Michael Coghlan, Vance Stevens, and Barbara Dieu – FLNW: Future of Learing in a Networked World, The Horizon Report

Sunday, January 2, 2011

FLNW: Future of Learning in a Networked World, featuring guests Michael Coghlan and Barbara Dieu

13:00 GMT in Elluminate http://tinyurl.com/y3eh

Bee (aka Barbara), Michael, and Vance met recently in Brazil to travel together to conferences in Sao Paolo and Brasilia http://braz2010vance.pbworks.com/ continuing on a reduced scale a movement known as FLNW, as indicated at  http://tinyurl.com/flnw2010vance and where Bee updatedhttp://flnw.wikispaces.com/Brazil.

Today’s “SpeedGeek” will continue our ongoing conversation. Michael’s website athttp://users.sa.chariot.net.au/~michaelc/ is a time capsule of ongoing collaboration, starting more or less with EFI in 1997, where Michael, Vance, and Maggi Doty founded Webheads.  It broaches professional development through TAFE, Voice Online (Michael is known as “the voice”), as well as Michael’s consultancies, Articles/Presentations, and of course his music, with great songs such as “Happy Online”.   Bee blogs at http://beespace.net/ and her presentations and projects are linked fromhttp://www.barbaradieu.com/.

The session was recorded: http://tinyurl.com/2011jan2flnw


One thought on “Michael Coghlan, Vance Stevens, and Barbara Dieu – FLNW: Future of Learing in a Networked World, The Horizon Report

  1. Terrific questions, Sean.To your first point: I woendr who would perform such a mentoring role. Instructors can should do this, but scale would be tricky. Perhaps students can take on this role, MOOC veterans who help newbies along. Or maybe there’s a role for professional assistance.Bear in mind we’re talking about urMOOCs/cMOOCs, not the Coursera model.To your closing point: yes, I would prefer for more of this to be on the open Web. I can’t ventriloquize the organizers’ intentions for this configuration, but suspect they include anticipating participants’ desire for familiar and/or not necessarily public spaces. I don’t know the preservation strategy, but am confident that Downes and Siemens have made plans.

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