Dennis Oliver in the Spotlight: Paying forward to the community

Sunday,December 19, 2010

Dennis Oliver maintains his web presence at He has a long career in TESOL, including work with Dave Sperling of ESL Cafe fame, and extending to present contributions to AZ-TESOL organization. He has been a frequent collaborator with Webheads in Action, with Carla Arena and Erika Curvinel in Brasilia, and with a number of EVO sessions over the past several years.

Dennis is a regular participant in Tapped In Sunday noon GMT chats, waking up at the crack of dawn in order to attend.  This week we intend to focus on Dennis and find out more about his background, motivations, and passions for TESOL and what Webheads contribute to his world and what he contributes to Webheads.

This event is part of a participant-driven professional development series planned as a part of the ongoing (since 1998) Webheads in Action professional development series, most recently with the involvement of the TESOL Arabia EdTech SIG. The events take place at 13:00 GMT each Sunday (5 pm in UAE).

The event actually starts at noon GMT (4 p.m. in the UAE) when teaching practitioners gather at  for informal text chat. At 13:00 GMT (5 p.m. in the UAE) we move to the presentation venue at Elluminate at

The presentation was recorded in Elluminate and is available here:

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