Learning2gether with Andy Kropa – Towards a technologically assisted human memory system

Learning2gether Episode 189

On Sun Nov 24 Andy Kropa discussed his work applying Google Glass technology toward assisting human memory system

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Who and What?

Alexander Hayes has been working to organize an event with Andy Kropa to speak to us on technology assisted human memory systems. Andy has become impassioned with the topic due to his parents’ problems with Alzheimer’s. His session brought us many insights into applications of Google Glass and wearable tech.

According to Andy,

“We have been discussing a Glassware app which could point the way towards a technologically assisted human memory system, which we are calling a “human black box” in shorthand. Given the privacy concerns Glass has raised, Google has placed limits on the abilities of the camera component. However, as I have access to my own device as a Glass Explorer, we think it can be used in order to develop a proof of concept — which may ultimately turn out to be better suited to another platform.

My background and career has been in photography, and perhaps we could begin by discussing the ways that mobile photography is creating new paradigms in communications (in my opinion) through miniaturization and connectivity. I can also talk about experiencing Alzheimer’s disease in my family, and how technology practices such as life logging can improve the quality of life of dementia sufferers and their caretakers.”

For more insights, visit the Hacking Alzheimer’s Google+ Community


and Andy’s blog: http://andykropa.tumblr.com/

Video stream was at http://webheadsinaction.org/live

Recording is at the YouTube Link: http://youtu.be/E-CioTYHXKA

WebheadsinAction.org archive:


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