Vance Stevens introduces teachers in Al Ain UAE to Bb Collaborate

Learning2gether Episode 191

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On Thu Dec 5 Vance Stevens introduced teachers at his workplace in Al Ain, UAE, to Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate, formerly known as Elluminate, holds many possibilities for online professional development and sharing among teachers, as well as for collaboration with and among students.

Vance Stevens showed how to use the version of Bb Collaborate at this URL



Here is a screenshot of the tool when used with some of Delin Xiao’s students at the Republic of China Air Force Academy earlier this week (and we are hoping that Delin can come online and chat with some of our teachers on Dec 11 at 0700 GMT)/


In the session today (Dec 5) BbC / Elluminate was introduced to teachers with little prior experience with the program.

Here are survey results of 11 who responded to a poll on the topic:

In a follow-on event to this one, teachers at KBZAC in Al Ain, UAE met Delin from the RoC Air Force Academy in Bb Collaborate on Dec 11, 2013

3 thoughts on “Vance Stevens introduces teachers in Al Ain UAE to Bb Collaborate

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