Meeting with Delin Xiao at Taiwan Air Force Academy in BbC / Elluminate

Learning2gether Episode 193

On Wed Dec 11 teachers in Al Ain got in touch with Delin at Taiwan Air Force Academy via BbC / Elluminate

Halima in Tashkent also joined us. Delin’s students could not join us (they had physical training exercises)

Delin’s Edmodo profile:

What is this about?

Vance Stevens is introducing his EFL teaching colleagues at KBZAC to Delin Xiao and her students at RoC Air Force Academy. In this session we informally discuss means of connection and collaboration between teachers and / or students in the UAE, Taiwan, and elsewhere (so all interested are welcome)



Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate)

This follows an introduction to Bb Collaborate given to teachers in UAE:

and on a previous meeting in Bb Collaborate with Delin and some of her students

About the UAE Air College

Read more about this Graduation Ceremony and view the enlarged photos here

Khalifa bin Zayed Air College is mentioned in the Wikipedia article on the UAE Air Force

About the RoC Air Force Academy

Academy Web site:


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