Bron Stuckey and EVO Minecraft MOOC: Projects and challenges – designing and building

Learning2gether Episode 312

Download mp3:

On Sun Jan 24 Learning2gether Episode 312 featured Bronwyn Stuckey presenting on Projects and challenges – designing and building, one of the weekly events hosted by EVOMC16: Electronic Village Online Minecraft MOOC 2016. The video below was created from the Adobe Connect recording.

You can join the conversation at the Google+ Event page:

Where? Adobe Connect



Bron’s talk followed a Sun Jan 24 EVO Minecraft MOOC Sunday Server Party

On Sunday Jan 24 noon GMT (London) 6 miners have indicated they could be available to meet at our Minecraft server for play, practice and consultation. This event will take place on our server and simultaneously in a voice location. Skype is a possibility but the easiest place to meet if we can get it to work is Bb Collaborate at this URL

Important, if it’s your first time, visit the Tech Check tab to be sure you have installed the software,

Join the conversation at our Google+ Event page
Time where you are


Earlier this week

Sun Jan 17 Learning2gether Episode 311 with Jeff Kuhn and EVOMC16

Mon Jan 18 1800 UTC Globinar – Sandrine Pac-Kenny on Using apps for better oral proficiency

Free webinar with Sandrine Pac-Kenny: Using apps for better oral proficiency

  • Recording app Voice Recorder Pro and its uses
  • Apps for working on pronunciation
  • Dice for promoting speaking activities
  •  QR codes for creativity in speaking activities and exam preparation
  •  Tellagami – Easy cartoon production

Thu Jan 21 1800 UTC Globinar – Jo Gakonga on Vocabulary tools in a digital world

Thu 21 Jan 1700 UTC EVO: ICT4ELT Live Session with Ana Maria Menezes – Looking into Invisible Technology



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