24th Weekly Webheads Open Mic Sandbox FUNinar – Minnie Wang presents Guzheng from Second Life at VWMOOC20

Learning2gether Episode 489
24th Webheads Revival Weekly Sandbox Open Mic-inar


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The regular Webheads in Action weekly open mic FUNinar was held on Saturday Sept 12 this week. At our weekly meeting on September 6 we had closed on the understanding that Minnie Wang would be be presenting in Second Life at noon UTC on the following Sunday, and we decided to attend as the time coincided with our normal Webheads open mic sessions, but her presentation turned out to be not on Sunday, but on Saturday. As it seemed a logical extension of our focus in the most recent Webheads in Action webinars, I decided to change our weekly meeting to Saturday.

The video is Nellie’s VWMOOC20 YouTube recording of the session

About this event

This post archives last Saturday’s Virtual Worlds MOOC presentation organized in Second Life by long-time Webhead Doris Molero and broadcast in Zoom by another long-time Webhead Nellie Deutsche. In our most recent Weekly Webheads Open Mic Sandbox FUNinars we have been joined by Minnie (Michelle) Wang, a student in English of Han Chee (another Webhead from the old days), both of whom have been hanging out with us in the Webheads revival open mic sessions recently.

Dr. Doris Molero has been a frequent visitor at our recent Webheads sandbox FUNinars. Whenever Doris has dropped by she has talked about her Virtually Anywhere project, which has as one of its episodes an adventure at the tombs over which the terracotta warriors stand guard (the adventure is to retrieve artifacts from the tomb near the river of mercury there). Doris has presented on various aspects of this project in several sessions at this month’s Virtual World’s MOOC.

When Doris met Minnie at one of our Webheads webinars a few weeks back, and learned she played guzheng (Chinese zither) she recruited her to help authenticate this episode, and she created an avatar for her in Second Life,

In this posting you can see the YouTube video that Nellie made Sept 12 of Minnie’s playing and Doris’s tour afterwards. Heike Philp, another longstanding Webhead who was there, also sent me a video file that I haven’t had time to process yet. But there are a number of screen shots of the event from promotions of the event and from Doris’s Facebook post afterwards.

Minnie’s presentation was entitled Transmedia Storytelling and Music

Here Minnie is playing the Guzheng in a video rendition of “A tale of Yunshui Chan Xin” https://youtu.be/t8AQmsShnnM

During the early Song Dynasty, in the mountain of Shijingshan, there was a young girl named Chanxin, who was born with wisdom and high savvy.  Soon, there came a Taoist, his monastic name Yunshui Zhenren (Yunshui Immortal), who traveled from far away. He stayed at Chanxin’s place.

One year later, he had no intention of leaving. During the day, they discussed and learned the zither, and at night, they watched the stars. As time went by, people around there started gossiping. Feeling forced and helpless, Yunshui decided to leave.

As they were apart, Chanxin picked a piece of willow to Yunshui as a gift. Yun Shui played the music as a farewell. It was said that later on Chanxin became depressed and died young. As she was dying, she played the first note of the music on her zither. The music was called Yunshui Chan Xin.


This was the avatar Doris created for Minnie so that she could perform in Second Life. In the second hour of the presentation, Doris took participants on a tour of Virtually Anywhere: The Terracotta Army. You can see this in the video.



From Doris Molero’s Facebook posting on the event she organized for the Virtual Worlds MOOC in Zoom and Second Life






Promotion of the event

Doris announced the event on Facebook as follows:


Virtually Anywhere: The Terracotta Army and the Emperor’s Tomb
Saturday, September 12
9:00 – 10:00am Argentina
5 am SLT
8:00 am EST https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html…

Description: Presented by Michelle Wang (MinnieGuzheng)
Virtually Anywhere: Terracotta Army- Transmedia Storytelling and Music

Join us and get immersed in the stories behind the music. In China music tells stories of farewell between friends, or encouraging soldiers to win battles. Michelle will be performing a piece of music that represents 3 Chinese Stories.
Sign up for the Moodle portion of the Virtual Worlds MOOC to qualify for discussions, weekly badges, and certificate at this link: https://moodle4teachers.org/course/view.php?id=114

To see the month-long Virtual Worlds MOOC schedule on the course Google doc go here: https://docs.google.com/…/1ew-wl9hai5JcMDMxDzhjICell7…/edit…

To visit the Virtual World MOOC 2020 Headquarters visit this location inworld:

#VWMOOC2020 #VirtuallyAnywhere #secondlife #terracottaarmy #VirtualWorlds #education #china

Vance announced the event as Learning2gether episode 489 in the usual places:

This event was posted to these Facebook Groups

A calendar event was set at Learning2gether – https://www.facebook.com/groups/learning2gether/,

And thanks to my discovery that I could get a 48 hour reprieve from having to endure Facebook’s new, uninmproved interface, I was able to share the event with the following groups.

And I posted this as a calendar event at this Groups.io


Earlier Events

Sun 06 Sept noon UTC 23rd Weekly Webheads Open Mic Sandbox FUNinar Karaoke Night


Sun 06 Sept 2100 UTC – Jennifer Verschoor shares her experience integrating technology using Instagram

Before we can embrace any new technology, we need to declare our educational goals and demonstrate how a particular technology can help us to achieve them – Howard Gardner

Join me this coming Sunday to discuss the effective implementation of tech tools in the classroom. I´ve just started using Instragram to share my experience integrating technology. Please check my latest posts. We will discuss the pedagogical implementation of the tech tools shared.Hope to see you this Sunday in my first Instagram live. 

Sat 8 Sept noon UTC British Council live on Facebook – Mixing online and in-class teaching


Wed 9 Sept 1800 UTC 7th NileTESOL PD Committee CoffeeNight on Music and Lyrics

You’re cordially invited to join the
#NileTESOL #PD_Committee #CoffeeNight (7): #Music & #Lyrics.

Plz tag yourself below in the comments box if you wish to read a life-changing/heart-warming/heartrending/ … #song or #poem. Next to yr name, plz add the name of the song or poem.

(A list of readers follows in the FB post)

Cya there!

Zoom link (open 15 min bf event) 

The 7th annual Virtual Worlds MOOC (VWMOOC20) taking place September 6-12, 2020

The 7th annual Virtual Worlds MOOC (VWMOOC20) are happening from September 1-30, 2020 https://moodle4teachers.org/course/view.php?id=114. and Smore https://www.smore.com/wgv6s-teaching-as-a-way-to-learn

The theme of the current MOOC is peace through learning and connecting online for instruction and learning via web technologies such as Second Life and Virtual Worlds. The MOOC will focus on connecting online for collaborative learning and teaching around the world through Second Life. The live presentations will include the speakers’ reflective process on teaching and learning in fully online and blended learning formats. 


  1. Presentations https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ew-wl9hai5JcMDMxDzhjICell7N4pb4JWClr0JJk75U/edit?usp=sharing
  2. YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8JUcjyABKxmbwi5hMdBtyIakQ7aDvD2L  
  3. Presenters https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B8r42hfbmgFwF974UqSwGRPCfNDZox9xUjFX5YtP6m8/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Presenters’ Bios
  5. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1qTWiUmoO7Bx4aj36FmrTfghvsSVXTay_I_1ybfYSrlA/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Access Free Certificates https://moodle4teachers.org/course/view.php?id=114

VWMOOC20 Sun Sept 6 1900 UTC – ACRL Virtual World Interest Group 

The ACRL Virtual World Interest Group presents Sheila Webber/ Sheila Yoshikawa 

Ageism and Libraries – Landmark for Selby Park CVL 

Sheila will start by discussing ageism and the way it can manifest itself, including in the current pandemic

VWMOOC20 Mon Sept 7 midnight Tue Sept 8 – VSTE Minecraft Monday

Thunder Insippo conducts VSTE Minecraft Monday

When I tried to attend this event I discovered its link was invalid. I double checked in the VWMOOC schedule and discovered that the event had been removed. So I went to discord and found Thunder Insippo online and I asked her about it. She said she had never herself been on this schedule (even asked me for its link) and had been unaware that an event had been set up there in her (avatar’s) name. In any event, she told me, the monthly Minecraft Monday would be next week, not this one.

VWMOOC20 Tue Sept 8 1600 UTC – Ramesh Sharma

Ramesh Sharma 

Virtual Worlds in Education

Ramesh’s 77-page slide presenation is here, 

VWMOOC20 Wed Sept 9 1230 UTC Scificlassroom Sevan/ Sevan Inchrizt

Scificlassroom Sevan/ Sevan Inchrizt, Virtual Education Software architect

Empowering educators to face COVID-19 related virtualization challenges 

Empowering educators to face COVID-19 related virtualization challenges through simulative gamification and innovative virtual architecture.

1. Power of game based learning formulas in Simulative gamification.

2. Insights on creating educational content that is Future ready using Simulative gamification

3. Innovative Simulation possibilities that restore schools and universities buildings (in accessible due to Covid) as virtual replicas and parallel activity centers.


See the PPT here

VWMOOC20 Wed Sept 9 140 UTC Aabha Sharma

Dr. Aabha Sharma

Develop Hardiness for the Hard times

Significance of 3 C’s

VWMOOC20 Wed Sept 9 1600 UTC Becky Adams and Valerie Hill

Becky Adams/Elli Pinion & Valerie Hill / Valibrarian Gregg

Networking in Virtual Worlds – The CVL Education Network

Come to Elli’s Office Hours at CVL and join our discussion.  We will start with an introduction to the Google Doc that is our CVL Education Network.  How can we work together to help everyone know what is going on in Virtual Worlds?  There is so much happening in education and VWs, let’s work together to make sure our communities’ efforts are getting noticed.Meet at the Community Virtual Library(CVL):


VWMOOC20 Thu Sept 10 1900 UTC Dodge Threebeards, Widget Whiteberry

Dodge Threebeards and Widget Whiteberry

Plans for teaching in Second Life during the 20-21 academic year and what issues are people encountering: a discussion

This week’s discussion is led by Dodge Threebeards and Widget Whiteberry. The topic is : plans for teaching in SL during the 20-21 academic year and what issues are people encountering. Dodge will also say something about the 3rd edition of his Virtual Worlds Teaching Manual.

A Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable event at

Contact: Sheila Yoshikawa

VWMOOC20 Fri Sept 11 midnight UTC Valibrarian Gregg, and Wordsmith Jarvenin 

Valerie Hill / Valibrarian Gregg & Wordsmith Jarvenin

CVL-Caledon Literary Study

Come learn about literature with a virtual world study group.
Description: Join us for a read aloud.  Here’s the story:

Volunteer to read or simply enjoy listening

Meet at Stonesedge Outdoor Meeting Area Where: Caledon Stonesedge Outdoor Meeting Center

VWMOOC20 Fri Sept 11 1400 UTC Yan Lauria, Valibrarian Gregg

Yan Lauria & Valibrarian Gregg

Gateway To Thinking- TelePortal for Education Monthly Tour- #5: Modern World Tour

Visit a teleportal system in Second Life with numerous educational categories

Meet at the Community Virtual Library

(Past chat-logs)

#1 on 8th May- Introduction and space tour:http://jogrid.net/abyss/pdf/TelePortal-1May8th2020.pdf

#2 on 12 June- Art history tour: http://jogrid.net/abyss/pdf/TelePortal-2June12th2020.pdf

#3 on 10th July- Dinosaur World Tour:http://jogrid.net/abyss/pdf/TelePortal-3July10th2020.pdf

#4 on 14th Aug- Sense of Wonderland Tour: coming soon.

VWMOOC20 Fri Sept 11 1530 UTC Jena Ball/Jenia Morane

Jena Ball/Jenia Morane

The Hug Felt Round the World for September 11th

At 8:30 AM SLT, Friday, Sept 11 at the Nonprofit Commons Meeting, join us for a presentation from Jena Ball / Jenaia Morane about the upcoming “The Hug Felt Round the World”. This 24-hour event on Oct 10, includes virtual hugs, live music, art displays, and inspiring speakers who will talk about the importance of compassion, creativity, and collaboration.

See you at http://bit.ly/NPCinSL

VWMOOC20 Sat Sept 12 0200 UTC Vicky Gouliard

Led by Vicky Gouliard (eliseyvette in SL)

CVL Book Discussion around the Campfire

Try out a book discussion! No need to have read the book to come enjoy the campfire.Title: Trading in Danger by Moon, Elizabeth

Landmark to CVL Campfire

VWMOOC20 Sat Sept 12 1200 UTC Minnie Guzheng

Michelle  Wang (Minnie Guzheng)

Virtually Anywhere: Terracotta Army- Transmedia Storytelling and Music

Join us and get immersed in the stories behind the music. In China music tells stories of farewell between friends, or encouraging soldiers to win battles. Michelle will be performing a piece of music that represents 5 Chinese Stories.



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