Vance Stevens Connects the Dots again, this time in BigMarker, and makes a screencast recording in two parts in uTiPu

Learning2gether Episode 41

Sunday, May 1, 2011 –


(No MP3 recording available, but you can play FLV files at the links below)


Vance Stevens conducted round 2 of the BigMarker shakeout. Round 1 was where we tried out the service in meeting mode.  In this round, Vance will try to give an actual presentation in presentation mode on Connecting the Dots: Technogogy and the Aha! Moment:



Recordings (Vance made two recordings in uTIPu, each at the 20 min max for the free version – the recordings recorded only the screencast and the mic, did not record what was said by others in BigMarker 😦


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