Kendal Rolley’s 8 ideas to energize your classroom – in collaboration with Phil Brown and iTDi

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Learning2gether Episode 498


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The video is from the Zoom recording saved to Vance’s computer

The idea for this event derived from a recent post by Philip Shigeo Brown …

In this event we discussed in open mic format how these creative and communicative ways of promoting interaction in face-to-face classrooms might be applied online.

Here is the latest version of Kendal’s final pdf document

The following graphic is from an earlier working version:

Details on how to implement each activity can be found here:

  1. Four Corners:
  2. Inside/Outside (a.k.a Kaiten [‘revolving’] sushi) 🙂
  3. Jigsaw Groups:
  4. Entry and Exit Tickets:
  5. Flip the question can also be played like Jeopardy:
  6. Chain Notes:
  7. Learning Stations:
  8. KWHL:

Where? in Zoom

Zoom and Facebook Chat Logs


20:01:18 From Natalija Savićević Mrvaljević : Hello from Montenegro! 🙂
20:01:31 From Phil Brown, Malaysia : Hi everyone :_)
20:02:09 From Lija Tolpegina : Hello everyone 🙂
20:02:12 From Michael Birch : Good afternoon from Greece
20:02:46 From Mgr. Silvia Hill : Hello from Slovakia:)
20:03:44 From Minnie Wang : Hello, good evening/morning
20:14:29 From Phil Brown, Malaysia :
20:14:42 From Rocio Licea : JAMBOARD
20:17:36 From Phil Brown, Malaysia : Where is it streaming on FB. I can’t find it
20:17:59 From Vance Stevens to Phil Brown, Malaysia :
20:18:00 From kamilia Dhifallah : Some secretive students like the conversation thread. They just type their opinion!
20:19:43 From Phil Brown, Malaysia to Vance Stevens : Found it under videos now. Thanks
20:21:49 From kamilia Dhifallah : I have tried that during a speaking test! a random question rather than a random name.
20:25:15 From Natalija Savićević Mrvaljević : Unfortunately, I need to go. Can you please send me links to the 8 activities (you can find them here – Vance)
20:26:50 From Kendal Rolley :
20:27:19 From Bistra Borissova Maugeri : thanks!
20:29:12 From Minnie Wang : I’m going to check out the link later.
20:29:12 From Rocio Licea : you can also create them on WORDWALL
20:31:56 From Vance Stevens : Hi Minnie, thanks all for your contributions
20:34:07 From Minnie Wang : thank you Vance, you’ve done a lot for me!
20:37:04 From Minnie Wang : very creative
20:37:35 From Rocio Licea : What I did try was having 3 sessions on MEET at the same time in order to kind of replicate those “stations”
20:37:44 From Michael Birch : Flipgrid is good. I haven’t come across a better alternative for what it does.
20:40:07 From Kendal Rolley :
20:49:16 From Phil Brown, Malaysia :
20:49:36 From Phil Brown, Malaysia :
20:50:41 From Mgr. Silvia Hill : thank you for the link to quizziz…´s new for me
20:51:08 From Eva Nasution : thank you for the link
20:52:12 From Minnie Wang : yes, all are new to me.
20:53:04 From Vance Stevens : Entry tickets seem to fit well with the check-in stage of SOFLA; see Marshall, H.W. & Kostka, I. (2020). Fostering teaching presence through the synchronous online flipped learning approach.TESL-EJ, 24(2), 1-15. Unpaginated HTML version:
20:53:04 From Minnie Wang : I will check every link to the 8 ideas,
20:57:57 From Minnie Wang : how many students are there in your classroom?
20:58:14 From Kendal Rolley : 18-27
21:01:14 From Phil Brown, Malaysia to Vance Stevens : Did you set up break out rooms and/or do you want to?
21:01:37 From Vance Stevens to Phil Brown, Malaysia : waiting for your lead , to tell me what rooms to set up, how many, etc
21:02:03 From Catherine Angus : thank you for some new ideas! must log off.
21:02:21 From Vance Stevens : thanks Catherine
21:03:15 From Michael Birch : L for learn in KWHL
21:03:47 From Vance Stevens :
21:04:35 From Minnie Wang : here 45-50
21:05:23 From Stefania Vandelli : thanks a lot
21:05:51 From Minnie Wang : thanks for your sharing
21:07:45 From Kendal Rolley : That class size must be really challenging Minnie!
21:07:49 From Bistra Borissova Maugeri : I’m sorry, I have to log off now. Thank you.
21:09:41 From Minnie Wang : yes, so I’m imagining how to adopt your ideas.
21:09:44 From Lija Tolpegina : sorry, have to leave, thank a lot:)
21:10:38 From Nina Tone : sorry, I’ve got to go, thanks a lot!
21:13:55 From kamilia Dhifallah : Can’t see anything either!
21:15:09 From kamilia Dhifallah : no 😦
21:15:49 From Kendal Rolley : What room would you like to be in?
21:16:01 From kamilia Dhifallah : ok for me
21:16:17 From kamilia Dhifallah : I mean if you can do that manually please do
21:17:48 From kamilia Dhifallah : I was offline for a while so have no idea about the jeopardy question! you can let me in any room. fine!
21:20:26 From Vance Stevens : everyone’s back now 🙂
21:25:23 From Vance Stevens : Zoom alternatives,
21:26:05 From Vance Stevens : Austin, F. (2020, April 17). 9 Free Alternatives to Zoom for Getting your Classroom Online. OxfordTEFL Teacher Training.
21:27:20 From Vance Stevens : webroom
21:33:17 From Vance Stevens : For more information on what’s coming up at Learning2gether, see:
And for the complete archives of all 497 episodes plus this one, see

The screenshot shows how breakout rooms were managed



Note, Facebook lists its chat remarks latest on top, so you may need to read this from the bottom up.

Susana Canelo · 1:23:09  – You can create 2 zoom meetings, so you students enter again for extra 40 minutes
Vicky Saumell · 0:00 – Susana Canelo The teacher restarts the meeting and they can enter using the same link
Susana Canelo · 0:00 – Vicky Saumell , I used to do that, but at the moment, I have to create another meeting.
Sanjeev Singhal · 19:26 – yes
Sanjeev Singhal · 1:48 – Greetings from Nepal
Philip Shigeo Brown · 0:12 – Please note you can find a number of links and resources here:
(but note, these resources have now been moved to the page you are looking at now)
Susana Canelo · 0:00 – Philip Shigeo Brown thanks again !!
Philip Shigeo Brown · 0:00 – A pleasure 🙂
Susana Canelo · 1:23:48 – Sometimes 40 minutes is enough.
Philip Shigeo Brown · 1:26:30 Yes, and even shorter for kindy can be good, e.g. 25-30 minutes 🙂
Susana Canelo · 1:25:31 – Thanks a lot !!
Susana Canelo · 1:24:10 – Especially with young learners.
Vance Stevens · 57:41 – whose screen?
Essa Aljebouri · 51:46 – Show us your screen
Jane Chien · 41:01 – I would say each Station would have a different focus on learning
Jane Chien · 40:03 – Could be either kind
Essa Aljebouri · 38:47 – Is this all in one website 🤔
Vance Stevens · 37:00 – hi all, looking forward to your comments, we’ll reply or pass them on
Jane Chien · 33:56 – Hi from Taiwan 😄
Essa Aljebouri · 32:29 – Hi 👋 from Iraq
Vance Stevens · 27:48 – welcome all
Susana Canelo · 25:56 – From Argentina !
Mbarek Akaddar · 25:26 – Watching from Morocco
Mbarek Akaddar · 21:43 – Hi Vance and all!
Philip Shigeo Brown · 19:46 – Hi everyone. Feel free to say hi, let us know where you’re watching from, ask questions, and share here, too 🙂
Vance Stevens · 12:56 – Hey Mr. Mike, happy birthday
Mike Kenteris · 0:00 – Awesome 😊

Promotion and Feedback

Phil created this poster showing the registration link for this event:


The event was promoted by iTDI on
and also announced at these Facebook groups

The event was streamed live through

Click the play button for the Facebook video replay

And a calendar event was set on this

Phil Brown posted the event on LinkedIn

Here is some appreciated feedback 🙂

Earlier Events

Fri 6 Nov 1400 UTC Letizia Cinganotto and Daniela Cuccurullo webinar on Remote language learning and teaching during the pandemic

Sat 7 Nov MELTA International Research Conference in English Language Education – MIRCELE ONLINE 2020

The 10th MELTA (The Malaysian English Language Teaching Association) International Research Conference in English Language Education (MIRCELE ONLINE 2020) was free to MELTA members

I am a member, living in Malaysia, so I was interested in attending

Event Details
When: November 7, 2020

 Event highlights

  • Keynote address by Professor Low Ee Ling, National Institute of Education, Singapore
  • Plenary presentations by
    • Associate Professor Troy McConachy, University of Warwick, UK
    • and Associate Professor Janet Scull, Monash University, Australia

Registration guidelines

  • MELTA members follow the link below and attach proof of membership (your membership certificate or letter confirming your status as a member 
  • Alternatively, visit our conference website at and register from there and learn more about the event.

The event was held in Microsoft Teams, which was problematic for me as a first time user. I was registered in my Microsoft account, but had to register a second account with teams that matched the email address I had used to register for the conference. The process worked not smoothly but through persistence, and was briefly thwarted when the browser version of Teams would not open on two of my computers (using Chrome; maybe teams prefers a Microsoft browser). So I installed the app on one of my computers and managed to get into the conference.

The link to the live event beckoned, so I went there. Here the full text was:

Greetings! You may join, leave and rejoin our LIVE sessions through this link. The link will bring you to the ATTENDEE’S ROOM. If you have any questions to the speakers, please leave the questions in the Q&A Box in the ATTENDEE’S Room. Our moderators will try their best to forward your questions to the speakers. Have fun and hope the sessions add some values to your professional growth :

There  were announcements, a link to the live event, and 6 channels. There was a nice downloadable program book published for the conference and a schedule giving an overview of sessions,, but nothing (that I could find) saying specifically what was where and at what time.

Here was the schedule:

Perhaps I should have read the emails I received more thoroughly, and got set up in Teams earlier than on the day, but I didn’t work out from the interface that the morning activities were happening in the channel rooms. I hung out in the Live event room waiting for something to happen. There was music playing there, and a live mic suggesting that someone was bumping around in the background. If I might offer a suggestion, if the live meeting room was not where I should have been then there should have been a message there telling me where I should be. After some time I sent messages to the organizers and eventually worked out that the parallel sessions were happening in the “channels”

But by the time I got there it was lunch time and the meetings had disbanded. According to the apologies back in the live meeting room, the YouTube videos had been “public” from 10:30 to 2 pm but by the time I got there, closer to 2 pm, they had all been taken down. There were only thumbnails in the channels showing there had been something there, but the videos all no longer available.

I had better luck that afternoon with the plenaries in the live meeting room. Troy McConachy had already started when I got there. This screenshot is from the end of his presentation.

I presume you could email him for his slides. He was describing his research on pragmatic awareness and intercultural learning in English language education. When I arrived he was giving pragmatic examples from Japanese. I took this screenshot showing how he collected data. He did not appear to be displaying a web cam.

The next (and last) plenary speaker was Janet Scull, talking on Researching Young Children’s Writing Transitions. She had a live web cam and I took this screenshot from her introductory slide.

The conference ended on formalities, first the winners of the MELTA Excellence in Research Award

Followed by brief closing remarks from MELTA president Dr. Ramesh Nair

And finally a means of acquiring a certificate and providing feedback:

Sat 7 Nov 1300-1500 UTC – VSTE Second Life Saturdays – repeats each Saturday

About this intitiative,

Jaz and Thunder are at VSTE Space in Second Life every Saturday morning from 5 am to 7 am Pacific time.

Feel free to come learn more about the VSTE VE PLN there. Follow VSTE on Facebook:

Below are directions for joining the VSTE VE PLN in Second Life and Minecraft

Basic directions to join VSTE Spaces

If you don’t have a Second Life account get one, it’s free. We recommend setting one up at the Rockcliffe University Consortium’s Gateway here:

  1. Download and install the software.
  2. While your Second Life viewer (software) is open click this link
  3. and voila! Look for an avatar on VSTE Island and say, “Hey, I’m new!” We will take care of the rest.

Sat 7 Nov Oxford Day Online 2020 – Shape the future together

On November 7th, Karen Frazier Tsai and Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto will be doing a workshop together as part of Oxford Day Online about some of their favorite teaching techniques and activities to help students learn more effectively while having fun, many of which were created by the late, beloved

Ritsuko Kagawa Nakata

Their workshop starts at 11:45 CST, which is 12:45 (November 7th) for me in Japan and 19:45 (November 6th) for Karen in the US. If you’d like to see what time it is for you, you can check this coverter:

There are a lot of great people presenting at this event,

Registration is open to all.….

I registered at and received these two notices giving the times

Morning bloc:

Young Learners

Saturday, November 7, 2020 9:00:00 AM CST – 2:00:00 PM CST (1500 UTC)

and afternoon bloc:

Learning and Assessment

Saturday, November 7, 2020 2:00:00 PM CST – 4:45:00 PM CST (2000 UTC)

Follow up email from the organizers says: Here are the resources from the day:

Please note that the session resources will be available to download for six months. (Into April, 2021)

Sat 7 Nov 2000 UTC Alison Larkin Koushki and Shannon Parks present On Stage Online: Living Language and Life Skills through Drama and Arts

Alison Larkin Koushki and Shannon Parks present “On Stage Online: Living Language and Life Skills through Drama and Arts”

See students in “act”ion and empirical data as to why that works!
Brought to you in the first ever collaboration between Arts & Creativity and Career Path Development PLNs!

7 November Saturday 3 pm ET. Join Zoom Meeting

Mon 9 Nov – Start of Cambridge Assessment English free MOOC on Teaching English Online Week 2 of 4

The Cambridge Assessment English MOOC on Teaching English Online aims for participants to learn how to transfer their teaching skills to an online context and start teaching English online.

Started Nov 2, 2020, the course lasts for 4 weeks

This is a freemium course. You can take the course for free for its 4 weeks and have access to it for two more weeks for free (that should be enough time)

It appears to be an xMOOC with a prescribed course to be completed in each of 4 weeks.

There’s more, as you can see if you register for the course.

Tue 10 Nov 0700 UTC – Digital Accessibility & Inclusion – Meetup hosted by Matt Moore

Tuesday, November 10, 2020 · 18:00-19:30 PM GMT+11 (07:00 GMT)

Digital Accessibility & Inclusion FREE, hosted by Matt Moore at


Ensuring that digital environments are accessible and inclusive for all people is critical for fairness, justice and productivity in our societies. This session will explore digital accessibility from the perspectives of those with disabilities who use such services and those who need to design them.

  • How do we design inclusive online environments?
  • What is it like to be disabled and use such environments?
  • How has the pandemic and move to digital impacted and been impacted by inclusion?
  • How do we move beyond technical standards compliance to ensure that people can actually use products.

Andrew Arch and Sarah Pulis from Intopia have collectively worked in the digital accessibility and inclusion for over thirty years. They embrace the importance of usable accessibility in delivering a more accessible outcome for people with disability. As strong advocates for inclusive design, they are always looking for ways to build awareness of accessibility as part of good user experience design, and work on strategies for how to encourage more organizations to speak with people with lived experience.

Simon Darcy is a Professor at the UTS Business School, University of Technology Sydney. He specialises in developing inclusive organisational approaches for diversity groups and understanding the social impact of organisations and individuals. Simon has a long history of involvement in advocacy and volunteer boards. He was a member of the Disability Council of NSW (2011-2015), which is the ministerial advisory to the New South Wales Government’s Department of Family and Community Services.

Laila Coulton is an experienced leader who is passionate about human centred design, digital transformation and team leadership. Having worked predominantly in large corporate environments Laila is well practiced at navigating complex environments and driving organisational change. Laila has led Digital Accessibility delivery teams and is most proud of her work in the inclusive design space. AA mum of two boys, Laila is also an advocate for part time and flexible working.

Attendees (237, registered)

Screenshots and archives

Simon Darcy video:
Sarah Pulis & Andrew Arch:
Laila Coulton:
Panel Discussion:

Matt’s comment: If you are new to the digital accessibility domain then this video is a great intro before the session – Everyone is different!

This blog is written and maintained by Vance Stevens
You are free to share-alike and with attribution under

The date of this update is November 14, 2020 06:00 UTC

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