Maggie Sokolik and the College Writing 2.1x MOOC

Learning2gether Episode 190

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On Monday Dec 2 we were Learning2gether with Maggie Sokolik and the College Writing 2.1x MOOC

About …

The U.S. Department of State and UC Berkeley are offering a 5-week writing course College Writing 2.1x: Principles of Written English.  This course is an open online course available to both English language learners and teachers interested in academic writing.This course is free and open to any interested participants.The course begins Friday, November 8th and will be 5-weeks long. All coursework is asynchronous (meaning the content can be accessed at anytime during the week and there are no live sessions to attend) and assignments are due at the end of each week. Learn more and register here:  You can also visit the course Facebook Page.Check with your local U.S. Embassies and American Corners as some are hosting supplemental facilitation sessions to collaborate with students and colleagues during this learning process. Or consider forming your own learning group!


This event will strain our streaming hangout protocol and test its ability to scale.  Maggie says:

“I’ve announced it in our courseware as well as set it up as a Facebook event for our Facebook group for the course. 200+ in the Facebook group have said they’re attending (our FB group has approx. 10% of the students from the entire course—54,000 currently in the course, and about 5,100 in the Facebook group).”

This should be interesting 🙂


Additional archives


New book by Maggie Sokolik and Dorothy Zemach,


Earlier this week

Wed Nov 27 1000 gmt Talking VTE with Stephan Ridgway and Michael Coghlan

2013 is fast drawing to a close so Michael and Stephan thought it would be a good idea to convene another TalkingVTE hangout. If you able to make it add your name on the session wikipage @
A few of us have recently been to conferences and many have things to report and reflect on the years significant issues, feel free to add topics of your own.

I had an exploratory chat on Nov 28, 2013 with students at R.O.C. Air Force Academy, whose teacher is Delin Xiao

Fri Nov 29 Vance Stevens was asked to host hangout with teachers from Uzbekistan

Halima Ozimova has suggested an online event to correspond with the UzTEA Annual Conference in Uzbekistan

Prospects do not look good for this event. Stephen Downes advises us to persist in the face of adversity:

“The system will push you back!”

One way to push back on the system is to promote accountability through transparency … (or perhaps the organizing committee will agree to allowing a Hangout 🙂

Assuming we are able to proceed, Halima proposes

  • She interview some colleagues on Professional Development and they share their ideas, findings on applying Google tools in the English class room
  • They participate in the virtual class in the @BlackBoard room: and the recording would be demonstrated/discussed at the Annual Conference.
  •  All discuss the issues of Professional Development in Halima’s google drive docs.
  • discuss Professional Development issues at Twitter
  •  We’d participate in GOOGLE+ HANG OUT under Vance Stevens’s Moderating,which ends up with a YouTube, which we’d demonstrate at the UzTEA Annual Conference.

She assumes that the last approach is the best one.  Vance is available for hosting on the morning of Nov 29

Here is more information from Halima

Thu Nov 28 – Fri Nov 29 Global Education Dialogues: 21st century universities

Global Education Dialogues: 21st century universities – the future of higher education in South Asia

Taking place Nov 28-29 on site in Dubai, more information here:

Live stream:

Fri Nov 29 and Sat Nov 30 International House 60th Anniversary Conference Live and Online

Recordings are being uploaded here:


Scott Thornbury was on the program above at 1400 (What’s wrong with Dogme?) and again at 1500 GMT at the event below

Sat Nov 30 1500 gmt IATEFL free Webinar with Scott Thornbury


When:  November 30, 2013 at 3:00 pm GMT – You can check your local time here

Where: IATEFL Adobe Connect: Click here

You can read more about it in Mercedes Viola’s blog here

Sun Dec 1 1400 GMT IATEFL LTSIG Appaganza with Carla Arena, Joe Dale, and Sean Wilden

LTSIG Appaganza
with Carla Arena (Brazil), Joe Dale (UK) & Shaun Wilden (UK)

Carla Arena  Joe Dale  Shaun Wilden

When: Sunday 1 December 2013, GMT 14:00 (London Time)
Find the time in your time zone by clicking this link.

Where: The event takes place in the IATEFL online conference room.

Click here to join the webinar.

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