Season’s greetings – no special program just chatting at

Learning2gether Episode 22

Seasons Greetings

Sunday, December 26


People were on holiday and with their families so we had no special program at Elluminate.  We met in Tapped In instead.  Teresa was there to say a few words about her ongoing project to document everything Webheads do and accomplish. It’s a Sisyphean task, and she’s hoping for collaborators.


Maizie was there to reveal that where she lives she has always-on connectivity through her ‘net stick’ which is what they used in Brazil to connect presenters to the Internet at BrazTESOL. My brother used to let me use his when I visited him in Houston, so I know they are life-changing, and I look forward to the day when we all have them as a matter of course (memories of Aiden telecommunicating with me some years ago, as she was about to go into class in Taiwan, seamlessly connected in real time from office to –> hallway to –> half-a-world-away to –> dynamic open classroom!).


And finally we met Lynn Luther, an MA Ed Tech student who was wrapping up an assignment at 4 a.m. in California and just dropped by TappedIn to connect with someone before turning in for the night/morning. She turned out to be an expert in Virtual Worlds. She reminded us that Second Life teen grid would be no more after Dec 31 (she’s done a bit of work there) and also that Linden Labs was doing away with education discounts, so she was looking at more affordable virtual spaces such as OpenSim. She was particularly keen on ReactionGrid but she rattled off half a dozen others. Maybe Graham Stanley can tell up more about this, but Lynn gave me her email address and said when she had some time from her studies she would be happy to tell us more during one of our Sunday SpeedGeeks (which she said she’d look up in Wikipedia at my suggestion).

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