Learning2gether with Jeff Kuhn on Minecraft: An Introduction to What’s Possible

Learning2gether Episode 311

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EVO Minecraft MOOC experienced an eye-opening presentation by Jeff Kuhn entitled Minecraft: An Introduction to What’s Possible, held on Sunday Jan 17 at 14:00 UTC in Adobe Connect

This session guided participants to discover hidden features of Minecraft and explore some of the more exotic and epic builds from across the game’s community, in order to broaden our understanding of Minecraft’s position in the gaming world and how it can be tailored to fit almost any classroom or teaching context.

This event marked the culmination of Week 1 in the EVO Minecraft MOOC session #evomc16

Transcript of the Adobe text chat

On YouTubehttps://youtu.be/BrliAt8XA8Q




Earlier this week on Learning2gether

Sun Jan 10 1400 UTC Learning2gether Episode 309 – EVO opening kick-off webcastathon hosted by Jeff Lebow, Mbarek Akaddar, Nina Liakos, Jose Antonio, Nellie Deutsch, and Vance Stevens



Tue Jan 12 15:15 UTC Vance Stevens explains Electronic Village Online and Minecraft MOOC: Gamification of TPD at MoodlePalooza




Mon Jan 11-15 Benjamin Stewart starts Academic Writing Workshop for EFL/ESL educators

Benjamin Stewart will offer a five-day academic writing workshop designed for EFL/ESL educators.  The essential question guiding the workshop: As an EFL/ESL educator, what issues do you face? Join us! 


Wed Jan 13 1530 UTC TESOL Virtual Seminar Lorraine Valdez Pierce on Formative Assessment

This is not exactly open, but it was free if you’re a TESOL member



Sat Jan 16 1900 UTC Judy Thompson Teaching English Vowels made Simple


If you only ever teach ESL/EFL students one thing in Pronunciation let it be this. Research shows the best way to teach new information is by attaching it to old information (things learners already know). What is the first and often only thing students know in a new language? The names of colors. This webinar teaches how to use the names of colors as an accurate, inclusive foundation for the pronunciation of all English words. BONUS: you’ll also see how to help students find and generate WORD STRESS perfectly every single time. Grab a coffee, pen and paper and prepare to have your socks blown off.


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