Learning2gether with ELTLive and TILL – Benjamin Stewart and Piry Herrera on Office 365

Learning2gether Episode 290

Download mp3: https://learning2getherdotnet.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/learning2gether-with-elt-live-and-till-office-365-zdtrwanoglw.mp3?

On Sunday, September 6, 1400 UTC, Learning2gether joined forces with ELTLive (#eltlive http://eltlive.com), and TILL, Teachers for Interactive Language Learning, a Google+ Community with well over 3000 members, at  https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/106289715383230353120.

The topic was Office 365, a Microsoft ecosystem that provides a suite of apps for sharing Office documents online and for working on them collaboratively. There are a number of other features that facilitate the interaction between student and teachers in the online or blended environment.

We were joined by Benjamin Stewart and Piry Herrera, both colleagues and teacher-trainers at Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes in Mexico, where both use Office 365 in innovative ways. We were particularly impressed by the ideas the presenters shared for exploring the affordances of the environment with their future-teacher students in ways that were clearly modeling to them a very humanistic and engaging pedagogical approach to leveraging technology as an enabler of learning.

We noted that the university in Aguascalientes has a licence that makes possible all teachers and students to use this tool and to maintain ePortfolios for the duration of their stay at the university, but we naturally discussed what the students could do with these ePortfolios (i.e. how they could retrieve their content) when they left the Office 365 environment, and also how they could port what they were learning about Office 365 into a free web 2.0 ecosystem they might design for their own students when they go to work in less well-endowed workplaces after graduation.

Benjamin and Piry proved themselves knowledgeable presenters whom the participants in Hangout and in-stream engaged in lively dialog (via text chat in the latter case). The result was a discussion lasting around 1.5 hours, but well worth reviewing, and we hope you enjoy it.

The event had been planned with Jeff Lebow and ELTLive, but Jeff had to bow out at the last moment, rare for Jeff. However he had set up two notices at his ELTLive community spaces

Where? Google+ Hangout on Air (HoA)

  • You could have listened to the stream in a video embed while chatting with us in real-time in the Chatwing window embedded in the location of your choice (both pointing to the same stream and Chatwing live text chat)
  • or you can
  • When there is space available (up to 10 people) you are welcome to join us in the Hangout on Air
    • It is a public hangout in the profile of Vance Stevens on Google+
    • Join the conversation and catch the stream on the Google+ event page, this one at:
    • You can join us in HoA via its direct link posted here at show time
      and posted to Twitter hash tag #learning2gether and #eltlive
    • If the Hangout is full, listen to the stream and interact with us in the text chat
      • You can let us know if you want to join the Hangout
      • We will let you know via the stream when space comes available
      • When you enter the Hangout
        • Wear a HEADSET to avoid broadcasting speaker sound back into the Hangout
        • Switch OFF the stream as it is on a delay and will create an echo for you
        • Please MUTE YOUR MIC when not actually speaking into it during the HoA


The following is copy / pasted from the Chatwing chat from this session

Good morning! Set my alarm so I could tune in although I’m not an Office 365 user. Always love to learn from Jeff and Vance! Greetings from Phoenix AZ.
I’m starting the hoa now, welcome
stream ok?
So sorry Jeff isn’t able to be with us today! But I’ll enjoy meeting Benjamin Stewart and the other people in the hangout. 🙂
Hello! Greetings from sunny Argentina!
I know but I don´t know anything about this, so I prefer to lurk
welcome if you want to comment
you know about educational philosophy 🙂
audio and video is coming through great for me! watching on youtube 🙂
always great to see you Peggy, you inspire us with your interest
Hi Peggy, ok Vance I will prob jump in later I´m taking notes like crazy right now ;))
Hi Maria! Great to see you! 🙂
so happy to see the emphasis on reflection in lesson planning for those future teachers! so important!
I noted that as well Peggy, so important!
also teacher trainers as models is critical
by using Office 365 does that make it possible for all of the students to see each other’s work so it’s not just going to the professors?
thanks for asking my question Vance! You are an excellent facilitator!
great response! once they get going further along in their training it will be a great way for them to help each other with peer feedback/suggestions realizing that is a great way to learn together. 🙂
I’m sure the students really appreciate knowing exactly when they will be observed and what the tutor will be looking for via the calendar. Great idea!
seeing the screensharing great!
Hi all. Trying to watch on my cell. Laptop is acting up these days
do the students get automatic notification of the calendar events via email?
Hi Maha!
it must give them alerts on their mobile devices, but I’ll ask
I’m really enjoying hearing about this teacher education program because I was a teacher education professor for Arizona State University for many years before I retired. 🙂
great 🙂
thanks! so exciting to see the use of mobile devices with the students! very accommodating to match them up for notifications via these devices!
seeing the screensharing now on youtube 🙂
it works well
do the students have to pay for Office 365 or is it provided by the university?
they are fortunate they have a license
it’s similar to Google Docs with office apps
lots of similarities between OneDrive and Google Drive 🙂
what is one drive?
I’m guessing office equivalent to dropbox etc?
Hi – I’m wondering if everyone can use the email from any provider – I guess they just have to use Outlook – but can it be used with a gmail fro example
you can ask that …
that is what he is showing us now
One drive is the MS online space – yep like dropbox or icloud
woops 🙂
Microsoft One Drive and One Note
I just signed up for One Note this week because Angela Maiers used it to distribute her free ebook called Liberating Genius. 🙂
I’m glad you guys are backing me up, I guess I missed it when I got up a moment to turn on the lights here
no problem!!! 🙂
How can we get Angela’s book?
One Drive seems to really help them to personalize/individualize the instruction and support for the students!
can you do about the same in Google ecosystem or are there clear affordances with Microsoft?
Last year my teacher trainers used onedrive for exchanging files – i.e. they were uploading and downloading rather than collaborating live in a Google doc!
I’m not completely clear about what the students are recording. Is it their reflection/synthesis of the lesson or is it the actual lesson being delivered in the classroom with students?
Hi Elizabeth! Welcome to the merry chat!
thanks! they are recording their sessions together to review later. Great idea!!
by having the students capture all of this documentation in One Drive throughout the program it will make it really easy for them to create a digital portfolio to use for many purposes including job searching 🙂
great question Vance!
excellent point! it’s good for students to learn multiple platforms/tools so they can move easily between them for use later when they are no longer in the program.
haha Vance! not renting this auditorium 🙂 Definitely keep going! Very informative!
yes, and be exposed to them by use them then it´s up to them to decide eventually, as usual it all depends on the teacher, right?
great use of video tutorials and announcements!
flipped learning
are we able to see his blog (Piry) or is it only for his students?
yes, we would like to have the link to Piry´s blog
I’ve asked in HoA chat, chatwing crashed Piry’s connection
thanks 🙂 I’m sure it was too much bandwidth for him along with hangout and desktop sharing 🙂
we’ve been muting our web cams to help Piry’s bandwidth
the popup is showing great for me. I changed by resolution in youtube to the highest level (720HD) in Theater Mode 🙂
would love to have his OneNote link (Benjamin) that he offered
love that transparency of sharing work and comments!
But surely the students need their own subscription? – I just checked it’s $70 / year for an individual (that’s if they want to collaborate on a document rather than just view)
can you ask, Anne?
yes @eannegrenoble I was wondering that too.
great point about the format similarities with Word online and their desktop versions of Word. Interesting to hear this comparison between Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive.
so students can work on their documents off line and it will automatically save to their Word Online? did I understand that correctly?
I understood that it synchs in the cloud
but they open the doc in Word, so not sure, do they have to upload the new doc?
3 days ago
do you know if the students have actually seen the conversations in the forum?
love it! Benjamin takes pictures of things on the board to post online later to help the students 🙂 great idea!
this is such a great model and shows what close personal relationships are possible with instructors like Benjamin and Piry! Such great communication!
it’s great that students can help each other in the class conversations by being so transparent!
what happens with all of the student work/forums etc. after they leave the university? will they still be able to access everything they saved in One Drive or would they have to pay to subscribe to continue to access documents?
I also loved that Benjaming takes pics of boardnotes
aha! they can choose whether they want to edit in Word or Word Online
great job explaining this Benjamin!!!
Pity – I’m going to have to drop out – thought I would have liked to see what Benjamin can share with us (we who are outside the system)
It will be in the recording and we’ll post links here. So far all links posted in this chat have remained here forever
I’ll check back here later …. please say thanks for me …. bye all
I need to work on getting presenters in chatwing, set up and ready to go, prior to the show 🙂 (note to self_
very similar to Google Drive! Excellent demo of this!
I’m sure that’s a challenge, Vance because of the required bandwidth.
would the students have to personally pay for Office 365 after they leave the university to be able to continue to access those documents?
this has been REALLY informative! I’ve learned a lot! Thank you so much for providing this webinar!!
I say the same guys inspired and happy to hear about all of this! Thanks so much for sharing!
Thank you Benjamin, Piry and Vance! 🙂
so impressed with the very thoughtful way your university is approaching the adoption of these tools!
great points about the portfolios!
Once they leave university they´ve already got a backpack of evidence of work they´ve done, a live cv
I was also a teacher education professor after I was a principal 🙂 So great to be here with all of you!
Would be good if portfolios can imported for students to take away
Time flew!
Thank you so much for another interesting session
Thanks for checking on the availability of the blog 🙂 Will look forward to seeing it if that becomes possible!
Very nice to meet you Peggy and Piry
thanks very much for joining us
Excellent webinar!
you were all a very present part of our conversation
thanks again for coming

Earlier this week

Sun Aug 30 1900 UTC Jim Bronwyn Stuckey – Reboot Quest Atlantis


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