EpCoP MOOC, Graham Stanley, and EduMOOCast

Learning2gether Episode 56

Wednesday July 27, 2011


was a big day in Learning2gether.  Three events were scheduled starting at 10 a.m. GMT, each just an hour apart.  Here’s the play by play …

The Eportfolio CoP MOOC launches August 1 and goes until Sept 30, 2011

EpCoP kicked off their MOOC with an Introductory Webinar on that evening 8 pm Sydney time.

In Elluminate / Bb Collaborate: http://tinyurl.com/29tyznz

The time where you are for this one might help you fix on the next one in one week’s time:


Takeaways from the slide presentation, which you can see when the recording is made available:

View on screencast.com »

View on screencast.com »


Then at 12:00 GMT  

View on screencast.com »

Jeff Lebow Hangs Out with Graham Stanley on Google+

To join in, you need to have a G+ account and have added Jeff or Graham to one of your G+ circles.

And finally at 1400 GMT

MOOCast, http://edumooc2011.blogspot.com/p/moocast-studio.html

Week#5 MOOCast video, audio, & links posted at http://bit.ly/q5cMqe 

Convened, streamed, and recorded by Jeff Lebow and featuring +Rob Darrow +John Graves +Vance Stevens +Frank Stonehouse +Rebecca Hogue +Sanford Arbogast +scott lockman +Maizie Avihayil & +Clark Shah-Nelson in a great hangout.

Links shared:

Apart from those posted at http://bit.ly/q5cMqe Vance harvested these:


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