Learning2gether with Electronic Village Online, and EarthBridges: Earth Day at Virtual Round Table online conference

Learning2gether Episode 101

Learning2gether, Electronic Village Online, and EarthBridges

were all part of the 5th Virtual Round Table online conference

on language learning technologies – from April 20th (Friday) to 22nd (Sunday)

Sunday, April 22, 2012 13:00 GMT – EVO and Earth Day


Virtual Round Table Livestream recordings:


Event announcements:

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The EVO part 13:00-13:50 GMT

Vance Stevens, Nellie Deutsch, Robert Squires, Susan Burg, Carla Arena, Teresa Almeida d’Eca, Heike Philp, Scott Lockman, Laine Marshall, Kalyan Chattopadhyay, and Mary! … 

Projected events include:

  1. A pecha prezi to introduce the session: (Vance)
  2. A PowerPoint on Moodle for Teachers (Nellie)
  3. A PRESTO (Mary)
  4. A special EVO game show (Robert)
  5. A pecha kucha (Heike) – woops, slipped through the cracks 😦

The Earth Day part 13:50-14:30 GMT

With Peggy George, Jose Rodriguez, and Sheila Adams, from EarthBridges:

who shared some of their experiences over the years with Earthcast and http://earthbridges.net

See the 2012 Earth Day Earthcast 2012 schedule wiki:  http://earthbridges.wikispaces.com

Explore Earth Day April 19-22, 2012

Check out what other students have done for past Earth Days


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On a personal note, see how Vance has spent past Earth Days:



A year later, this appeared on Facebook …


EVO MegaWrap-up Event for 2012

Learning2gether Episode 87

Learning2gether with EVO Final Session for 2012

Download: https://learning2getherdotnet.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/evo2012megawrapup-64k.mp3

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The annual mega EVO wrap-up event for the 2012 EVO sessions occurred  Sunday Feb 12, 2012 14:00 GMT.  Find more information on these sessions here:


Megarecording: Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate)


Andrew Wright at IATEFL YLTSIG live online event

 Also at 14:00 GMT, according to: http://yltsigevo2012.wordpress.com/

Andrew Wright Sunday 12th February 15:00 CET/14:00 GMT

Link to Adobe Connect recording: 


BaW Graduation Party

And then, after stumbling over people gathering to attend the next session:


BaW12 had its “Graduation Party” in the LT Webheads vRoom

starting at 15:45 GMT 


These were some of the last of a series of EVO related topics each Sunday between noon and 1500 GMT. All EVO moderators were invited to join us.

Learning2gether with EVO Electronic Village Online and CO12 Connecting Online Conference

Feb 5, 2012: Learning2gether with EVO

and CO12, the 4th annual Connecting Online free conference

Sign on to the Nng and it becomes your conference, as shown in the screenshot below.  Nellie Deutsch organizes this conference.  Vance Stevens is a mere participant, enjoying the event as it coincides with our weekly Learning2gether

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Coming to grips with Toronto time: On Sunday Feb 5 the conference takes place over this 11-hour period:

Last two Sundays have been  F.U.N.

This Sunday, Vance again plans to be available to people in the Multiliteracies (or any other) EVO Session to discuss any aspect of these events and what we and especially you are trying to accomplish here. Perhaps Multiliteracies participants will come online to show us their Me-Portfolios

  • Vance will be available before noon GMT and will remain online at least until 16:00 GMT.
  • Noon GMT is when the CO12 conference starts Feb 5 (and for the next 11 hours)

Tuba Angay plans to come online at 14:00 GMT to talk about Multiliteracies

We’ll be joined by Beyza Yilmaz from Istanbul, who has co-authored an article on Webheads in Action http://webheads.info with Vance Stevens:

Yilmaz, B, and Stevens, V. (2012). Webheads in Action: A community of practice scaffolding multiliteraciesskills in teacher professional development. Writing & Pedagogy 4,1:135–146.


Gamilfication: Graham Stanley announced a live session with Rob Lewis talking about the changes to Teacher Development over the years