Learning2gether with Bronwyn Stuckey – Reboot Quest Atlantis

Learning2gether Episode 289

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Bron Stuckey is supporting a campaign to reboot Quest Atlantis, a project derived from Active Worlds which she has been intensively involved in. She will join us on Learning2gether to tell us about the importance to learners of Quest Atlantis and the Kickstarter campaign she is promoting to help raise funds to revive the initiative, as it says on these websites

Joining Bron was joined by

  • Rick Noll Owner and one of the developers of ActiveWorlds, Inc.
  • and Ellen Jameson of Reboot Quest Atlantis

For the past decade there was a vast educational research project taking place in classrooms on 6 continents. It was Quest Atlantis, a massively multiplayer online game integrating strong support for 21st century skills into each subject. Teachers, students, and researchers alike hoped that Quest Atlantis could grow, and other students could share the experiences they loved. Some parts of the project moved forward, but as grant funding for the multiplayer platform drew to a close, the team couldn’t keep the game ready for today’s classrooms. As the developers of the engine that ran Quest Atlantis, we’ve always been excited to see what students were able to do, inside the game and out, and we listened when teachers told us they didn’t want to see it go. We’re working hard to bring it back for a new generation, in collaboration with members of the original Quest Atlantis team. If you brought your students in to Quest Atlantis – or if you were a student there – you know that the community formed around reading, writing, building, sharing, and saving the world together was special. You know there was potential for much more to unfold – more for students and teachers to create, more features to make the right tools available. Make your pledge and help us bring a new Quest Atlantis to a new generation!

Where? Hangout on Air

  • You could watch and listen to the stream in the video embedded at http://webheadsinaction.org/live
    while chatting with us in real-time in the Chatwing embed below the video
  • or you could
  • If there is space available (up to 10 people) you are welcome to join us in the Hangout on Air
    • It is a public hangout in the profile of Vance Stevens on Google+
    • You can join us in HoA via its direct link posted here at show time
      and posted to Twitter hash tag #learning2gether
    • If the Hangout is full, you can listen to the stream and interact with us in the text chat
      • You can let us know if you want to join the Hangout
      • We will let you know via the stream when space comes available
      • When you enter the Hangout
        • Wear a HEADSET to avoid broadcasting speaker sound back into the Hangout
        • Switch OFF the stream as it is on a delay and will create an echo for you
        • Please MUTE YOUR MIC when not actually speaking into it during the HoA


As of Aug 30, $673, 28 days to go

Update, Sept 26,$758, 33 hours to go 😦 sadly, not sure what happens now


The Chatwing text chat from this event is worth checking out

Here is the chat for this event copy / pasted from Chatwing

Vance Stevens – Greetings on Aug 30, 2015, to Learning2gether with Bron Stuckey
starting in 40 min at 1900 UTC
When Bron is in the HoA we’ll give its link out
Daniel F. Bassill – I’m listening in from Chicago. Is this the best place to ask questions or comment?
Vance Stevens – yes dan
do you want to join us here? can you see the direct link?
Daniel F. Bassill – I can listen in. The video works fine.
Vance Stevens – the video? we’ve not started 🙂
Daniel F. Bassill – I’m on the webheads page and listening to speaker. Is this the Quest Atlantis project?
Vance Stevens – this is our tpic tonight http://www.questatlantisreboot.org/
we’re about ready to go
Daniel F. Bassill – Who is the person talking now? In the description you talked about a “she”
Ellen Jameson – Hi Dan! I’m Ellen Jameson, I was on the original Quest Atlantis team
Daniel F. Bassill – Ok. I’m on the Google hangout now.
Vance Stevens – cool
you’re back
Daniel F. Bassill –  I logged out and in. Still don’t see my icon, but that’s ok. I was intending to listen and offer comment via chat anyway.
Vance Stevens – are you sharing your screen inadvertently perhaps?
Daniel F. Bassill – I don’t know. Don’t know how to check that.
Vance Stevens – I see an icon with your name on it … move your mouse to the left edge of the HoA window and find the green screenshare icon with the white arrow, try and toggle it off ?
but if you’re happy, no problem
Daniel F. Bassill – I clicked on the green icon and it was inviting me to share my screen. I can see that in my icon space my screen is being shared. It’s not a problem to me.
Vance Stevens – ok, don’t worry
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – Found the chat on google search engine
Vance Stevens – hi nellie, have you found he hangout link?
Daniel F. Bassill – What’s the web site for Alphaworld?
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – No, Vance. I didn’t see the chat anymore.
Bron Stuckey – Rick Noll is explaining the history of Active Worlds and its plans to Reboot Quest Atlantis
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – I ‘m listening via the hangout, but didn’t see a link to the chat.
Vance Stevens – you’re right, I never posted it (doh!). I pasted it above
Bron Stuckey – Chris Dede used #ActiveWorlds to build River City just before Quest Atlantis & @sashabarab came along
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – I can’t listen in real time unless I can chat 🙂
Haven’t heard from Chris for some time. I hope he’s ok.
I remember Quest Atlantis from way back.
Vance Stevens – me too
Bron Stuckey – The #QuestAtlantis Global Game over 12 years had 100,000 kids 300,000 quest completed in countries around the world
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – You mean, me, neither 
or me, either 
I just had a conversation about funding and the fact that things stop, when the money goes
Ellen Jameson – Saw Chris at SXSWedu, he and EcoMUVE are doing well!
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – Hi Ellen
Ellen Jameson – Hi Nellie!
Bron Stuckey – #ActiveWorlds has redeveloped the Rhino World but it needs #QuestAtlantis framework to give it curriculum value.
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – again, what age group are we talking about?
Daniel F. Bassill – This issue of funding continuation is something I’ve focused on for nearly 20 years. I faced it in the programs I was leading and recognize that everyone else faces same challenge. Thus my on-line connections seek people working to fix this problem for all of us, not just for themself. Hard to find such people.
Vance Stevens – I think this is for K-12, am I right?
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – how about happiness, doesn’t that rule?
Bron Stuckey – #ActiveWorlds has the rights to #QuestAtlantis – new worlds, now tools, new interfaces & build your own quests
Ellen Jameson – Sorry – middle school at the core, but teachers have used it with 4th-10th
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – is it for 18 year olds?
Bron Stuckey – Yes #QuestAtlantis is K-12 but we always had groups outside that
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – is it on a wiki, too?
Vance Stevens – I believe it’s in its own client software like SL or Minecraft
Ellen Jameson – We have a page I’m going to introduce in a moment –
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – That’s good to hear, Daniel.
I’m looking for professional grant writers who are willing to barter
Ellen, I’m chatting, but can’t see the video as I do
Bron Stuckey – Rebooted #QuestAtlantis will allow you to author and create your own Quests – kids and teachers
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – wish we could bring the chat into the hangout
Rick Noll – and for more information…
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – Thank you, Vance. I’m also watching TV so it’s kind of noisy here.
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – Thank you, Rick
Vance Stevens – we’re trying to bring the hangout chat HERE. We’re copying anything relevent there to this space
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – where is the hangout chat? I couldn’t find it
Vance Stevens – the Hangout chat is in the Hangout. But we’re trying to chat here so people in the stream will be included
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – Vance, I suggest trying zoom.us
Vance Stevens – ah but there is probably a google chat somewhere
Vance Stevens – what is its advantage?
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – I was there, too, Vance
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – Zoom is free for 25 for 45 min and you can have 25 webcams running. Its very open.
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – Thank you Rick
wow, that’s beautiful
Daniel F. Bassill – Minecraft seems to be well-supported, and promoted, by YouTube videos that show “how to” build things. My son has watched these for a few years. Building something that has the same appeal, and the same level of YouTube activity, would be key to making this widely used.
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – Ok, I’m inspired. How do I get involved?
Bron Stuckey – Rick has lots of videos to share that demonstrate the new capacity of #QuestAtlantis URLS will be posted in this chat
Vance Stevens – minecraft is catchy 🙂
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – I am giving a teacher training course starting October for K-12 EFL teachers,
It would be great for EFL students
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – Minecraft is for young learners
Vance Stevens – my 18 year old pilot cadets are into Minecraft
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – I like Minecraft, too, but I think it’s for young learners
Vance Stevens – I like Minecraft and I’m an over 60 learner 🙂
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – Vance, I guess you and I are young learners
Teachers don’t have money
is’t kickstrarter about money?
Vance Stevens – kickstarter is for raising money for people without money
Daniel F. Bassill – Is there a Google community for this? A Facebook community?
Ellen Jameson – For now, we’re hoping there can be discussion on the kickstarter page
Daniel F. Bassill – On Kickstarter, do you need to reach your $25k goal or can you keep whatever you raise?
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – for people, Vance, but not by people who have no money like teachers
Bron Stuckey – If you have ideas for how you might use #QuestAtlantis you can float them in the Kickstarter discussion
Ellen Jameson – But we will be phasing in Facebook and Google+
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – $25,000 is not a lot of money
Ellen Jameson – That’s the nice thing about the investment that’s gone into the platform already – maintenance is not out of reach
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – is Quest Atlantis free to use
Bron Stuckey – No #ActiveWorlds set a low goal but hope to massively exceed it. It’s more about community ownership!
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – everyone needs to be paid for the work they do
Daniel F. Bassill – People need to get paid in order to stay involved and give their time and talent. Is there a business plan that shows how fees for use might generate enough revenue for future development, training, marketing, etc.
Ellen Jameson – Yes, we can discuss that
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – have you considered organizing a MOOC? I can help with that.
Bron Stuckey – Great idea Nellie!
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – We can get the word out that way.
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – Train current and future teachers on how to use it.
Ellen Jameson – Yes! Would love to talk more about that
Daniel F. Bassill – I’ve been part of some cMOOCs over past few years, such as Deeper Learning, Education Technology & Media. Format is good and can be on-going.
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – I’m thinking of the old fashioned MOOCs, Daniel.
MOOCs in the style of 2007/2008
I’m an educator and I know a lot of teachers from around the world.
Vance Stevens – cMOOCs (invented in 2008)
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – 2007, Vance with Leigh Blackwall on Wkieducator
Vance Stevens – ahh, well, who’s the guy who created Alison? He claims to be the first MOOC, but you’re right …
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – the visuals are quite different
Vance Stevens – however, Siemens, Downes, Cormier who coined the term (with Brian Alexander??)
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – I need clean visuals and Quest Atlantis is very beautiful. Mindcraft is less
I was there, Vance. Here’s proof http://wikieducator.org/NellieDeutsch/EduMOOC/Posts
Rick Noll – here is a video of the Rhino “Poachers” mission
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – QA would be great for EFL learning.
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – I asked if there is a wiki?
Rick Noll – to QA?
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – Quest Atlantis
Rick Noll – I am not sure…
if not we had better start one
Daniel F. Bassill – Minecraft has millions of users who have become self motivated to spen countless hours playing the game. If educators had resources that motivated as much student use, and could show measurable learning outcomes, this would be a home run. It’s possible that the more this appeals to educators the less it will appeal to learners.
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – Wikis are becoming less popular, but they are great.
Why, Daniel?
Ellen Jameson – That’s one reason I’m very excited about the story/game authoring tools. The thing that really drove the continuing core of voluntary student participation was building
even the peer review activity system was tied to building
And authoring is highly enriched building – as Bron described with World Congress
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – You need to market QA. I forgot about it until now. Need to bring it out to the public not just teachers, but maybe parents and kids
Rick Noll – you are right nellie
Daniel F. Bassill – I encourage you to move quickly into social media and/or a MOOC and try to attract those 25k past users into participation. Just building those numbers can help you demonstrate value to potential donors/investors while offering loads of talent to help you.
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – I’d like to get involved. I’m freer these days so try me.
Ellen Jameson – We will (to both)
Bron Stuckey – There is a #QuestAtlantis Facebook page Quest Altantis Teachers for anyone who has used or wants to use it.
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – thank you
Bron, maybe it’s time to reconnect
Daniel F. Bassill – Thank you. I’m @tutormentorteam on Twitter. Let’s connect.
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – I’ll connect on Twitter, Daniel. Nice seeing you everyone.
ICQ???? wow
Rick Noll – powow
Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D – yes, use me 
Rick Noll – thanks
Vance Stevens – bye nellie, bye all, must go (sleep)
Bron Stuckey – Thanks everyone for listening in



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