Dr. Phil Quirke discusses his presentation from TESOL New Orleans on connecting teachers for online professional development

Download: https://learning2getherdotnet.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/685256-2011-05-08webheads-learningtimes-v-10-001-64k.mp3

Abstract: This presentation explores how the latest technology and worldwide web can be used to support teachers and students particularly focusing on the presenter’s exploration of using the web in a social constructivist approach to knowledge building and language learning.

     The presentation explores the four interlinking and overlapping stages that learners experience whilst building their knowledge: knowledge-seeker, knowledge-discusser, knowledge-user and knowledge-provider and how these form an ever-growing knowledge cycle. As their knowledge develops, learners become more aware of other gaps in their knowledge and begin the cycle again. This cycle is driven by the continuous theorising of practical knowledge and practicalising of theoretical knowledge (Tsui 2003).
The paper uses practical examples of the presenter’s experience with a variety of web and video-conferencing medium and concludes with some practical advice that will hopefully help you make the most effective use of the web-based tools available to us all.



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