Jonathan Finkelstein walks us through LearningTimes-Badgestack

Today  the LearningTimes team will discuss with us their new initiative

More information here

Jonathan Finkelstein will explore and unpack the need for digital badges and microcredentials in formal and informal learning settings, which Finkelstein is pioneering as part of major initiatives with groups such as the Smithsonian Institution, the New York City Department of Education, Yale University, WCET, and programs for schools, museums, libraries, and other nonprofit organizations across the globe. Finkelstein will share examples of new educational programs and online communities that leverage digital badges to build ongoing relationships with learners, foster engagement, and acknowledge learning that often goes unrewarded or unrecognized. Badges also help learners showcase discrete skills and competencies that have value in their current professional and social lives. We’ll look at how even formal educational programs can leverage the benefits of microcredentials.

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2 thoughts on “Jonathan Finkelstein walks us through LearningTimes-Badgestack

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