Letizia Cinganotto and Daniela Cuccurullo webinar on Remote language learning and teaching during the pandemic

You are welcome to download this audio file: https://learning2getherdotnet.files.wordpress.com/2020/11/2020-11-06-22cinganotto_cuccurullo_audio_only.m4a?

Learning2gether Episode 497


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On Friday,  Nov 6, 2020, Letizia Cinganotto and Daniela Cuccurullo presented a webinar especially for Learning2gether on
Remote language learning and teaching during the pandemic

The webinar was aimed at showing examples of tools, platforms and repositories for remote language learning and teaching, mentioning some good teaching practices in Italy during COVID-19 emergency.

When? 1400 UTC; Where? in Zoom

Letizia and Daniella put a lot of effort into this and produced a delightful and very informative webinar. We are hoping for a link to the slides but they are at least available through the video recordings. For those dealing with teaching online and looking for tips in going to the next level, these materials are well worth watching and replaying.

Zoom and Facebook Chat Logs


22:21:52 From Vance Stevens : Any links posted here will be posted in the archive of this talk on https://learning2gether.net
22:25:04 From Vance Stevens : People are posting in FB as well
22:33:33 From letiziacinganotto : This is the article on flipped learning I mentioned https://www.tesl-ej.org/wordpress/issues/volume24/ej94/ej94int/
22:33:57 From Jane Chien : Thank you!!
22:34:51 From letiziacinganotto : Vance is the editor of TESL-EJ section on learning technologies which is wonderful
22:35:06 From Vance Stevens : Thanks, we posted that link in FB; you said it was from Carolina, who is a sometimes contributor with Laine Marshall, who wrote that article on SOFLA with Ilka Kostka
22:37:38 From Vance Stevens : These slides have a lot of depth, would you be able to share them with us?
22:38:06 From letiziacinganotto : Of course we will
22:38:20 From Vance Stevens 🙂
22:38:26 From letiziacinganotto : Yes that is because I know Carolina 🙂
22:38:33 From Vance Stevens 🙂
22:39:06 From Vance Stevens : Yes, they are in and out of the Flipped Leaning EVO session year to year
22:45:31 From Jane Chien : Quite a lot of tools! Thanks for sharing!
22:47:08 From Jane Chien : great session!!
22:47:54 From asli saglam : Yes, indeed! Thanks for sharing.
22:50:40 From Jane Chien : wow! looks interesting!!
22:51:10 From Jane Chien : Voicethread is going strong
22:52:15 From Jane Chien : Is wakelet an LMS?
22:52:31 From Vance Stevens : lots of interesting tools here, worthwhile presentation
23:01:52 From letiziacinganotto : http://www.indire.it/didattica-a-distanza-per-docenti-e-studenti/
23:03:41 From letiziacinganotto : danielacuccurullo@gmail.com; letizia.cinganotto@gmail.com
23:03:54 From letiziacinganotto : If you want to get in touch with us
23:05:11 From Vance Stevens : thanks, this will be posted at https://learning2gether.net if not tomorrow, by next day
23:05:27 From Carlotta : thank you
23:13:24 From Vance Stevens :  Information about the Fri 27 Nov 1400 UTC 1st Online CLIL-Ren Cafè – Focus on learning technologies for CLIL


These logs appeared n reverse chronological order; read bottom to top

Susana Canelo · 1:17:06 Bye
Susana Canelo · 1:13:53 Thanks !!
Susana Canelo · 1:08:57 Challenging but not impossible, of course when you belong to such a good CoP !!!
Susana Canelo · 55:15 Brilliant !!!
Letizia Cinganotto · 46:18 😄
Vance Stevens · 39:48 I think Laine cites Carolina in that work so I wasn’t sure, but now we know
Letizia Cinganotto · 36:35 Yes Marshall and Kostka sorry
Vance Stevens · 27:16 this woud be a good time to joi and aak
Jane Chien · 25:25 These seems to be for adult learners, how about young learners? Do you have any suggestions in term of tools and activities for young learners to learn remotely?
Vance Stevens · 24:05 meeting ID 879 0649 1832 pw 899090
Vance Stevens · 23:40 want to join us and ask?
Jane Chien · 22:58 Are CLIL lessons taught remotely now in Italy? How is it done?
Vance Stevens · 23:02 Marshall, H.W. & Kostka, I. (2020). Fostering teaching presence through the synchronous online flipped learning approach.TESL-EJ, 24(2), 1-15. http://tesl-ej.org/pdf/ej94/int.pdf. Unpaginated HTML version:
http://www.tesl-ej.org/wordpress/issues/volum… See More
Vance Stevens · 20:45 I was thinking of that, that’s Laine Marshall’s article
Jane Chien · 19:39 SOFLA?
Vance Stevens · 18:43 great, that’s what it’s for 🙂
Susana Canelo · 18:04 Thanks. I can see and listen really clearly !!!
Vance Stevens · 16:42 If you want to join the zoom room I can post the ID and pw
Vance Stevens · 15:14 Brings to mind CoI http://cde.athabascau.ca/coi_site/documents/coi_model.pdf
Faisal Fayyaz · 14:17 Very informative session…………..
Susana Canelo · 14:16 I didn’t think about awareness, but you’re absolutely right
Susana Canelo · 11:56 Every country the same story about mobiles
Jane Chien · 12:00 Not allowed to go to school. Use Mobile!
Jane Chien · 11:25 That’s really funny! 😂

Promotion and Feedback


The event was announced at these Facebook groups

And announced on this Groups.io

And on Twitter at https://twitter.com/VanceS/status/1324698073214324738


The Zoom meeting was streamed live through https://www.facebook.com/groups/learning2gether/

Earlier Events

Sat 24 Oct 1400 UTC Vance Stevens presents on Mentimeter at TESOL Gulf online event Tools for the Trade

Mon-Sun 19-25 Oct – 7th annual Online Facilitation Unconference (OFU) 2020

The seventh OFU event since 2013 took place once again as part of and alongside International Facilitation Week:
Online Facilitation Unconference (OFU) 2020
October 19-25, 2020

Tickets were put “on sale” here

However, this conference always has flexible pricing
Note from Vance: Ticket prices have in the past ranged from free to whatever participants feel inclined to give. There was even available a
Low and No Income Option $0.00

Purchasers were encouraged to pick the amount that works best for you by using the “custom contribution” field provided.  

An unconference is one in which participants take the reigns and propose sessions on the fly. There was a participant manual for tips and guidelines on how to turn your topic ideas into unconference sessions.

When you joined the group you could access the schedule here:

The following headings tracked the proceedings as they unfolded day by day over the week of the unconference

Unsessions proposed by unconference participants for October 19

Fast-Track Video Briefing Session #3: Connected Conversations World Relay for UN75
Host a Global Relay event as part of your OFU experience.
October 19, 1:00am – 1:45am Pacific Time

Learning to FOC!
Tune in to hear community engagement specialist and professional facilitator, Becky Hirst, share her insights and lessons learnt from transitioning from face-to-face facilitation to facilitating online conversations in 2020!
October 19, 8:00am – 8:30am Pacific Time

Gallery Tour of Great Events on QiqoChat
With Lucas Cioffi, Founder and Lead Software Engineer at QiqoChat Inc
October 19, 9:00am – 9:30am Pacific Time

Speed Networking on VideoFacilitator
With Peter Lee, Founder of VideoFacilitator
October 19, 9:30am – 10:00am Pacific Time

Fast-Track Video Briefing Session #4: Connected Conversations World Relay for UN75
Host a Global Relay event as part of your OFU experience.
October 19, 2:00pm – 2:45pm Pacific Time

OFU20 Live Session Planning
Share your topic ideas, find collaborators, schedule your first unconference session! With Jeremy Lu, Co-Founder at GroupMap Technology
October 19, 6:00pm – 6:30pm Pacific Time

Start the week with this panel of leading experts in the field. Free and open to the public (so feel free to join even if you don’t plan on registering for OFU20 this year). We’ll run a second panel – featuring different but equally capable panelists – a few hours later to better accommodate our friends in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Kick-Off Panel: How to Humanize the Digital Experience Fireside Chat
October 19, 7:00pm – 8:00pm Pacific Time
Panelists: Jeremy Lu, Tim Merry, Tuesday Ryan-Hart, Megan Moritz, Joe Mendez, and Elise Keith.

Warm-up unsessions proposed by unconference participants for October 20

2nd Kick-Off Panel: Humanizing the Digital Experience Fireside Chat

October 20, 3–4am Pacific Time, 1000 UTC, 6 pm in SE Asia
Fireside chat with Jeremy Lu (GroupMap), Paul Nunesdea (IAF, Digital Collaboration Academy), Molood Ceccarelli (Remote Forever), and Thomas Krecker (TFK Consulting).

How to Make Online Gatherings Social!
October 20, 8–8.45am Pacific Time, 1500 UTC
Wonder demo & Q&A

15-Minute Welcome
October 20, 10.30–10.45am Pacific Time
Meet the OFU20 team, say hi, and get any questions answered.

[COMPANION] #ZoomGalleryConversation: Remote Meetings, WTF? or FTW?
October 20, 11–11.30am Pacific Time, 1800 UTC

Running Breakout Room activities with Video Facilitator and GroupMap
October 20, 6–6.30pm Pacific Time

How to Use GroupMap at Your Meetings and Workshops (Demo)
October 20, 7–7.30pm Pacific Time

15-Minute Welcome
October 20, 7.45–8pm Pacific Time, 0245 UTC Oct 21
Meet the OFU20 team, say hi, and get any questions answered.

Wed 21 Oct – Warm-up unsessions proposed by unconference participants

OFU20 Team – Axis: Making Sure Every Voice Is Heard
October 21, 9–9.45am Pacific Time, 1600 UTC, Midnight in SE Asia
Live workshop on inclusion and diversity.

Remo: How to Connect Your Audience Virtually in the Most Interactive Way!
October 21, 11–11.30am Pacific Time
Live workshop with case studies and hands on experience with the Remo Platform.

Thu 22 0045 UTC Oct 15-Minute Welcome

October 21, 5.45–6pm Pacific Time, 0845 Oct 22 in SE Asia
Meet the OFU20 team & get any questions answers. Session planning (if you like).

Thu 22 0645 UTC Oct 15-Minute Welcome

October 21, 11.45pm–12am Pacific Time, 1445 in SE ASIA Oct 22
Meet the OFU20 team & get any questions answers. Session planning (if you like).

We started at the Zoom room

Tim invited us to move to Icebreaker

So we moved, and here’s what it looked like

OFU20 Virtual Meet & Greet (Speed Dating)
October 22, 12–12.30am Pacific Time
Join us for a fun meet and greet and enjoy short 1-on-1 conversations with other OFU20 attendees.

World Cafe Collaboration Sessions – Defining the Ingredients for an Effective Online Workshop with VideoFacilitator
October 22, 1–1.45am Pacific Time; 0800 UTC; 1600 UTC

Building online communities – What works for you?
October 22, 2-3pm Pacific Time, 2100 UTC; 5 am in SE Asia

Lounge 1
October 22, 3.45–7.15pm Pacific Time’ 2245 UTC, 0645 SE Asia, ends at 10:15
Your casual hang-out during the first recommended window for unconference sessions.

Stop by in between sessions and meet your fellow participants.
Meeting URL TBD

Live Session Planning
October 22, 4-4.30pm Pacific Time
Meeting URL TBD

Fri 23 Oct

Lounge 2
October 22-23, 11.45pm–3.15am Pacific Time, 0645 UTC, 1445 in SE Asia
Your casual hang-out during the first recommended window for unconference sessions. Stop by in between sessions and meet your fellow participants.

[COMPANION] VoiceVoice #Connversation Cafés for UN75: DIGITAL IMPACTS
October 23, 12-2am Pacific Time,  0700 UTC, 1500 in SE Asia

Unfolding the Invisible
October 23, 5–6:30am Pacific Time

The Now What?! Global Gathering and Gift Economy
Friday, 10/23, 8–9am Pacific Time: 1500 UTC, 2300 in SE Asia

Webinar Stormz+Zoom: Interactive Decision Making
October 23 8–9.15am Pacific Time

Lounge 3
October 23, 8.30–10.30am Pacific Time
Meeting URL TBD

Facilitation as a Fulltime Job in a large Organization?
October 23, 9–10am Pacific Time

Introducing VoiceVoice: The Next Generation of Group Breakouts
October 23, 10–10.45am Pacific Time

The magic in your secret sauce — A participatory mash-up
October 23, 10–11am Pacific Time

Accessibility and Inclusion in Online Facilitation
October 23, 10–11am Pacific Time

MaestroConference Tour: Experience the leader in video breakout capabilities
October 23, 11-11.45am Pacific Time

Live Session Planning
October 23, 12-12.30am Pacific Time,  0700 UTC, 1500 in SE Asia

Getting participants to engage with online tools
October 23, 12–12:45pm Pacific Time

[COMPANION] VoiceVoice #Connversation Cafés for UN75: EQUITABLE HEALTH
October 23, 1–3pm Pacific Time

[COMPANION] VoiceVoice #Connversation Cafés for UN75: GENDER BALANCE
October 23, 4-6pm Pacific Time

Lounge 4
October 23, 4.30–6.30pm Pacific Time
Meeting URL TBD

Crafting brave virtual spaces for safety
October 23, 4:30–6pm Pacific Time, 2330 UTC, 0730 SE Asia Oct 24

[COMPANION] VoiceVoice #Connversation Cafés for UN75: SHAPING OUR FUTURE TOGETHER
October 23, 5–7pm Pacific Time

[COMPANION] World #Connversations ROUNDTABLE RELAY: Asia Pacific
October 23, 6–8pm Pacific Time

[COMPANION] VoiceVoice #Connversation Cafés for UN75: SHAPING OUR FUTURE TOGETHER
October 23, 9–11pm Pacific Time – 0400 UTC – 1200 SE Asia Sat Oct 24

[COMPANION] World #Connversations ROUNDTABLE RELAY: Asia Central
October 23–24, 11pm–1am Pacific Time – 0600 UTC – 1400 SE Asia Sat Oct 24

Sat Oct 24

Unlock the News Jam Session
October 24, 5–6:30am Pacific Time, noon UTC, 20:00 SE Asia

If you miss any sessions, please see the Google doc for some (rough) notes. Links to the recordings are being added as they become available.

The unconference sessions will start Thursday afternoon, Pacific Time. Anything beforehand is warm-up.

Sun 25 Oct iTDi and Steven Herder interview Scott Thornbury on Dogme ELT

iTDi billed this as an “interview with the illustrious Scott Thornbury. In addition to asking Scott to share his thoughts and reflections on the first ever online course for Dogme ELT, we’re also looking forward to learning more about the next course in November!”

Streamed on Facebook

A chance to hear Scott Thornbury talk about Dogme is not to be missed, unless it’s your lovely wife’s birthday, and then it’s a no brainer.

However I was sorry to miss this one because at about 25 min 30 seconds into the Facebook stream, Steve said to Kevin Ryan something to the effect of, didn’t you post just now that Vance Stevens had downloaded all the old Dogme YahooGroup messages and posted them somewhere?

I couldn’t find where Kevin had posted this in the Facebook chat, but I found where Sibel Baytur Sezer had posted “I love Vance and now even more❣️” I guess that must have been at about the time in the chat where the foregoing exchange was taking place.

What had happened was that when YahooGroups ceased storing all its group messages online, they provided tools for downloading content. I used one of these tools to grab message histories from many of the groups I had been a part of. The messages were delivered in zip files, which in many cases I uploaded to Google Drive and shared with ‘anyone with the link’. One of these was the Dogme message history, and the shareable link is


If you go to that link you will see these files

At first I didn’t know how to open the files but it turns out you can view their contents in any ascii text reader, such as Notepad or MS Word. When you do that you can see that the messages are there with their headers. I’m not sure how complete the archiive is, but with this information you can see for yourself.

To be of any use some very interested party would have to grab the text from these files and paste them into one big blog or document. My own interest in these files was to resurrect the Webheads in Action ones, which for a couple hundred bucks I got successfully ported over to https://groups.io/g/webheadsinaction/ (using another of the tools). However, if someone wants to take on a project, the raw data are preserved as downloaded from the YG servers at the time, and I am glad to have been of some small service to the Dogme community.

Mon 26 Oct 2300 UCT  VSTE Halloween party in Second Life

Monday, October 26, the VSTE gang in Second Life is having a Halloween party! at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Soulgiver/170/146/58


DJ Thunder spinning Halloween songs; Costumes encouraged.

Where?  Second Life

If you don’t have a Second Life account get one, it’s free. We recommend setting one up at the Rockcliffe University Consortium’s Gateway here:
https://urockcliffe.com/reg/second-life/ When you do this your avatar’s “home” is set to be the Rockcliffe University’s sim, bypassing the normal Second Life welcome area.

Download and install Second Life viewer software. You will be directed to download the Second Life viewer but we prefer the Firestorm viewer athttps://www.firestormviewer.org/. Either one will work but Firestorm has some advantages.

When you are ready to join us, while your Second Life viewer (software) is open, click this linkhttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Soulgiver/155/144/58 to teleport yourself to VSTE Space. Look for an avatar and say, “Hey, I’m new!” We will take care of the rest. Someone is there most Saturday mornings from 9 to 11 AM Eastern Time (Same as New York).

Tue 27 Oct 1700 UTC TESOL Gulf Taco Tuesday

Tue-Thu 27-29 Oct Free Online Cambridge Academic English Conference

A 3-day Academic English Conference, which will bring you brand new talks from a number of contributors broadcast live from around the world. Find out what’s relevant for learners and take away practical advice for teaching Academic English. All talks are free to attend and are a great way to contribute to your professional development.


Sat Oct 31 1830 in Japan? Forging educational careers in Japan

More details at https://www.fukuokajalt.org
There’s a Facebook event link for it here: https://fb.me/e/3EYDV34aM

Sat 31 Oct – Doris Molero posted this at about this time – not sure where it was 🙂

Sat 31 Oct 1300-1500 UTC – VSTE Second Life Saturdays – repeats each Saturday

About this intitiative, https://vste.org/upcoming-events-virtual-environments-pln/

Jaz and Thunder are at VSTE Space in Second Life every Saturday morning from 5 am to 7 am Pacific time.

Feel free to come learn more about the VSTE VE PLN there. Follow VSTE on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VSTEVEPLN/

Below are directions for joining the VSTE VE PLN in Second Life and Minecraft

Basic directions to join VSTE Spaces

If you don’t have a Second Life account get one, it’s free. We recommend setting one up at the Rockcliffe University Consortium’s Gateway here: https://urockcliffe.com/reg/second-life/

  1. Download and install the software.
  2. While your Second Life viewer (software) is open click this link http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Soulgiver/155/144/58
  3. and voila! Look for an avatar on VSTE Island and say, “Hey, I’m new!” We will take care of the rest.

Mon 2 Nov Cambridge Assessment English free MOOC on Teaching English Online begins – Week 1 of 4

Cambridge Assessment English MOOC on Teaching English Online

This is a freemium course. You can take the course for free for its 4 weeks and have access to it for two more weeks for free (that should be enough time)

It appears to be an xMOOC with a prescribed course to be completed in each of 4 weeks.

There’s more, as you can see if you register for the course.

Tue 3 Nov 0100 UTC VSTE Minecraft Monday – Redstone

8 pm Monday in USA EDT


This week DarkJMKNight answers a request from members to share the basic elements of building with redstone. If you are a redstone novice, come learn with us. If, however, you are comfortable with redstone already, build something to show off your skills at the end of our lesson. You can start now!

I’ve seen all sorts of redstone machines that farm, sheer, fish, and more. Build an example we can follow for our own Minecraft villages and homes.

It is always fun to be together learning while we play.

See you at 8 PM Eastern time on the VSTE Place server
minecraft.vste.org:11002. (GMT -5)

Basic directions to join VSTE Place, VSTE’s Minecraft world

You must have a computer Minecraft account fromhttps://minecraft.net/en/ to join. There is a one time fee of $26.95. Download and install the software. Choose multiplayer and add a server: Name VSTE Place IP:minecraft.vste.org:11002. Our server is protected. You will need to be whitelisted to enter. Email Kim Harrison at K4sons@gmail.com from an educational email address with your real name and Minecraft account name.


Discord is a voice and screen sharing application that will run on your computer or mobile device. Download and install it for free. Create an account. Many of us use the same name for our Discord account as our Minecraft account to keep things simple. Our channel ishttps://discord.gg/cp9tsWz  It helps us to be able to play Minecraft in one screen and listen via Discord with earbuds or headphones.

This blog is written and maintained by Vance Stevens
You are free to share-alike and with attribution under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

The date of this update is November 7, 2020 10:00 UTC

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