha R : We were both students and learners. We enrolled co faculty into our classes and become students in our colleagues classes. That way we learnt what our students would do…..not just what we would do as teachers
22:47:40 From Sona : Good evening Sir
22:49:15 From Vance Stevens : when you put comments here we will preserve them in the web archive at https://learning2gether.net
22:49:48 From Heike Philp : Have you tried livestreaming Zoom? it is very easy
22:51:11 From Heike Philp : I have livestreamed a conference using the function in Zoom and was very surprised how easy it is
22:51:12 From Sanghamitra Parhi : Personally speaking I am a slow learner and this FDP has helped me to use technology in the classroom. It has given me a lot of confidence to teach and conduct classes through the digital device. The best part of this FDP was when Dr. Barad asked us to act as each others’ students. And i really thank Dr. Barad for his patience and efficiency.
22:51:51 From Vance Stevens : It sounds like a wonderful workshop, we can all learn from his methods
22:52:12 From Claire Siskin : Yes, I agree with Vance!
22:53:39 From Vance Stevens : sorry I was having trouble finding the zoom window among many open
22:54:17 From Chandreyee : Dilip Barad Sir actually taught us learning can always be a pleasurable experience and it was possible only because of an enthusiastic and amazingly patient teacher like you. Hats off to your willingness to help people learn and take people along with you rather than leaving people behind. Thank you once again Sir. 🙏🙏🙏😊
22:54:45 From Claire Siskin : Yes, Dr. Dilip Barad, you are an excellent role model!
22:54:59 From Sona : Very true Chandreyee.
22:55:01 From Dharma Gohel to Vance Stevens(Privately) : kindly let me know the name of the youtube channel, where I can find the live stream of this session.
22:56:09 From Vance Stevens to Dharma Gohel(Privately) : this session? It will be podcast at http://learning2gether.net tomorrow22:56:59 From Dharma Gohel to Vance Stevens(Privately) : okay, thank you so much.
22:56:48 From Vance Stevens : obs is good but complicated
22:57:43 From Dr. Mahesh Jivani, SU, Rajkot : true Stevens sir… agree with you
23:01:22 From Claire Siskin : Thanks for a wonderful session!!
23:01:57 From NahirDesk : Excellent experience! Thanks for sharing!
23:02:13 From Madhavi Nikam : Really fruitful session…stay connected ..thanks a lot
23:02:36 From Claire Siskin : Great karma, Vance!
23:02:54 From Graham Stanley : Thank you!
23:03:22 From Sona : It’s always great to hear from you Sir. Looking forward to learn many new tools from you Sir
23:03:23 From Graham Stanley : Hi (can’t unmute) I enjoyed the conference
23:04:04 From Vaidehi Hariyani : Thank you Sir and the hosts for this interesting Session
23:04:10 From Mouli : It’s qute interesting session sir.Love it.
23:04:26 From Samiya Kagdi : C: Feeling grateful for having Dr. Dilip Barad Sir as my teacher in Masters😊
23:04:57 From Gohil Namrata : Thanks…Dr.Dilip Barad for giving me opportunity to attend this wonderful session.
23:04:59 From Vanitha R : Prof Barad was incredibly patient. Lots of us get impatient when trying to explain technology to older people. Barad sir never made us feel bad about clarifying the smallest of doubts
23:05:31 From Samiya Kagdi : As always it is, literally I enjoyed session this time also…and looking forward for having such fruitful sessions..
23:06:34 From Vance Stevens : that’s an excellent question
23:06:45 From Nikita Rathod : Thank you, I am very happy to become a part of this session
23:08:05 From Vance Stevens : the podcast recording will be at https://learning2gether.net
23:09:16 From Heike Philp : good question
23:09:28 From Vance Stevens : It seems that participants here are practicing excellent ethics in muting and closing videos when not needed
23:10:02 From Claire Siskin : Yes, I have also noticed that people in general are much better at muting than they used to be.
23:10:03 From Heike Philp : because a Zoom meeting ‘costs’ about 100 Mb of data – if you are on a internet scheme which has a limited data package then you use up a lot of data just for video conferencing
23:11:23 From Graham Stanley : What about Teams, Heike? referring to the cost of Teams in terms of Mb of data that someone will have to ‘pay’ from their data package
23:11:27 From Kavisha Alagiya : Thankful to attend this webinar which focused on the challenges of a teacher while demonstrating on online platforms.
23:12:26 From Komal Shahedadpuri : Dr Kalyanimam, yes I am facing same problem when students don’t respond or to show their Readiness to learn, sometimes it’s exhausted experience but we still doing they will ready to learn. patience very important on part of teacher.. really Dilipsir is great example of that.. thanks Hosts for this productive discussion..
23:13:00 From Vance Stevens : the best teachers are simply good models
23:13:46 From Samiya Kagdi : Well said >Vance Stevens.
23:15:20 From KALYANI VALLATH : But the qualities of the best teacher in the classroom is not the same as that of the best online teacher. There are other skills involved. Therefore “the best teacher” is not a homogenous entity!😀
23:15:29 From Vance Stevens : teachers model and demonstrate; students practice and reflect – Stephen Downes
23:15:34 From Claire Siskin : Very true, Kalyani!
23:15:43 From Pooja Trivedi Pathak : informative… as a tecaher have faced many of these problems. now good to know that we r having various solutions online. Thank you for such guidelines…
23:17:35 From Graham Stanley : Thank you Dilip. Thank you everyone. Very interesting.
23:17:49 From Graham Stanley : I have to go to another meeting…bye all
23:17:57 From Dilip Barad : Thank you all
23:18:06 From Heike Philp : big round of applause
23:18:44 From Samiya Kagdi : Truly said Kalyani Ma’am, It differs from person to person.
23:18:44 From Dharma Gohel : Thanks a million Dr Dilip Barad sir, for allowing us to be a part of this session.
Yes Kalyani ma’am, agree with you. To get the students response is truly exhausting experience.
Thanks to the hosts as well. Enriching experience.
23:18:52 From Samiya Kagdi : Thankyou all..
23:18:53 From Megha Trivedi : Thank you ..
23:18:55 From Madhavi Nikam : thanks
23:19:04 From Ruchita Kankrecha : Thank you sir
23:19:09 From Gohil Namrata : Bye…Bye
23:19:13 From Dharma Gohel : Thanks once again.
23:19:13 From Sona : Thank You

More about TALIN

TALIN stands for Teaching and Learning in IsolatioN, https://tinyurl.com/talin2020

The idea for TALIN was prompted by suggestions in numerous cross-fertilizing communities of practice that there was needed a space where members of these CoPs could meet online and talk informally to one another about how they are dealing with changes in their personal and professional contexts and what they are doing to help others in this trying time of pandemic.

Learning2gether can host TALIN events in Zoom during times of isolation/lockdown if they are intended to be recorded and shared with the wider community, and if they take place between 02:00-14:00 UTC

TALIN events here are open to all and free to attend.

If you would like to propose an event or invite others to meet in conversation

  1. Visit this page https://tinyurl.com/talin2020
  2. Click on “Request Edit Access” to the left of your profile picture at the top of the page
  3. Wait for approval
  4. Write in your event on the schedule. Give the time in UTC if you can, and give the time in your location also as a double check on time

You can host the event yourself, but if you want Learning2gether to host it and promote it, please allow enough time to check that I am available, at least a few days in advance.

After the Virtual Round Table Conference May 8-9, 2020, there’s even more about TALIN here: https://bit.ly/talin2020 and https://youtu.be/iOYPkmWPAiY

Earlier Events

Sun 17 and Mon 18 May – Reboot of Webheads Weekly Revival Meeting 8


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