Virtual Worlds, Games and Interactive Fiction: Conversation with Baldric Commons at Webheads HQ on Edunation, Second Life

Learning2gether Episode 55

Virtual Worlds, Games and Interactive Fiction 


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On Sunday July 24, 2011 Baldric Commons (Graham Stanley) led us in a campfire chat at the Webheads HQ in Second Life about language education and developments in immersive online spaces.

Graham’s invitation was to “come and share what you know and are doing and hear what other people are up to in spaces such as SL, World of Warcraft, etc. If you are active in Second Life you are especially welcome to come share at this session.”

We added that those just interested in knowing more about the creativity for language learning possible in Second Life could come and interact or simply observe. “You don’t even have to come to SL for this one. You can peek through the window … We realize that Second Life can be difficult to navigate for some, so in order to make this event accessible to all, Gwen Gwasi (Heike Philp) will broadcast from Second Life in Adobe Connect, and you can come there as one of your options: If you wish to join us there you can follow Gwen’s camera and see and hear what is going on passively in Second Life without actually entering that virtual space, All the while you can interact with Webheads in Adobe or TappedIn txt chat if you wish (or Skype, or Google+, or some other interactive space, if you care to nominate one).”

Meno Rich (Jeff Lebow) was also on hand to stream the event and make a recording as well. So you can compare camera work in the recording links below and help us decide who we should nominate for an Oscar 🙂





About the Webheads HQ

Working as always with Edunation owners Heike Philp and Randall Sadler, Dennis Newson has been energetic in getting the Webheads HQ in Edunation squarely on the map. An image of Webheads HQ is shown here:


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