Bessy (Yumei Wei) talks about her online classes for teaching English to Registered Nurses

Bessy (Yumei Wei) is an English teacher in China who likes to put her students in touch with native speakers online.  On this day she intended to hold one of her classes as a Learning2gether event.  Participants are welcome to join in and observe what she does, or offer suggestions in conducting her classes and setting up collaborations between her and her Chinese students. 

Bessy teaches students on a Registered Nursing course who need to learn English in hopes of getting placement in Singapore and Saudi Arabia.  In order to matriculate they need to pass exams in nursing and in English, but Bessy’s online courses are not directed only at the exam.  She uses a wide range of activities that develop the students’ proficiency and motivate them to engage  in the language.

She also considers herself more a learner than a teacher, and hopes to meet other friends around the world who will engage with her students.  One of these might be Ayat, who teaches in Egypt, and is promising to put on a Learning2gether session with Maria in Argentina, on how their classes have been collaborating online.  Perhaps tonight’s session will result in a triangle including Egypt, China, and Argentina.



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