Thorsten Groß’s students conduct tour of Ricarda-Huch-Schule for EVO Minecraft MOOC

Learning2gether Episode 313, and an EVO Minecraft MOOC server tour event

Download mp3:

Thorsten Groß works at the Ricarda Huch-Schule in Dreieich where he and his students use Minecraft in Working Communities. During a BarCamp about Games the idea of reconstructing their whole school was planned and later on finished by students themselves using Mahara as an organization platform,

Our EVO Minecraft MOOC group was guided through the world by students at the school who were most active builderrs and got some explanation how the students organized themselves to build it. Thorsten explained how the BarCamp initiated the whole thing, but the main part was with the three main constructors who described what they learned during the construction, presenting a basic evidence of their learning.

The students were

  • Maxim Kuznetsov
  • Florian Tillmann
  • Tabish Khan

The meeting took place at the RHS Minecraft  server using Adobe Connect as a VoIP tool, hosted by Jeff Kuhn at Ohio University

Vance entered both the Adobe Connect room and the RHS Minecraft server to record the event in Camtasia and post it to YouTube:

Thorsten left some reflections on the event


“Well, what a tour today. For one hour Maxim, Tabish and Florian guided Vance, Jeff and some MOOC-participants through this school building, explaining how it has been assembled from the ground plot to the final cut. With some photos (of both the reality and virtual snapshot) we described how the scaling worked and the students build the yellow rotunda, just to blast it with TNT (students humor). The students also talked about their problems like doubling the ground floor to implement redstone lines or separating the 16 workers in groups to work on several small construction sites. A flight around the building and a long walk through its interior gave a good impression of the detailed work. My personal highlight: several person’s avatars standing  in front of my (virtual) office room at the school. 😉

Thanks to Maxim, Florian and Tabish for this really impressive tour!! Also thanks to Vance and Jeff for their technical support! This event has given us a further impact on our activities to come in May 25./26. this year.”

Here are some artifacts provided before the event

From Vance’s first visit, 27 Jan 2016

And the real Ricarda Huch Shule


Sun Jan 31 1200 UTC Meetup in-world at the EVO Minecraft MOOC server

Recordings forthcoming

By popular demand, participants in EVO Minecraft MOOC met in-world

VoIP was conducted in Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate)

Thanks to an ongoing grant from

Participants were asked to configure Bb Collaborate beforehand

Tip #1 for getting into the Webheads Virtual Room

If that doesn’t work Vance recommends the Brute Force method; see Tip #2 here

We organize these meetups in Doodle

Here is Mircea Patrascu’s view of the Roller Coaster he built, which we played on today

Here is a picture of Mircea just starting to build his maze. Here his is showing me the logic gates, which he had just got working.


Here below is my view from above the glass ceiling, which Filip crashed through in order to allow us all to escape the maze when someone inadvertently left clicked on the track and broke it, rendering the ride inoperable, and leaving us confused and trapped inside the building with no logic gates to open the doors to let us out. The adults in the party didn’t know what to do, but Filip, 12 years old, did the obvious and flew up to break the glass ceiling, ushering us to safety.


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