Vance Stevens discussing philosophy behind evolution of EVO Multiliteracies session

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vance Stevens discussed the philosophy behind the evolution through many renditions of the EVO Multiliteracies course and community.

  • This session, based at, is unlike other EVO sessions and departs from many online courses in that it does not envisage a stepwise learning plan; rather it presents a ‘berry bush’ of choices.
  • Participants are expected to practice precepts of learner autonomy as they define their learning goals and document steps along the path to achieving them in some form of eportfolio.
  • Course structure borrows from the MOOC precepts cogently articulated by Dave Cormier in a series of YouTube videos embedded in the GoodbyeGutenberg syllabus, and leading to connectivist knowledge.  Join us for the discussion and let’s talk about it.

The session was recorded and you can view it here:

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