Jeff Lebow Hanging out at Vance Stevens’s live TAEdTech presentation on EVO at Al Hosn University Abu Dhabi

Learning2gether Episode 136

Vance Stevens presented on Teacher-centered PD via TESOL Electronic Village Online: Free, Annual, Online at this live face-to-face conference 12 January 2013 – 

TAEDTECH Sig w/ TA Abu Dhabi Chapter “Addressing language Learning Objectives with the Help of IT”

Schedule and more information is at


YouTube Hangout recording: 

Presentation abstract

To tune in to the stream, participants could:


Other session recordings:

In the end we got recordings of the following sessions:

Vance Stevens, Ana Cristina Pratas, Claire Siskin discuss: What’s a MultiMOOC?

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MultiMOOC is one of the sessions at the annual EVO Electronic Village Online event starting next week.

The call for participation at

links to

where it says that:

MultiMOOC “applies connectivist and multiliteracies approaches to exploring recent developments and issues in open learning, and how these might apply to more conventional settings.  The session is paced on Cormier’s 5 stages of MOOC participation: orient, declare, network, cluster, focus. Participants declare their personal goals for the course and trace their progress through eportfolios, either simple or elaborate. Any reasonable level of participation earns a badge in the course.”

In this recording, one of the moderators of the MultiMOOC session discusses with participants Nina, Susanna, and Lada how this session departs from others and why we call it a MOOC.

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Learning2gether with TESOL Arabia 2012: Reflections on what we’ve learned

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jim Buckingham and Vance Stevens hosted an event on

TESOL Arabia 2012: Reflections on what we’ve learned

The annual TESOL Arabia Conference took place at Dubai Women’s College at the weekend of March 8-10:

Delegate impressions:

On March 7, there are pre-converence workshops; e.g.

From March 8 to 10 there are regular sessions:

At the conference itself, Jim Buckingham and Vance Stevens attempted to recruit participants who will be likely to attend and contribute their reflections on their best take-aways from the conference. Participants:

Recording of the event in Elluminate

Where: Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate)