Vance Stevens: Chaos in Learning and its Resolution through Networking

Learning2gether Episode 198

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Sun Jan 26 – MultiMOOC and YLTSIG EVO sessions joint event

Presented as an Electronic Village Online event for Week 2 (Declaration) in MultiMOOC EVO session as well as a Teaching English to Young Learners and Teenagers YLTSIG EVO event entitled “Chaos in Learning and How to Engage Learners in Resolving That Chaos Through Networking With One Another”

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This is a joint event with Vance Stevens talking about the EVO MultiMOOC session at
The discussion is aimed primarily at young learners, and at all learners by extrapolation.

MultiMOOC is about chaos in learning and how to engage learners in resolving that chaos through networking with one another. This presentation introduces a connectivist take on chaos in learning, with its suggestion that sense-making can be enhanced through a network of learners. Taking the Cynefin distinction of simple, complicated, complex, and chaotic problems, MOOCs seem directed at the latter two. We look at some examples of how learning occurs in MOOCs and wind up with some implications for the future.


Earlier this week

Here are a few of the other events tracked on Learning2gether this past week 2 in EVO and elsewhere

Sat 25 Jan Michael Coghlan in ICT4ELT  EVO event

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Please don’t miss this great opportunity to discuss and explore synchronous and asynchronous tools with us!

We hope we will have time to listen to a song and a lovely guitar play from Michael!

Sun Jan 19 Crafting ePerfect Textbook EVO session Week 1 Overview

Hangout; see:

Mon Jan 20 Education Fast Forward

Education Fast Forward – EFF9: “To School or not to school”#EFF9.

“To school or not to school?” is due to take place on Monday, 20 January 2014 at 10:15am (GMT). The debate is being held at The Education World Forum in front of an audience of ministers. So join us, two amazing speakers, special guests and fellows and tweet comments and questions to #EFF9. Watch on YouTube More information at

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Mon Jan 20 EdGamer – Be Smart On Air #7: Alphabet Soup

This one just popped up in my Google calendar

Be Smart On Air #7: Alphabet Soup

From EdGamer, as per, a podcast show dedicated to Games & Learning hosted by Zack Gilbert and Gerry James

EdGamer is part of the EdReach Network.

On Google, it’s the EdReach Network,

Check out the last episode, EdGamer 97: Medieval Games and Girl Scout Badges

More audio archives available at one of the tabs at this URL

Including the above audio:

Tue Jan 21 iPad seminar with Joe Dale


January 21st: iPads, language learning, the MFL twitterati & sharing good practice – a UK perspective with guest Joe Dale (@joedale) from Isle of Wight, England
Learn how iPad can allow students to enhance their language learning by helping them access higher order thinking skills through content creation, redefine their learning according to the SAMR model and cater to their multiple intelligences. Joe Dale (@joedale), recognized expert on technology and language learning, and EdTechTeacher’s Greg Kulowiec will showcase some of the innovative ways language teachers are using iPads to create new opportunities for personalised collaborative learning in and out of the classroom. They will also look at the rise of the MFL Twitterati, a group of language professionals in the UK, who like to share ideas and collaborate on a range of different projects through Twitter, videoconferencing, blogs and face to face meetups to highlight the power of a personal learning network for raising standards in teaching and learning.

Tue Jan 21 TICAL

TICAL – Top 14 Web Resources for Ed. Leaders of 2014, Tune in to hear about the top 14 technology resources of 2014. Websites and apps that are free, easy-to-use, and very practical will be highlighted during this session. Learn about new tools and explore new ways to use some of the more popular resources. This webinar builds on the popular series of articles and workshops that have been presented annually since 2010. Click here to register.

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Tue Jan 21 Personalize Learning

Personlize Learning Webinar #3: The Motivation Equation with Kathleen Cushman, Teachers perceive a crisis of motivation among their students, even more troubling with respect to the knowledge, skills, and habits that crucially affect the futures of low-income youth. But the science of learning suggests a powerful positive approach, which builds on what youth most value and supports their expectation of success. This webinar helps participants analyze their own student-motivation dilemmas, using the research-based “Motivation Equation” protocol and calling on classroom examples from WKCD’s new multimedia book of the same name by Kathleen Cushman. Join the Collaborate session here.

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Wed Jan 22 NNEST EVO Yilin Sun Training

Listed on the EVO Events calendar

as taking place in Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate)

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Thu Jan 23 Jennifer Madrell Designers for Learning Webcast with Brent Wilson

Jennifer Maddrell will be joined by Dr. Brent Wilson, Professor at the University of Colorado – Denver in the School of Education and Human Development … see:

The webcast will focus on Brent’s perspective on the practice of instructional design, as well as incorporating service-learning as a means of offering applied learning experiences to instructional design students. We look forward to seeing you on January 23rd!

Hangout crashed on Jen and her participants at first, and I myself was experiencing repeated time-outs from Chatwing, but for those who couldn’t make the live session, the recording will be available at

Thu Jan 23 – Marie-Hélène Fasquel Sharing and Teaching Webinar

Marie-Hélène posted her notice here and I noticed also at MachinEVO, but when I saw it at our FB page, I put it in our calendar.

Did anyone from MultiMOOC attend?

Fri Jan 24 NNEST-EVO Session with Dr. Yilin Sun

Listed on the EVO Events calendar

as taking place in Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate)

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Sat 25 Jan Shelly Terrell – Survival Tips for Teaching Young Learners English

An EVO Teaching English to Young Learners and Teenagers event


Learning2gether with Jim Buckingham on Badges – an EVO MultiMOOC session

Learning2gether Episode 197

Download Buckingham presentation audio:
Scroll down for Rhizo14 Week 1 Hangout on Cheating

Sun Jan 19 1400 GMT Jim Buckingham – Badges and MultiMOOC

An Electronic Village Online event for Week 1 (Orientation) in MultiMOOC EVO session

Where: Google+Hangout


Time: 1400 GMT – Apologies, but our Google announcement was not correct

What’s it about? Jim Buckingham explains the concept of badges and how this concept applies in the MultiMOOC EVO session. In his words: ” I’m going to be hopefully sharing my interest and enthusiasm for what I think is likely to be one of the most fascinating Tech applications and strategies to impact on Education – Open Digital Badges in the foreseeable future. It has to rank up there with at least two other themes that are also attracting a great deal of my attention – MOOCs and Learning Analytics.”

I’ve been focusing on Open Digital Badges for a while now.. Was hoping for a pause to pursue an interest in exploring the other two but that just hasn’t happened yet.

My plan? Introduce you to Open Badges, evoke some comments on the topic, forward a draft on how we could proceed next, solicit your opinions on this, make the necessary revisions to that plan, and (in the interests of “connectivism”) see where we might go next.

Vance and Jim prepared for our event in this short video

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MultiMOOC has been following Rhizo14

Fri Jan 17 Rhizo14 Hangout on Reconceiving Cheating in an era of Abundance

The above is audio from Dave Cormier and Rhizo14 Hangout this week (and without the long mic-mute gaps in the middle)
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Earlier this week

This event occurred at the end of the first week of EVO, Electronic Village Online, Jan 12-Feb 16, 2014.  Accordingly, there were numerous online events the previous week which we were following on Learning2gether and MultiMOOC.

Here is a sampling:

The official EVO BbC Elluminate Calendar

And check out

Tue Jan 14 ePerfect Textbook EVO event – Using Google Hangouts for peer editing

Shelly Terrell will show how to use Google HangOuts to provide collaborative peer feedback to a Google Doc. She will also demonstrate how to add apps and use scripts to amplify your Google Drive.

The event (in Hangout) is listed here:

Tue Jan 14 NNEST EVO event – Myths and misconceptions about NNEST


In Webheads Elluminate vRoom

Session Recording 

Tue Jan 14 ICT4ELT EVO event – The ins and outs of Yahoo Groups and Pbworks

Reminder from: ict4elt2014 Yahoo Group
Venue: Webheads Elluminate vRoom
Title: “The ins and outs of Yahoo Groups and Pbworks” with Teresa d’Almeida d’Eca & Fernanda Rodrigues

Recording of the session on 15 January 2014:
FAST TRACK RECORDING of Session 1, Wed 15 Jan 2014 (1h35min) :—-
FILM CREW GROUP BUILDING, RECORDING of Session 1, Wed 15 Jan 2014 (1h36min):

Wed Jan 15 EVO Mentoring session webinar with the Mentoring SIG at IATEFL Hungary

talking about setting up a mentor course and how learning about mentoring has impacted the professional life of the participants.

Where? Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate)

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Jan 16  iPad seminar


  • January 15th/16th: Creativity & Learning with iPads with guests Richard Wells (@iPadWells) from Auckland, New Zealand and Paul Hamilton (@PaulHamilton8) from Sunshine Coast, Australia
    Too often, iPads are viewed solely as consumption devices – good for little more than checking email and online research. However, in schools around the world, teachers are proving this theory wrong. Join Richard Wells (@iPadWells) and Paul Hamilton (@PaulHamilton8), as well as EdTechTeacher’s Shawn McCusker and Beth Holland, as they explore how iPads can inspire creativity and empower students to become creators of their own learning.

Wed Jan 15 Teachers Teaching Teachers

EdTechTalk – Teachers Teaching Teachers,

Teachers Teaching Teachers Studio and Chat hosted weekly by EdTechTalk, a collaborative open webcasting community.

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Thu Jan 16 2nd Twitter chat for MOOC on Digital Curation

The second Twitter chat for the DIgital Curation MOOC is on Thursday 16th January at 9pm UK time.

If you missed the first one you can catch up here:

More info on this MOOC here:

Fri 17 Jan Stephen Krashen – Three topics

An EVO Teaching English to Young Learners and Teenagers event

More information here:


Fri Jan 17 1300 GMT EVO14: Why CLIL now?

Fri Jan 17, 2014 1pm – 2pm GMT (no daylight saving)

Nellie Deutsch – organizer

Sat Jan 18 1200 EST CR20 LIVE Weekly Show

CR20 LIVE Weekly Show – EduClipper and EduTecher Updates with Adam Bellow, Classroom 2.0 LIVE is an opportunity to gather with other member of the community in regular “live” web meetings. Special thanks for this go to our sponsor, Blackboard Collaborate, for providing the service that allows us to do this!

From the Learning Revolution calendar here

Adam Bellow returning to provide us with information and updates on his amazing web tools and apps: eduClipper and eduTecher! This is a presentation you won’t want to miss! Adam Bellow is the Founder and President of eduTecher and eduClipper, free web tools that help students and teachers discover the best resources to enhance learning in and out of the classroom. Adam was invited to be the closing keynote speaker for the ISTE 2013 Conference in San Antonio and with his speech “Change the World” kept the crowd in the palm of his hand with a presentation infused with energy, humor and optimism receiving a rousing, standing ovation from all of us in the audience. He shared his passion for how technology can transform teaching and learning to make a difference in students’ lives. He is a co-author with Steve Dembo of “Untangling the Web: 20 Tools to Power Up Your Teaching,” a book available both as both a print version and an interactive ebook that features 20 web sites and tools with teaching tips and an online community to connect with other educators. Classroom 2.0 LIVE is an opportunity to gather with other member of the community in regular “live” web meetings. Special thanks for this go to our sponsor, Blackboard Collaborate, for providing the service that allows us to do this! Details to join the webinar: Follow us on Twitter: #liveclass20 Thanks so much for being a part of this community!

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Sun 19 Jan 1100 GMT Alexander Sokol – Path to family learning

“A Path to Family Learning (that can also be walked by some teachers)”

An EVO Teaching English to Young Learners and Teenagers event

More information here: